How Many Lumens are Needed For an Outdoor Projector?

Setting a projector in the outdoor is one thing but getting an appropriate amount of lumens is the most tricky part. Lumens depicts the intensity of light thrown by the projector or in simple terms it determines the brightness level of a projector.

Outdoor projection requires a lot of brightness as the projection is always interfered by outside light especially in day condition. Apart from light interference, with an increase in size, the requirement for brightness also increases so that optimum picture quality is maintained in every size.

With outdoor projection, you will yearn to experience an excellent visual output with proper brightness and sharp detailing. But different scenario requires a different amount of lumens number. Always go for the best outdoor projector in your price range because more the lumens better will be output quality.

How Many Lumens are Needed For an Outdoor Projector?

Here we have listed a detailed chart of how many lumens are needed depending upon screen size.

  • For a 100inch screen size, you will need a minimum 1500 ANSI Lumens, but for the best output, you will require 2300 ANSI Lumens.
  • For 150inch screen size, 2300 ANSI lumens serve as the minimal bar and 3000 ANSI lumens as the ideal number.
  • If you are targeting 200inch, then you will need minimum 3000 ANSI lumens for a decent output and 4500 ANSI lumens for the best scenario.
  • Going close to somewhere near 250inch, then 4500 ANSI lumens serves as the minimum threshold. However, the ideal lumens number is 7500 ANSI lumens for that size.
  • When you are reaching a massive screen size of 300inches, you will need a minimum 5000 ANSI lumens to get a proper light intensity. However expert suggests that you will need 10000 ANSI for the ideal brightness.
  • However, if you want to expand the screen above 400inches, then we would suggest you get a projector with 12000 ANSI Lumens. However, the minimal lumens requirement is 5500 ANSI.

Even if you have the right amount of lumens number in your projector, it would be still a good idea to cut down the ambient light source as much as possible. However don’t turn off all the light during an outdoor session, as you as well as your audience might stumble in the dark leading to an accident.

Check the video below to understand the screen gain:

So try to keep a minimal amount of light glowing and don’t worry about light pollution as your projector will take care of it. Along with ambient light source, the material of the projector screen will also determine how much lumens you will need.

So try to buy projector screen with good gain and highly reflective property which will assist the projector to display bright and sharp visuals.

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