Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector Review

magnasonic mini portable pico video projector review

The Super-Portable market is quite a cramped place at the moment with a great many projection devices that are both small and lightweight being sold for less than 200 Dollars. They typically allow users to throw up images immediately, connect to other devices like Tablets and Phones and so they offer an enhanced user experience with a larger screen for people who play online games, use Apps and surf the internet. The image quality is usually less than the HD you’d expect on higher-priced Projectors, but you can throw up an image on any surface and there’s no long set-up every time you wish to use them. I just had to review the Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector because it was billed as the Worlds Smallest Projector so I needed to see for myself about whether they’d let quality slip in a bid for absolute portability.


  • All cables supplied for Tablet, Phone or Laptop connection (excluding Apple)
  • 60 Inch Screen Size
  • Texas Instruments LED Light Source
  • Excellent Light Processing Technology
  • 640×360 Native Resolution
  • Great MHL Connection
  • 2 Hour Battery


  • 25 Lumens


Overall Impression:

Size and Design

Do you want to read the measurements? Even I was shocked when I first read them. The Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector comes in at 3.9 inches by 3 inches by 0.5 inches making it super-tiny. So much so that you should watch you don’t lose it and i’m not joking either; you could easily misplace something like this and never see it again. Do you remember those old portable CD Players? It looks kind of like that so it’s not visually astounding but it is functional and best of all it’s Super-Portable. The weight is 1.2 pounds which means they’ve packed a lot into such a small device and i’ll be discussing everything it has inside in the performance section.



Convenience is key with Super-Portables and they’ve really ramped the ease of operation up another level here with adapters supplied for Samsung Galaxy products as well as HDMI, Micro HDMI and MHL cables. This translates to buyers being able to connect their Phones, Tablets and Laptops by simply placing the cable they want to use into a port. Although, if you have an Apple Product you’ll have to buy an adapter separately but this is because Apple don’t play ball with Projector manufactures and not for lack of trying on Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector part.


The screen size goes up to 60 inches which has become the standard on Super-Portable devices but the good news is you’ll be able to view every one of these 60 inches without distortions. This is of course provided you’re not intending on viewing in daylight or anything approaching that kind of brightness. Pay no attention to the 25 Lumens included on this device because the key feature is the LED Light Engine supplied by Texas Instruments. LED is much brighter than average bulbs so if anyone was focusing on the Lumens and wondering how you’d get a 60 inch screen from just 25 Lumens, it’s because of the LED light source. The light source is so good and works so well with the Digital Light Processing Technology that you’ll get improved pixel performance too; or you’ll see improved pixel performance but what you’re actually getting is 640×360 resolution which seems more vibrant due to the Light Technology.

It’s not an Android device and what I mean by that is it isn’t a projector with a mini-computer inside that can access the internet directly. But many Android projection devices have pretty slow processors inside and offer reduced online experiences anyway, except for the larger screen. Here you’re supposed to start off with your Phone, Tablet or Laptop and hook them up for an enhanced user experience. I prefer the none Android devices because they offer MHL connections rather than USB. You could easily hook up your mobile by USB to play online games or surf the net, but MHL is uncompressed like HDMI so it’s faster and mirrors your Phone or Tablet. So, basically with the MHL connection on here you can do everything you’d normally do on your phone, Tablet or Laptop, but you’ll be doing it much faster. You could even connect a DVD Player to this via the HDMI socket and play your movies so it’s more than just a download device.

It works very simply; you just point and throw up images even if all you have is your bedroom ceiling it’ll throw up a good image. And it’s a case of flipping a switch and you’re playing Candy Crush Saga in seconds. I should once again mention that this isn’t HD, or anywhere near it, but it is a wonderfully convenient device and has a 2 hour battery compared to the Super-Portable average of 90 minutes


Final Verdict:

This is a great all-round pocket sized projector for movies, music, games and surfing the internet. It does more than most Supe-Portables in that you have the option of HDMI and MHL connections rather than just plain old USB. But it also has the ease of operation and the ability to throw up images on the spot that is common in the Super-Portable market. 60 inches of screen-size is standard for a super-portable, but the quality is good despite the 640×360 resolution because of the Light Technology. The Verdict: If the Worlds Smallest Projector isn’t enough to persuade buyers, then perhaps the features will.

Magnasonic LED Pocket Pico Video Projector,

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