Mlison Video Projector Review – Bang for Buck!

Mlison Video Projector ReviewMilson Video Projector, It’s one of those attempts at creating for the budget market, a Projector for games, movies and presentations. So if you’ve only got about 100 bucks to spend then you should listen up. Now, for that amount of money I can tell you that it’s not going to offer you the world. But, I’ll certainly be informing you on whether it’s worth the price. So was it another heap of junk they’ve tried to sucker in budget buyers with? Or was it a great deal? Find out here


  • Easy Set-up
  • Functional Design
  • 1800 Lumens
  • Low Weight
  • Upscaling
  • 100 Inch Screen Size
  • 800×480 Native Resolution



  • 2 Watt Speakers



The measurements are 9.1 inches by 7.6 inches by 5.1 inches and the weight is 2.7 pounds. So, we’re talking mid-range portability. You’ll be able to fit this in a reasonably sized bag, but not in your pocket. It looks like there hasn’t been much effort put into making this model look good, and that is common among budget devices. What little money they have, the want to spend on the functionality. So this is a very basic, but sturdy design. At the back you’ll see AV, VGA, HDMI and USB Inputs, along with an SD Card slot, so despite the rather basic looking design, you can hook almost anything up to this.



You have two options: Manual Correction and Keystone. Please don’t use Keystone. You’ll import distortions especially on cheap models like this, so do everything manually. There’s really not that much to do though. Turn on, adjust the image both horizontally and vertically, and after you go through the introduction menu you’ll be throwing up images.

Lamp Life

You get 28,000 hours so this is going to last a very long time before you need a replacement Lamp. Lamp durability is common on LCD Projectors, but even so, I was happy at the low running costs here.


There’s 1800 Lumens here. So what does this mean? Well it means you’ll have to draw the curtains and the blinds before you start throwing up images. If you don’t do this, then they won’t be clear. Actually for around 100 bucks 1800 lumens is pretty darn good, but it’s not bright enough to stand up against any form of light. So darkness please.

Native Resolution

The Native Resolution here is 800×480 but it supports 1080p. You see this on a lot of Projectors and not everyone knows what it means. Well, when you turn it on you’ll get 800×480, but if you had an HD device like a PlayStation 4 or a Blu-Ray Player, you could attach it with an HDMI Cable and get something close to 1080p HD. In theory. This is because this model has the ability to upscale. Which is to say it can guess the remaining pixels needed to produce 1080p from 800×480. This is available on lots of Projectors and some do it better than others, hence the ‘in theory’ remark. In practise, by using an HDMI Cable with an HD device, you’ll get something better than 800×480, but nothing near 1080p. You’re also not paying 1080p prices though, and at 800×480 you can get some decent pictures for movies and games. Honestly I had no complaints about the picture but that’s because I wasn’t expecting proper 1080p


You can push out the screen to a maximum of 100 inches which will make it twice the size of the average TV. And, provided you have complete darkness you’ll see a clear picture even at maximum size.


As you might have expected for the cheap price the speakers aren’t nearly as good as they need to be. You get 2 Watts of power and it can be quite muffled at times. I’d say that this is because of smaller than required Speaker Chambers. This is common on budget models and I rarely see a Projector for around 100 bucks with anything other than poor sound. But, they have provided an Audio Jack, so if you have some Speakers you’re using for your Computer then hook them up. Problem solved. If you don’t have External Speakers already then you’ll have to buy some,but you can get them for around 20 dollars.

Final Thoughts

For around 100 dollars you’re not expecting to get 1080p and you don’t get it. You’re also not expecting to get a huge screen size and 100 inches is what you end up with. But, for the money I was impressed with this. The upscaling is reasonably good so when you plug your HDMI Cable in, you’ll be able to watch movies and play games with good images. You’ll still be going to the Theater for that out of this world experience, but at home you’ll be enjoying movies on a larger screen than most TV’s and you’ll have no complaint’s. It lasts a long time, the set-up is very easy and the Lumens are better than what you’d usually get on models in this price range. It’s very cheap and it”s definitely a step up from the plain old television set. So if you are on a budget you might want to try this. Thank you for reading.

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt from Texas has been the best-selling author in 2014. He was the most appreciated writer in 2015. Different organizations have honored him with different awards and memberships as well. He is a tech shop owner and completed graduation in Electrical Engineering.

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