Moov Now Review

moov now review


Heart Rate Functions


Fitness / Sport Features


Ease of Use


Battery Life


  • Doesn’t have an HR monitor but it is compatible with HR chest straps
  • Records a wide range of metrics such as VO2, step power, etc.
  • It takes a while to install and configure the app before using the tracker
  • Up to six months battery life.

Where To Get It

A Deep Dive Into The Moov Now

Most people these days are used to sleek and classy watches that track their pulse, show their geographical locations, and play their favorite tunes. There’s no denying that many fitness watches today can give the best of both worlds.

In this Moov Now review, we focus on one tracker that doesn’t look like anything you would expect. It has zero phone features and maximum fitness tracking functionality. We’ll look at what gives it an edge over most products even though it is one of the cheapest fitness wearables on the market.

  • Who Is It For?

  • Video Review

  • Pros

  • Cons

  • No heart rate sensor included
  • The app is not the most intuitive during installation
  • It’s only compatible with Android devices

Product Info

Moov Now is designed not just for fitness tracking purposes but also as a reminder that when it comes to conditioning, checking emails, taking calls, and sorting through your playlists are not important features to look out for.

What’s Included?

With the purchase, you get the Moov Now fitness tracker disk, a strap, and a battery. It doesn’t come with any heart rate monitoring sensor, so you will have to purchase a HR chest strap separately.

Overview of Features

It would be wrong not to address the unique design of the Moov Now fitness tracker first. Unlike most of today’s trackers which combine health sensors and smartwatch technology, Moov Now does one thing and one thing only. It only tracks your activities and performance during workouts, hikes, swims, etc. so that you can later review them using your smartphone or computer.

Now let’s talk actual utility. Moov Now features voice notifications. It keeps you on your toes by giving you the tough love treatment. We like this because not everyone is a pro athlete. If we’re doing something wrong, we need to know so we can address the issue.

In a way, it acts like a personal trainer, telling you when you’re doing a good job and when you’re doing a poor job.

You can also get minute-by-minute alerts for activities such as running, hiking, swimming, jogging, and a couple more pre-programmed workout routines as long as you set things up with your smartphone beforehand.

It doesn’t have the most diverse HIIT functionality. But again, like any good personal trainer, it offers many workout programs which increase in difficulty over time or when you’re ready to step up your game.

This is one feature that very few fitness trackers or smartwatch manufacturers even considered.

Due to its lightweight design, Moov Now is probably the most comfortable fitness tracker you can wear. It doesn’t need to be strapped so tight that you lose sensation in your arm.

It’s only compatible with Android devices which might rub some people the wrong way. However, keep in mind that this may be a blessing in disguise too since it means you don’t have to wait until you get home and log on to your personal computer to check your workout activity and performance.

The battery life is simply amazing. Finding another fitness tracker that lasts for over six months of continuous use would be a challenge.

There is however one thing that keeps Moov Now from being a top performer across all activities. The disk is only waterproof to around 10 feet. This may seem scary, but the manufacturer did something to balance things out. You don’t need your smartphone near you in the pool.

Moov Now records up to 120 minutes of water activity. If you’re all about doing laps in the pool and basic underwater conditioning, you’re still in good hands. The only thing you have to do to make sense of your performance is to input pool metrics into the app before you start reviewing your performance.


Although Moov Now may seem too basic to be a proper fitness tracker, don’t judge a book by its cover. And, stop thinking that all fitness trackers need to look like an iPhone strapped to your wrist.

In terms of what it promises as a fitness tracker, Moov Now may just put a lot of smartwatches to shame. It can record an astounding amount of metrics whether you’re just power walking uphill or doing laps in your pool with varying degrees of difficulty.

We hope this in-depth Moov Now review can help you making up your mind. It won’t show you the time, it won’t give you email alerts, but it will tell you to put up or shut up if you’re not giving it your all, which is why we like it.

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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