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Optoma DH1009 ReviewOptoma has been making great strides in the development of projectors and its new addition, the DH1009 offers some impressive features. It is pleasant to see such a new model available at a reasonable price without negating the device’s functionality. Expect to experience sterling presentations, either at school or in business settings.

I particularly liked the bright images and the keystone adjustment feature that the DH1009 offers. In times past, and in previous reviews, adjusting images due to distortions that occur while using projectors was often troublesome. However, the DH1009 adjusts images digitally, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience. The brightness was also satisfactory as compared to other models. Here’s a peek at the qualities that stood out in our review.

Optoma DH1009 Main Features:

3D ready- users looking for an immersive viewing experience will enjoy the remarkable 3D functionality of the DH1009. The avid sports fan will also enjoy excellent images.

HDMI/MHL compatibility- when connectivity to other devices is a concern, then the DH1009 allays such a concern through its HDMI and MHL(for connecting smartphones) ports, which enhance the functionality of the projector.

High output speaker (10w)- audio output has been a bane of many projectors. Thankfully, the DH1009 features a high output speaker that is sufficient for most users’ needs.


  • Bright images owing to the 3200 lumen lamp
  • HD 3D ready
  • High contrast ratio for sharper images


  • Average lamp life at only 6,500 hrs in eco mode
  • No lens shift
  • Manual lens focus


Overall Impression:

4starsSize and Design: The DH1009 measures 8.8 x 12.4 x 4 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 5.5 pounds. Its compact build makes it easy to carry and use in multiple settings.

It also features a control panel on top (located close to the center) to facilitate navigation. This implies that in case you happen to lose your remote, you won’t have cause for alarm as the panel would be an ideal substitute.

The DH1009 also features a similar build to the Optoma X351, with louvered sides for a better grip and ease of airflow into and out of the projector.


Performance: Ease of connection and use are a major consideration to make before investing in a projector. The DH1009’s simple and practical design ensured that setting up was easy. Likewise, the simple menu was easy to navigate. Novice users should not expect a steep learning curve on this projector.

The 1920x1080p resolution ensures that images are clear, crispier and depict better formation. As far as projectors are concerned, the higher the resolution, the better. Just like in PCs, a higher resolution tends to enhance picture quality to a great degree, thereby providing clearer, sharper, and better toned images.

Similarly, the 3200 lumen lamp allows for a bright-enough display for most viewing needs. For a teacher intending to make a class presentation, this would be sufficient to display clear, sharp images, and texts. Home viewing experiences would also be a breeze and could even be enhanced using the 3D functionality for a full high definition presentation. Similarly, the 20,000:1 contrast ratio is a boost to picture quality and clarity.

The projector also boasts a large display size of between 84 and 775 cms. At home, the projector would be very useful for viewing images on a large display. While using the projector, the images were not blurred when I increased the throw distance and I could watch my favorite sports teams in action while experiencing true-to-life picture and quality. Although the projector may not replace the TV, its large display expands your field of view, a quality that you would only enjoy if you had to upgrade your TV to a pricier, large one. Thus, the DH1009 saves you on such costs.

The digital keystone feature of the Optoma DH1009 came into play when image distortions occurred on the display screen. Under normal circumstances, especially while using a projector that does not feature keystone adjustments, image distortions tend to disrupt the viewing experience. Users often have to manually adjust the projector to realign the image on the screen. Conversely, the DH1009 eliminates this impediment, thereby translating to a fulfilling and unobstructed viewing experience.

Overall, based on my Optoma DH1009 review, I would recommend the projector, although the lamp life needs some tweaking. The maximum lamp life of the projector is 6,500 hours, which is relatively low compared to lesser-priced models from other brands that feature upwards of 20,000 hours. Perhaps, Optoma should consider increasing the life of their projector lamp in future models to provide greater longevity to users. Therefore, given its price point and compared to the Optoma X351, the DH1009 is a few paces behind in terms of brightness.

Final Verdict:

The DH1009 breaches the $600 mark at most retail outlets, although you can buy it at a lower price in some stores. Overall, it is affordable for most users and the standard, expansive features make it ideal for diverse user environments.

Optoma DH1009

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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