Optoma HD141X Projector Review – Perfect AIO Projector!

Optoma hd141x

The Optoma HD141X comes highly recommended as a home entertainment projector. It has all the goodies you can imagine and many other nifty features to go with them. This projector is very popular on eCommerce websites like Ebay and Amazon, along with other devices like the ViewSonic PJD5134 or the Epson VS230. The HD141X triumphs over its competitors by virtue of a very high 1080p resolution coupled with 3000 lumens of color brightness. It also comes with Full-3D compatibility as opposed to the PC-Ready 3D comparability available on most cheaper devices.

Optoma HD141X Specifications:

1080p HD Resolution: When considering the resolution of a projector, one must look for the term “native resolution”. Many cheaper devices can support 1080p resolution by scaling the image but few can boast of a native 1080p resolution like the HD141X. This HD resolution will be great for watching movies on Blu-Ray. However, when playing games, the resolution is reduced to 800 x 600 to keep a high refresh rate (i.e a high frames per second rate)

Full 3D Compatibility: Most projectors that claim to support 3D are not full 3D compatible. The cheaper projectors are what’s called PC-Ready 3D compatible which in simple terms means that these devices can only use a PC or Laptop with 3D software to display 3D images. A full 3D compatible on the other hand can display 3D images from a Blu-Ray, PS4, Xbox etc.

MHL Compatible: Mobile devices have become exceddingly popular these days, in fact, I have many family pictures and videos that are only stored on my mobile. The HD141X is a MHL compatible device which means that it can use your Iphone or android device to display videos. This seamless compatibility eliminates the hassle of transferring files from your phone to your laptop, also, you don’t have to buy any new cables or software.



  • Comes with a beautiful back-lit remote
  • 12V jack support for motorized screen
  • Full 3D and MHL Compatible
  • Eco-friendly projector
  • Good resolution and bright enough for outdoors (evenings and night)


  • Speaker sound not that good.
  • Loud fan


Overall Impression:


Size and Design

Weighing only 5.5 pounds, the Optoma HD141X is lightweight and portable. Although the projector is jammed with features, it is smaller compared to other mid-range projectors. The build quality and design of this device is superior as well. I had the black variant of the HD141X mounted on a white ceiling and projector still managed to look decent. Admittedly though, looks-wise there are other better options like the Epson VS230.




This is one area where the device does not disappoint at all. The contrast ratio on this device is a powerful 20000:1 powered by a DLP lamp. The use of DLP technology helps the projector achieve enhanced black levels which are hard to come by in LCD powered projectors. The HD141X boasts of a refresh rate of 144Hz, it can also display videos/images at refresh rates from 24Hz to 120Hz. The refresh rate is important for optimal gaming experience which is stellar on this device. We’ve already spoken about the lumens and resolution of the device, for a look at detailed specifications, check Amazon.




There are many good projectors in this price range. There are also some good options that are cheaper than the HD141X but we have to consider each projector on its individual merit and in that respect, the Optoma HD141X is a great projector for the price.

Final Verdict:

Look no further – Search no more. The Optoma HD141X is the first choice of many videophiles and rightly so. The projector represents great balance between looks, functionality and price. It has been on the Amazon’s bestsellers list for the last many months and garnered a stellar reputation with mainly positive reviews. So if you have the budget, rest assured it will be a good purchase.

Optoma HD141X

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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