Optoma HD25-LV – Expert Review

Optoma HD25-LV - Expert Review

The Optoma HD25-LV can be described as a perfect starter projector for anyone interested in getting their very own home entertainment system at a pocket friendly price. In this Optoma HD25-LV review, I will introduce you to this portable, sleek and powerful single chip DLP projector.

Optoma HD25-LV-Pros

Excellent Image Quality: When it comes to image quality, its powerful brightness of 3200 ANSI lumen lamp makes it a special projector. With this much light, colors are rich and bright even when lights are on. This is great news for those who dislike sitting in complete darkness when they want to watch a film.

Multiple Ports: The Optoma HD25-LV comes with a great range of ports allowing you to connect several devices at a go. There are two VGA, two HDMI and one composite inputs. In addition, there is one 3.5 millimeter audio output, VGA output and two 3.5 millimeter audio inputs. There is also an RS-232C serial port used to integrate the projector into a fully automated home cinema system.

Compact/Sleek Design: The menu buttons of the HD25-LV are conveniently located on top of the projector alongside focus rings and a manual zoom. In addition, its compact and sleek design makes it perfect for packing in a suitcase or book-bag. This projector also comes with a remote which is ideal for use in changing the settings. Furthermore, there are control buttons for brightness, picture mode, contrast, 3D settings and gamma options. The remote also comes with a handy backlight which can be used during darkness.


Multiple Picture Modes: There are two 3D picture modes (second user mode and 3D) and five 2D picture modes (Reference, cinema, User, bright and Photo). Only the user mode is customizable and if you try to change the settings on any of the preset modes you will be automatically switched over to the user mode.

External Speakers: The Optoma HD25-LV also features 16W speakers. These speakers perform almost like modern in-built TV speakers. They have plenty of volume which can fill any sizable room. In addition, audio settings in the menu help you to increase the level of the treble and bass. I believe it is comfortable for you to use a dedicated surround sound system in your home.Nevertheless, in-built speakers are still useful if you want to take the projector to a different room/place.

3D Projection: The Optoma HD25-LV can comfortably project in 3D. However, this projector doesn’t come with a 3D emitter or 3D glasses.

Advanced Settings: Besides having basic contrast, brightness, tint, sharpness and color settings, the Optoma HD25-LVcomes with additional options that sufficiently cater for gamma levels, noise reduction, color space, color temperature, dynamic blacks and a complete range of individual colors that assist you to calibrate the projector. You can enhance color vibrancy by adjusting Optima HD25-LV’s Brilliant-color feature.



Slow Down in Frame Rate: Altering the menu settings causes a slight slow-down in the frame rate.


3D Glasses Absent: Unfortunately, this projector does not come with 3D emitters or 3D glasses. This forces you to pay extra money to acquire both the 3D glasses and the 3D emitter system.


Final Verdict:

From the details I have given in this Optoma HD25-LV review, it is evident that the Optima HD25-LV is an outstanding projector. It is still the first class home cinema projector with the ability to produce accurate and bright 2D/3D videos in all lighting conditions. Furthermore, it comes at an affordable price compared to the other high end projectors of which it shares most of its features with. You are already getting a great deal with this projector and trying to get any other cheaper model will be doing a disservice to yourself.

Optoma HD25-LV

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Andrew Wyatt

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