Optoma HD25e Projector Review

Optoma HD25e review

The projector manufacturer Optoma has come out with a winner on all accounts, i.e. the design, performance and price. It’s specially designed for home cinema and it’s a far improvement upon its predecessor, the HD83. With an inviting design and high-end specifications the Optoma HD25e projector makes an impact on both mind and heart, but not on the pocket.  We write our Optoma HD25e review to bring you the details on all this device has to offer.

Optoma HD25e Projector Specifications:

Great Connectivity: For some the plastic look is a let-down, but overall the gadget captivates and holds your interest with the connectivity – which is perhaps the thing that will catch your eye first. Besides the 2 HDMIs jacks, the projector also has twin PC and D-Sub ports that will make your life much easier; PLUS you also have another tiny jack with which you could connect a 3D transmitter. One pleasant surprise is the 3D transmitter connectivity, which is a definite plus point.

Nice In-built Speakers: The product is a winner in this niche for many reasons. Another excellent improvement is the unexpectedly loud output, i.e. 10W, which uses an SRS WOW HD processing engine that boosts soundstage size, clarity and bass. Most mid-range projectors will give you a sound output of 2-5W which is definetly too low for a home theater experience.
East Set-up: It is also user friendly with quick gamma presets that will help you get the best image adjustment possible without having to bother about the intricacies of the settings of the picture or tools menu. The best features are the excellent contrast ratio it offers and its ability to show 3D among others. You will find that the dynamic contrast system is intuitive and hence it’s able to manage the shadow details so well that the shadows are indeed showing 3D effects in the pictures. Overall it’s a great find. 
Some other Features –
1. Active 3D payback; it comes with a free pair of 3D glasses and transmitter in the box. 
2. It has a single-chip DLP Projector
3. Super quality picture in its niche with a contrast of 20,000 : 1, which is possible owing to the DynamicBlack technology, which controls the lamp in synch with the image projected. 
4. Offers full HD Native resolution

The Pros About This Product
1. Great value for money – it is small and compact, which makes it attractive. It packs in it all the required features to make it an excellent indoor cinema projector. 
2. Excellent picture quality in the niche
3. Design is excellent for your living-room. 
The Cons About This Product
You will find that there are a few flaws that you could walk around with the Optoma HD25e projector, which you should know about:
1. Sometimes you may find some minor rainbow effect. This is somewhat expected from the DLP projectors because they use Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColor technology, which does not do much good in the end. You may experience increase in grain with your colour boost.
3. The operational noise can become disturbing and loud and lack the ability to fade away when not required. 


Overall Impression:

4starsSize and design: The design is sleek, though a bit plasticky at the first sight. The colour and shape are attractive and user-friendly. You can immediately see how it can be used, which is a great boon. The white variant is certainly the best looking projector we’ve reviewed in a while, despite the plasticity.

5stars-300x53Performance: It delivers stunning performance, with a few tiny flaws which can be easily ignored as the good part or the benefits of the projector easily overweighs the flaws. Besides the minor deflections of light and experience the minor rainbow effect, the projector delivers heavily and honourably on its promises. It is sturdy as it is useful – a rare combination these days. 
Another very big plus point is that it adapted to the latest technology without alienating any of those who used the earlier version. It is to set up, easy to use and delivers a great quality picture accompanied with excellent sound. 
The cooling system might need a little help and improvement; but other than that everything is great about the projector. 

4starsPrice: Priced in the medium range, the Optoma HD25e projector is a winner in its niche. In fact, many of the new features it offers come as a very pleasant surprise. This is a gadget that every movie buff should have in their drawing room.

Final Verdict:

This is one of Optoma’s high end models and it is a hit.  The HD25e has introduced a few new features that has shooed it in as a favorite for home cinema buffs. It is a bit on the expensive end of the projectors market but if you can afford the Optoma HD25e, then rest assured it is a device that will seldom let you down.

Optoma HD25e

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