Optoma HD26 Review – A Feature Packed Projector

Optoma HD26 review

The Optoma HD 26 Projector is one of the most affordable 1080p projectors currently available on the market. This is the perfect projector for people wanting a quality, stylish home projector system without having to spend a fortune. The projector is available in white or black, with curved sides and protruding lens, it looks classy enough to be in any home. This is not a basic or generic model and you will find all of the high tech features available on the more expensive projectors.

In our Optoma HD26 review, we conclude that most users have found that the product works well and that it provides very good value for money. The product performed to expectations and produced a decent picture quality.

Optoma HD26 Specifications

MHL Compatibility – the Optoma HD 26 Projector uses a Mobile High-Definition Link, which is becoming very popular in home theater systems. This system allows you to connect your mobile phone, tablet, or another streaming device to the projector without the need for another cable.

Unlocked image modes – this is one of the first budget projectors to allow users to adjust the image modes. You can make adjustments to all the stock image modes allowing you to use the projector for movies and games or in a variety of different environments.

Full HD 3D – the Optoma HD 26 Projector is fully compatible with HDMI 1.4 3D inputs and uses the standard DLP Link for 3D glasses synchronization. The system doesn’t come with glasses but DLP glasses are now fairly cheap and easy to obtain. The projector even has a 3D to 2D conversion mode in case you would rather watch a 3D movie in 2D. The system removes the extra frames and you can watch the 2D movie as you normally would.



  • The Optoma HD 26 Projector offers very good value for money and is one of the cheapest 1080p projectors available.
  • A reasonable number of picture calibration options are available
  • Offers good picture quality
  • Has full 1080p resolution in 2D and 3D



  • Has image quality issues when in its brightest mode or when showing black and white clips.
  • There is a very limited optical zoom
  • No glasses or 3D transmitters are included with the system


Overall Impression

4starsSize and Design: The Optoma HD 26 Projector is very lightweight and portable making it a great option for use in a variety of settings within your home. It may be one of the inexpensive models available but the build quality feels very good. The design of the model is contemporary and it will look good in most homes. You will find that is equipped with 2 HDMI ports, including the MHL compatible one, a 3.5mm audio output, and a port for attaching a 3D transmitter. The body has a number of curves to add to the contemporary feel of this projector and the lens sticks out from the main body of the projector. You have a choice of white or black models.

5stars-300x53Performance: In bright mode, the projector will produce around 3000 Lumens which gives you maximum brightness but you will lose out on colors and contrasts in this mode. It is useful for showing projections in a larger area. The cinema mode gives a better balance between brightness and color. This is the mode that you will normally use the projector in and it gives a very good performance. There are a number of other modes available depending on the situation and all offer varying amounts of Lumens and degrees of accuracy in contrast and color. The audio is a bit scratchy but is very good for this level of the model and will work well in a home cinema situation.

5stars-300x53Price: The Optoma HD 26 Projector retails for around $699.99 on Amazon. This is one of the lowest-priced 1080p models available and offers very good value for money for a home cinema. The features of the product are above that which you will find in the majority of projectors in a similar price range. The ability to unlock image modes really sets this projector apart from others in this base model price range. This is the perfect projector for a family wanting a good projector with 3D and HD abilities at a reasonable price.

Final Verdict

In our detailed review of the Optoma HD26, we couldn’t anything wrong with the device. It is heavily feature-packed and uses all the latest goodies. It is a long time before 4K or ultra-short throw projectors become affordable and until then buying a 1080p projector is the best you can do. To get an MHL-compatible device with 3D capabilities along with high brightness in the mid-range is a rare offering. So unless you have opposing brand preferences, we’d conclude that the Optoma HD26 is a pretty decent projector to spend your money on.

Optoma HD26

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