Optoma HD28DSE Review – Impressive Technology

Optoma HD28DSE Review

The Optoma HD28DSE projector represents the next generation of home theater. Using built-in Darbee technology, crystal clear images are produced with amazing visual depth to enhance the experience of movies and console games. While this projector is perfect for the living room or a dedicated movie room with its intricate visuals and terrific sharpness, it’s also portable so can be enjoyed even when away from home. With its numerous menu options you can use the Optoma HD28DSE to get the very best out of any Blu-Ray movie, HD programming or Console Game.


  • DarbeeVision technology is adjustable between 0 and 120%
  • Cleaner, crisper images of impressive detail and tone
  • Full 3D and Full HD 1080P with an amazing refresh rate
  • Smart projector capabilities: Tablets or smart phones can be hooked up to the Optoma HD28DSE for streaming of video, playing games or the showing of photos.
  • Lamp life is a massive 8000 hours. This enables purchasers to avoid the common problem of lamp replacement, associated with many projectors. Lamp replacement won’t be required for many years.
  • For gamers a specific gaming mode is provided which produces extremely fast responses and a low input lag, greatly improving playability.
  • The Optoma HD28DSE is portable and weighs very little so can be transported anywhere


  • Viewers must remember to change from gaming mode when watching a film.
  • A small amount of noise when the projector is on but certainly not noticeable when watching movies or playing games
  • For new users a little time is required for adjusting the Darbee technology to exactly the right point to obtain viewing perfection on a particular TV show or game. This will become second nature within a short time and most people will be blown away by the quality.


Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

At 12.4 inches length, 8.8 inches width and a depth of 4.5 inches it’s a very reasonable size, so won’t take up much space in any room. This is also a plus point for travel as it can be taken in a small carry-on bag anywhere you go and at 7.3 pounds it’s very light. The stylish design is much more visually pleasing than most other projectors with a wonderful finish and sleek presentation. A good looking piece of equipment.


Most people these days have either a smart phone, tablet or digital camera and use them on a regular basis to play online games, view photo’s or stream video’s from sites like Netflix. While these a great portable innovations the problem of their small screens and visual distortions persists. With the Optoma HD28DSE you can immediately connect these devices to view whenever you want in the enhanced quality you’ve become used to with Blu-Ray disks or HD programming. The sheer sharpness and beauty of personal photographs is greatly increased with Darbee technology, and many will be astonished at the brightness and vitality of movie streams provided by this projector.

In an age where most people still play video games on regular HDTV sets, those using the Optoma HD28DSE have the opportunity to astound their friends. At 24 frames per second, and with a low input lag and superb response times in game mode, purchasers of this projector will be the envy of all those around them. Most will never have seen the kind of vivid images produced here and won’t recognize even their favourite games when the superb algorithm controlled processor speed and picture fluidity of the Optoma HD28DSE is added to the mix. At only 7.3 pounds in weight this small projector can be taken to a friends house and easily set-up to play there.

Similarly with Blu-Ray, why lose the viewing experience you’ve become accustomed to since you set aside your HDTV for the Optoma HD28DSE. Take it in a small travel bag to far off lands, or just around the corner, the Optoma HD28DSE can be taken anywhere. From action movies, to romance, to fast paced thrillers, just adjust the Darbee technology until the viewing quality is cinema standard. The sheer marvellous nature of images displayed using this system can only previously be seen at the cinema, but now it’s available at home. The visual performance of this projector is second to none and characters will leap out of the screen especially in 3D mode. On top of all that, the built-in speakers enhance sound quality to a level not seen in even advanced home cinema systems.

Final Verdict:

The Optoma HD28DSE represents good value for money in a crowded market place. Better images than the Dell 4610X, better sound than the Yamaha 2500. More adjustable viewing options than the Epson EB1880. In other words the Optoma HD28DSE represents all the plus points of competitors with an extra layer of brilliance added for overall a superior viewing experience.

Optoma HD28DSE

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