Optoma ML1000P Review – Best LED Projector

Optoma ML1000P Review

Optoma does a good job of developing new generation projectors that boast LED functionality and the ML 1000P is no exception. The projector is designed for anyone who is constantly on the move, yet needs a snappy, easy-to-use tool for making bold presentations. It’s very light and portable, making it an ideal choice for on-the-go professionals.

Besides the fully-featured HDMI and VGA ports on the device, I also enjoyed the use of the picture quality after connecting my microSD card to the ML 1000P. The picture quality was quite acceptable based on my Optoma ML 1000P review and while using the video features, the colors provided eye-catching detail while being uniformly saturated. Depending on the varying modes in use, one would expect the projector to display images and videos reasonably well.

Optoma ML1000P Specifications:

HDMI, USB and MicoSD enabled- this enhances the device’s compatibility with multiple devices for a richer viewing experience. It also ensures that the ML 1000P is more robust and a versatile complement to your media needs.

3D ready- this additional capability is meant to maximize your viewing experience. You can therefore immerse yourself into 3D movies and enjoy incredible views on the ML 1000P.

LED projection- the adoption of LED functionality into the Optoma ML 1000P enhances the life of the projector. In fact, the lamp is expected to last the life of the projector, meaning you would not need lamp replacements.



  • Bright LED lamp expected to last at least 20,000 hours
  • Multiple ports-HDMI, VGA, MicroSD
  • Lightweight and extremely portable


  • Difficulty in using the touchpad controls
  • The 3-watt speakers don’t offer much in terms of sound quality
  • Artifact effects- skewing of images due to over-saturation of colors

Overall Impression:

5stars-300x53Size and Design: The ML 1000P measures 1.9 x 10.6 x 6.7 inches (H x W x D) and weighs approximately 3 pounds, equating the weight of older models. It also features a carry case. This makes it easier to bring the projector along on your trips. The ML 1000P is thus an ultraportable projector in light of its size and weight.

The design of the Optoma ML 1000P also eliminates the need to bring along multiple devices such as computers on your trip. This implies you can rely on a standalone projector that offers multiple functions. With the help of the device, you can view PDF, Microsoft Office suit documents, make presentations, and view videos either on a USB device or microSD card.

Moreover, the ML 1000P also features a touchpad, which is admittedly a nifty idea. By negating the need for buttons, the ML 1000P enhances the aesthetic value of the device by making it more appealing.

5stars-300x53Performance: The ML 1000P enables the viewing of video files without necessitating the input of your computer. That also means you can enjoy high quality movies at the end of a busy business presentation schedule on the device.

The projector’s 1000 lumen lamp features significantly brighter images than competing brands in the same category. Furthermore, its LED display minimizes the presence of blurry displays on the screen. The feature, coupled with the 15000: 1 contrast ratio and a 1280 x 800 resolution leads to enhanced image quality and makes videos clearer and more refined.

The display size of the projector also varies depending on the aspect ratio chosen. For instance, after selecting the 16:10 ratio, you can expect up to 163 inches of viewing, which is quite impressive. The colors also seem to be more refined depending on the level of brightness selected and the lighting of the room.

Nevertheless, the projector poses some qualities that some users may find annoying. One is the scaling artifacts- the green, blue, or red- colors that at times appear prominently on the screen when users adjust the resolution of the projector. Additionally, I found it somewhat difficult trying to navigate the projector’s menu. I ended up selecting wrong items, which was a bit frustrating. However, I presume that other people might have a shorter learning curve in getting past this hurdle. In fact, some people have reported experiencing the intuitive nature of the touchpad display. Moreover, the skin tones on the device on various modes were acceptable, although the sound quality from the in-built speakers was somewhat low for my needs. As such, I had to connect an external audio source for a better listening experience

Overall, for anyone looking for a lightweight projector that is easy to carry around, yet offers bright images and delivers high contrast colors, then the ML 1000P is a suitable candidate for the job. If you are also not too concerned about image quality, then you’ll find that the device offers relatively acceptable imagery.

4starsPrice: The Optoma ML 1000P can be had at around $705 at Amazon, with others sellers offering it at nearly $800. If you opt to purchase the projector as a packaged deal, which features a USB adaptor and a tripod, you’d have to part with about $741. Be sure to do your legwork to get the best deal on the device, as you could end up saving quite a bit on the price point alone. While this DLP projector is somewhat pricy, it offers sufficient quality to boot, especially given its small size.

Final Verdict:

After reviewing several LED projectors over the past few months, including the Optoma 550 and 750, we’ve reached the conclusion that the Optoma 1000p is one of the best LED projectors in the market today. With a host of cool features, unique design, long lamp life and high brightness, the 1000p has everything we could ask for from a mid to high range projector. We are convinced that the pros of this device outweigh the cons by a long margin and it certainly warrants a closer look.

Optoma ML1000P

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