Optoma ML750 Review – Wireless + LED

Optoma ML750 review

Most Optoma projectors use DLP technology for their projector lamps, the ML750 is a rare LED offering from the renowned projector manufacturer. There are certain pros and cons between DLP vs LED technology but the gist of it is that DLP lamps are brighter but burn out quicker (5000-6000 hours), the LED lamps are slightly less bright but last a lot longer (20000-50000 hours). The LED powered projectors are also more portable and generate less heat.

Here’s a detailed Optoma ML750 review, read on to find more about this device:

Optoma ML750 Main Features:

Portability: Is the Optoma ML750 really as portable as the marketers would have you believe? Well, as it turns out, the device is really compact and small at just around 5 inches. It has a nice sturdy feel to it and can be used as travel projector. It also helps that the projector can be run on a lithium battery pack for extended periods of time.

In-built Media Player: This is a very handy feature that surprisingly does not exist in even the more expensive models. No matter how serious a user you are, at some point you would like to use your projector to watch movies. I remember watching the “mission impossible” movies with my work mates at our conference room, using our office projector! It is at times like these that an in-built media player can be a life saver. Just add your movies into a USB and plug it into the projector, the in-built player will o the rest.

LED Lamp: Many users associate pico or portable projectors like the Optoma ML750 with dimly lit images. This is true for many LED powered devices but not the ML750 which comes 700 lumens of color brightness and also a higher brightness version. It can be used in small conference rooms and the clarity is decent enough to project complicated data and figures. However, don’t expect a home theater experience with this projector, resort to DLP projectors for that.



  • Small size but can project images on upto a 120 inch screen.
  • Automatic keystone adjustment helps.
  • Has HDMI + 3D Ready
  • Very compact, easy to carry


  • Provided remote is too small.
  • Has 3 fans which can create some noise.
  • Speakers volume too low

Overall Impression:

5stars-300x53Size and Design: It is important for LED projectors to be small and lightweight in order to compete with their DLP counterparts. The Optoma ML750 sized at 4.1 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches and weighing less than 1 pound can be considered a micro or pico projector. It is also well-made, sturdy, compact and easy to carry. Because of the small dimensions, cabling this projector can be a bit of hassle but that’s where the wireless capability steps in. You can connect this wirelessly to your laptop via an optional adapter.

4starsPerformance: The perceived brightness of this projector is a lot higher than the advertised brightness of 700 lumens. Most users were satisfied with the brightness and image quality of the Optoma ML750. One of the main issues however is the inability to access the internet while connected to the wireless network of the projector. Yes you read that correct. The projector creates it’s own wireless network and you cannot access the internet while connected to the projector’s network. This can be problematic if your presentation requires the showcasing of live websites. The problem can be solved by connecting via cables. So there is a clear trade-off between the two modes of connection.

The native resolution of the Optoma ML750 is 1280*1024 which can be scaled upto 1680*1050. The images and videos when connected via the HDMI port were of a decent clarity.

4starsPrice: LED projectors are expensive in general and there are hardly any below $500 LED projectors in the market. You save in the long-run with these projectors because of the long lamp life and low-maintenance. The Optoma ML750 is no different with upto 30000 hours of lamp life. It provides a good value for money in that respect.


Final Verdict:

The Optoma ML750 certainly packs a punch but there are certain small issues with it as well. Issues like bulky cables, difficulty in setting up wireless can get quite annoying for some users. You may want to check out the other two versions of this projector, ML550 and ML1000p. In most cases though, the Optoma ML750 will get the job done and if you are looking for a sturdy, portable projector with a very long lamp life, you should give this projector a serious consideration.

Optoma ML750

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