Optoma W311 Review – Perfect Projector for those on tight budget and don’t ask for a lot

Optoma W311 review

OptomaW311 Projector could seem cheap compared to other projectors, and most people get a little skeptical when seeing things that are relatively cheap. I am one of those people, so I was very careful choosing the projector I need in the end. However, I was on a tight budget, so running for expensive projectors wasn’t an option and Optoma W311 was the choice I made in the end. I didn’t regret it and you will understand why shortly.

Now if you’re looking for heavy features and a lot of options, this projector isn’t for you. However, if you’re looking for something that can do what a projector does, maintain a bright, clear 1280 x 800 picture for show in classrooms or meeting rooms, something to make sure that your presentations are clearly seen, then this is just the right option.

Let’s talk a little about its pros. Unlike most projectors which show large pictures, Optoma W311 isn’t loud at all, so you won’t find yourself getting distracted by that annoying sound when giving your presentation. When I looked this up (curiosity gets the cat sometimes,) it turned out that its because it increases its size slightly to allow more airflow into it but it doesn’t weigh much and thus, this point doesn’t really matter. If you have room for it, don’t hesitate. I didn’t even realize it when I got it.

One thing I especially liked about this projector is that it has TWO HDMI ports. Optoma W311 might not seem very useful if you’re not in need for switching between digital sources often but it never hurts to have this advantage and personally, sometimes I find myself using both ports to make things easier on myself.

Optoma W311 also comes with a 1 year warranty which helps if any technical problems come up unexpectedly. The sound onboard feature is also useful, although I can’t say that it’s quite powerful. It could help in small rooms but for larger audiences, you’ll probably need a larger set of speakers to make sure everyone hears clearly.


But while this projector has a lot of great points compared to its price, unfortunately it also has limitations. One thing that got me the most was that it has no onboard controls. It comes with the remote control that’s responsible for everything. The projector itself has nothing but the power button, which is very disappointing to say the least. If you lose the remote control, it becomes impossible to control anything in the projector.

Optoma W311 also lacks a VGA port. This doesn’t really concern me because where I work, we use modern computers and there are no older sources but I thought I should mention this. A good projector should have a port for everything after all.

This is something I mentioned before already but it’s worth mentioning again when talking about this projector’s cons-its size. If you’re one to transport your projector a lot, then I don’t quite recommend this. As we already said, it has more room for air flow to reduce noise (which is unfortunately spoiling by an annoying fan buzz which can be quite distracting for both the presenter and the audience), but this comes with the disadvantage of its large size. Well, this is something to ponder over and it really depends on your circumstances. Your projector will be in one place? Sure. Optoma W311 is one of the options to consider. But you need a portable one? I don’t recommend it.

Lastly, the annoying rainbow effect. This is to be expected considering that it uses a 2-x speed color wheel but it doesn’t make this projector the best for films or videos. However, if you only need this for presentations, documents and the like, then don’t let this stop you.

Conclusion is, if you’re looking for something steady and simple which you won’t need to move around a lot, the fact that it has only the remote control to control its options doesn’t bug you, and you need it mainly for presentations or documents and not movies or films, then definitely go for it, as this is a projector to have if you need something for less than $500. If something of these doesn’t really fit you, then you might start looking for another alternative.

Optoma W311

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