Optoma X351 Review – Very Surprised

Optoma X351 Review

Optoma has slowly but surely been weaving its way into the projector market previously dominated by other brands. Its X351 packs a series of features and outstanding resolution. Optoma designed the X351 for businesses, classrooms, and homes.

My viewing experience on the X351 display was extremely rewarding. Images came to life and were remarkably bright, even during the day. The pictures were also very clear, and the keystone adjustment feature helped to correct image distortions. Overall, considering its price, especially in light of competing offers from other manufacturers that are available at a higher price, the Optoma is a suitable projector that offers its money’s worth in terms of features and performance. Let’s take a closer look at some of the qualities that make up this projector and the overall impression it creates.

Optoma X351 Main Features:

Versatility- The projector can be connected to multiple devices (analog and digital, which makes very ideal and consumer friendly. These include HDMI, VGA, and mini USB devices.

3D ready- users looking for an immersive display will enjoy the 3D compatibility that the X351 features. 3D also enhances presentations, making them more realistic by capturing them from multiple angles simultaneously.

Eco AV mute- this complementary feature allows users you to blank the screen when it’s not needed while making presentations. Users can then quickly resume where they left off. This facilitates teaching and is also an energy saving feature.


  • Bright, 3600 lumen lamp
  • 3D compatible
  • Keystone adjustments


  • No lens shift
  • Only available in white


Overall Impression:

4starsSize and Design: The Optoma X351’s dimensions are 8.8 x 12.4 x 4 inches, which is within the range of similar projectors boasting similar features. Its 5.5 pounds also means it’s compact enough for users to carry around with relative ease.

The projector’s louvered sides facilitate the dissipation of heat from the projector to keep it cool even during prolonged use. The edges also provide a firm grip, thus making it difficult to accidentally drop the projector. Additionally, the control panel atop the device is also useful in setting up the projector, while also complementing its remote.

The projector’s connection ports are located on the side, which is a shift from conventional projectors that feature ports at the back. Additionally, the X351 is available in white, which is somehow limiting for users who might prefer a darker hued projector.

5stars-300x53Performance: Connecting the Optoma X351 is easy, with the standard ports clearly marked. The retractable lens also features a lens cap to keep it scratch and dirt-free. Once you’ve powered the projector on, the interactive screen menu is easy to use and supports multiple languages.

The image quality from the projector is also pin-sharp and bright. The 3600 lumen lamp ensures that you can view clear images regardless of external lighting inhibitions. You can also expect consistent and vibrant colors regardless of the mode (full or eco) you choose to use.


In my Optoma X351 review, I tested the projectors text and image quality by adjusting its contrast ratio. I noticed that while at low contrast, texts were barely legible, raising the contrast translated to better text quality and crystal clear images. Black images tended to be more pronounced without subduing the whites. Tutors intending to use a projector to make class presentations will find the X351’s 20,000:1 contrast ratio to be an ideal buying point. Likewise, business users can enjoy the bright, clear image display offered by the projector.

As far as projectors are concerned, audio quality has been a major undoing of most brands. In fact, most projectors available offer only 3-watt output speakers in their models. Consequently, users often have to contend with poor audio quality or have to connect external speakers in order to enjoy the projector. However, the Optoma seems to be setting a new trend as its Optoma X351 feature a 10-watt speaker, which is powerful enough for most users’ needs. As such, you would not need to connect the projector to a secondary audio device. I found the speaker output powerful and satisfactory and other consumers on other forums online allude to this fact.

3D functionality was also very satisfying. Connecting the Optoma X351 to my blu-ray player was a breeze and I did not experience any lags while watching movies owing to the projectors impressive refresh rate- up to 144Hz. For users intent on making 3D presentations, you can expect to enthrall your viewers with this projector through picturesque images.

Additionally, the projector does not overheat- which happens to be a major drawback of using certain projector over prolonged periods. Despite running the Optoma X351 for six hours non-stop at near-full power, there was only some noticeable warmth felt on the hand when I touched the projector. The fan was also fairly silently, ensuring that I had a distraction-free viewing experience.

Final Verdict:

The pricing of the Optoma X351 lies within the $550 to $650 range. As of this writing, it stood at around $599 on Amazon, though it’s subject to fluctuations owing to price discounts or other aspects. Competing brands that feature similar features tend to be pricier, thereby making the Optoma X351 a reasonably priced projector that is guarantees the value it promises.

Optoma X351

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