Peerless PRGS-UNV Precision Gear Universal Projector Mount Review

Peerless PRGS-UNV Precision Gear Universal Projector Mount - BlackThis black Peerless PRGS-UNV Precision-Gear Mount is a revolutionary unit that is changing how image alignment is done. Its patent-pending precision gear mechanism helps to provide the exact tilt as well as roll-image-positioning. One only needs to turn a knob to get the work done. As long as the precision gear is set in the most desired position, it will stay securely in place. This means that it will not even shift during maintenance or bulb replacement. Moreover, it will not change alignment or loosen due to impact or vibration.

Main Features of the Peerless PRGS-UNV Projector Mount:

1. The mount’s precision gear mechanism helps to provide more accurate image alignment and reduce the installation time.

2. Its two adjustment knobs also help to control the image alignment on your projector.

3. The unit has horizontal wrench access slots, which make flush mounting installations to be much easier and faster.

4. Its pre-assembled design reduces the installation time significantly.

5. Peerless PRGS-UNV Precision-Gear Mount is a black mount with a universal spider adapter, which can fit different types of projectors.

6. The “U”-shaped pitch bracket allows for easier cable routing.

7. It is a strong mount with a maximum weight capacity of 50 lbs.

8. This flexible mount can tilt ± 20 degrees, roll ±10 degrees and swivel 360 degrees.


The Good:

Some of the merits of this product include;

I. The mount is quite easy to set up.

II. It is a very secure unit whose design includes a security hardware for theft prevention.

III. Its quick release mechanism makes it easier to service the projector.

IV. Its pre-installed security screws normally provide an optional an optional tilt-and-roll lock, which helps to ensure that the adjustment knobs are not tampered with.

V. The product is also compatible with different types of projectors.

The Bad:

On the negative side;

I. The universal plate that usually goes onto the projector seems to be designed for larger projectors. When the mount is used on smaller projectors, the sliding brackets normally hang off the edges, which makes it to look messy.

II. The package does not normally include extension poles. This means that you have to buy them separately hence incur an extra cost.

Bottom line:

To have the best viewing experience when using a projector, one needs to ensure proper alignment of the device, which in turn translates into clearer images. To achieve this, you need to purchase the best mount which is easy to install and align. It must also be secure and compatible with different project. If you need such a mount, the Peerless PRGS-UNV Precision-Gear Mount from Peerless will be the best unit to buy.

Peerless-AV PRGS-UNV

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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