Power LR Review

Stages Power LR Review

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A Deep Dive Into ​Stages Power LR

If you want Left and Right pedal power balance then you should consider the offering from Stages. As used by Team Sky since 2015 the Stages LR system features strain gauges in both the left and right crank arms. The Stages LR system is available for the Dura-Ace R9100 and the Ultegra R8000.
The consistency of your power measurement is the most important feature of any power meter. Stages Power was the first meter to make temperature compensation an automatic process – ensuring accurate readings no matter the environmental conditions. Known as “ATC” the Active Temperature Compensation is an important feature relied upon by elite riders. You can trust power readings from Stages Power LR in all conditions.
Individual meter calibration for the most accurate results. Stages Power meters are calibrated individually to ensure a +/- 1.5% accuracy level. Individual calibration means that you can trust the bi-lateral data produced by our system, as it’s a real measurement and not an estimation.

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Pros & Cons


​Pros: Dependable power measurement, left and right meters measure similarly (not always the case, unfortunately), improved radio signals, lightweight and svelte integration with Shimano crank.Cons: Replacing the right-side meter isn’t quite as easy as the left crank, no indication of where in stroke power is generated.
Stages LR adds only 35g to the weight of the Dura-Ace crankset

  • Left side meter weight: 15g
  • Right side meter weight: 20g

Stages Power LR provides individual measurements of right & left power. When  combined with the Stages Performance Ecosystem of Stages Link and Dash, Stages Power LR gives additional data that the most advanced cyclists need to bring out their best performance


​Individual measurement of both left and right pedaling inputs, including Pedaling Smoothness and Torque Effciency metrics.

  • Active Temp Compensation (ATC) ensures consistent accuracy.
  • ​+/-1.5% accuracy at 100w/90rpm (per side)
  • ​IPX7 water resistance rating.
  • ​175+ hours of battery life from a user-replaceable 2032 coin cell.
  • ​Internal sensors measure cadence, omitting the need for a magnet.
  • ​Wireless firmware update capability via the Stages App.
  • ​Available for Dura-Ace R9100 & Ultegra R8000

Stages Power LR is compatible only with Dura-Ace 9100 and Ultegra 8000 chainrings.

Stages LR Power Meter on Team Sky

A press release from Stages said

Stages will continue their support of Team Sky, who has ridden the Stages Power LR meter to their last two Tour de France victories

The Stages LR is the power meter being used to provide power readings from both Left and Right legs. In a Stages Press release in Aug 2017 they said “It has of course been tested at the top end of the sport by Team Sky, who was instrumental in providing feedback and data. Particularly helpful in product development were Chris Froome, who won the 2015 Tour de France on an early production model, and Ian Stannard, who won the Omloop Het Nieuwsbladon with it in 2014.”

Further Technical Specs

(courtesy of Evans Cycles)


Power meter housing: low profile design, with robust door interface. Tool-free battery replacement on the left arm and Philips head screw access on the drive side.
Water resistance rating: IPX7


Chainring size/style: Standard 39/53; Mid-compact 36/52; Compact 34/50.

Crank Length

Lengths: 165mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm

In the Box

  • *Power Meter
  • Shimano chainrings
  • 2x high-quality CR2032 coin cell battery
  • Lifetime access to Stages Links for power meter management and firmware upgrade.
  • 2 months free access to Stages Link premium training and coaching features.
  • Product Identification Card with Serial Number and ANT+ I.D. Number.
  • User Guide


Only adds 35g to the base crankset.


  • Battery Life: 175+ hours (via 2 coin cell: CR2032)
  • Power range (Watts): 0 to 2500
  • Cadence range (rpm): 20-220

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