Projector Comparison: BenQ W1070 and HT1075

BenQ W1070 vs ht1075

Projectors are becoming increasingly important in modern years, for both commercial and home entertainment. There are numerous models in the market, and choosing the right one can be such a daunting task. If you have come as far as reading this article, it’s probably because you have successfully managed to narrow down your search. If you are wondering which one between BenQ w1070 and ht1075 is the most appropriate, you have come to the right place. A comparison of these two projectors has been done here to help you make the ultimate decision.

 BenQ W1070BenQ HT1075
Brightness2,000 Lumens 2,200 Lumens
1920x1080 1920x1080
Contrast Ratio10000:110,000:1
Lamp Life6,000 hours (eco-mode)6,500 hours (eco-mode)
HDMI PortYesYes
Aspect Ratio16:9 (HD)16:9 (HD)
Image Size(cm)101 - 596103 - 596
Lens ShiftVerticalVertical
Speakers 10.0 W Mono 10.0 W Mono
Audible Noise 33.0 dB 31.0 dB
Size(cm) (HxWxD)10 x 31 x 24 10 x 31 x 24
Weight 2.6 kg 2.8 kg
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Benq W1070 vs HT1075

For the longest time possible, BenQ W1070 has been known to be one of the best home projectors – in the category of under $1000. This model was formally released in November 2012. Since then, it has consistently ranked high as one of the best inexpensive 1080p projectors for home viewing. Most importantly, it has performed extraordinarily well in the competitive shootouts.

However, after the W1070 was released, Benq has worked hard to make several other advancements with regard to home theater projectors. These improvements appear to have taken some shine off the earlier model. Apparently, the new model, Benq HT1075 has succeeded the famous W1070. Regardless, the former isn’t entirely different from the latter.


Let us look at some of the common features in both projectors:


  1. Built-in speakers: this means that the speakers are plug and play ready. The only thing that you need to do is establish the power cord as well as the video source connection and you are prepared to enjoy the most incredible viewing experience
  2. SmartEco Mode: this is a significant feature for all the people who are concerned about optimal power saving. The feature allows the user to adjust the power of the lamp and consequently deliver the best brightness and contrast performance by utilizing the only amount of light that is required. Besides, there is an automatic switch that turns the projector to Eco Blank Mode after it is turned on for more than three minutes in the absence of a display source. This goes a long way in minimizing wastage of energy. It also helps to prolong the lamp of the projector.
  3. It comes with 2HDMI inputs for gaming and video sources.
  4. Both models can be customized for use in any room. They offer calibration features for maximum color performance in day and night modes. This explains why they have the potential to adapt to any room of whatever layout, ambient levels of light as well as size.


Which one is the best?

The more recent model, the HT1075 is also considered an inexpensive projector, although a little bit more expensive than the earlier version (W1070). It costs approximately $730 depending on where and how you source for one.


Perhaps one of the greatest additions to the newer model is the MHL support. This feature makes it easier for owners of HT1075 to use it with mobile devices. Besides, its menu system is also more user-friendly- an incredible aspect for individuals who are buying or rather using a projector for the first time.


However, in spite of the new features, the two models produce similar quality of the image and the overall performance is generally the same. If you already own a W1070, you may not find enough reasons to upgrade to HT1075, not yet. In the end, though; you have the final say.



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Andrew Wyatt

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