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Best Projectors for Smooth Business Presentations

Want to change the vibe of your typical business presentation room? Getting the best projector for business presentations can make your business meetings much more appealing, interactive, and immersive. Modern business projectors have taken over old presentation practices and are now offering exclusive functionalities that are making presentations fun and easy.

However, finding the finest one from the plethora of choices requires a lot of research. But worry not, our team has covered it for you. In our list, we have included varied types of business models ranging from ordinary ones to fully-fledged business projectors.

We have also thought about the most important features that any business projector should have such as a great USB and HDMI connection, LED lights, audio system, brightness, and much more! Read through our reviews to find out more.

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Here are the top 5 projectors for giving business presentations:

  • The data images are sharp and carry high clarity
  • Optimum vividness is maintained in every frame
  • Massive option for projection size and distance
  • It provides decent lamp longevity
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RUNNER UP 2. Epson VS250 A 3LCD Business Projector
  • It offers sharp and prominent texts
  • The color reproduction is quite good in the data images
  • It gets a wide screen size range with a short throw distance
  • Varied type of connection facilities
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3. Optoma X341 DLP
  • Fantastic detailing with impressive color reproduction
  • Super vivid data images with good lucidity
  • It is incredibly comfortable to carry
  • Availability of edge mask and wall adjustment
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4. Epson EX7240 Pro
  • The data images carry optimum vividness and clarity
  • Native HD resolution with different resolution support
  • The videos have good color saturation
  • It offers smooth wireless and an MHL connection
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5. Optoma EH500
  • Incredible bright and clear text
  • Decent color reproduction in videos and images
  • Excellent quality in Full HD and 3D
  • It supports different type of external devices
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Top 5 Projectors for Business Presentations [Reviewed & Ranked from Best to Better]

1. ViewSonic PA503S SVGA – Best Choice by Our Experts

Features & Specifications ViewSonic PA503S is one of the highest rated business projectors that holds high regards from many business owners through the US. It offers a perfect blend of DLP projection technology and 800 X 600 native resolution that works together to put out an incredible data image quality during your presentation.

While holding a compelling presentation with your client, you no need to worry about the visibility of texts as this affordable business projector bags 3600 ANSI lumens which is sufficient for any office space. Moreover, you will be startled by its clarity, and it is mainly due to the 22000:1 contrast ratio that delivers a high amount of richness and depth in every frame.

ViewSonic PA503S is often regarded as one of the best business projectors as it brings lively data images using SuperColor technology which has a six-segment color wheel and dynamic lamp control. When you show fast frame visuals to your office employees, they won’t see any motion blur, and it is mainly due to its 16ms input latency.

To take your presentation to a whole new level, you can use its 3D support which can add a new dimension to your presentation technique. This device is ideal for a large office meeting room as it offers a screen size range of 30-300inches with a throw distance range of 1.96-2.15 which is more than sufficient.

ViewSonic PA503S grabs a 15000hour of lamp life which is a big relief as you won’t think of lamp replacement for at least five years. Moreover, it also saves a lot of energy when used in SuperEco mode as it lowers down the brightness by 70%.

This is a great projector for presentations because it offers you HDMI, composite, VGA, audio, RS232, and USB. However, it will disappoint you with its 2-watt speaker which is of no use. But it gets a decent set of image correction facilities like +/- 40-degree keystone correction, 1.1x zoom, and focus. It even treats you with industry-leading three years warranty and one-year lamp warranty which is extremely helpful as it saves a lot of your money on repairs.

Things We Like
  • The data images are sharp and carry high clarity
  • Optimum vividness is maintained in every frame
  • Massive option for projection size and distance
  • It provides decent lamp longevity
  • It comes with three years warranty
Things We Didn't Like
  • The cooling fan makes some noise

Key Features:

  • 3600 lumens 
  • Projects 120 inches from 15-feet 8-inches
  • Easy setup; just plug in and play
  • Long lamp life
  • 15,000-hour lamp life 
  • Super Eco mode
  • 1-year of lamp coverage
  • Power Cable, VGA Cable, and Remote Control included 
  • SuperColor
  • Vertical keystone correction

2. Epson VS250 A 3LCD Business Projector

Features & Specifications VS250 is a specially curated model from the legendary brand Epson who is famous for being the highest seller of business projectors in the United States. VS250 is a uniquely configured model that utilizes 3LCD 3-chip technology to showcase a high-quality data image frame. However, its SVGA native resolution and 3200 lumens make the main impact with its richness and vividness in the data image.

You can consider it as a quality projector for school and office presentations as it never disappoints in clarity and black depth of the texts and its 15000:1 is partly responsible for it. But you are only going to get a 4:3 aspect ratio and you will find no other option.

Epson VS250 cradles all the images in presentations with proper color saturation as it gets back up from a wide color gamut along with 1.07billion displayable colors. It pampers you with a huge screen size ranging from 30inches to 350inches thus making it a top projector for office presentations.

Do you have a space issue in your conference room? This model with its 1.45:1 throw ratio can help you to overcome that issue and allow you to offer presentations freely. However, during the presentation, it can pose some problems with its 37dB fan noise and break your concentration. But if you run it in Eco mode, then we think 27dB fan noise won’t bother you much.

Epson VS250 is compatible with a lot of devices as its rear section is packed HDMI, D-Sub 15pin, composite, audio, and USB Type-A & B. Not only that, but it also grabs the USB Plug n’ play facility which readies up the projector for presentation purposes in just a few seconds.

Many owners are quite satisfied with its 10000hour of lamp life, and it efficiently runs for three to four years. It also houses auto and +/- 30-degree keystone correction, digital zoom, and manual focus which comes in handy when you need to rectify image issues during the presentation. You can even carry it in your bag without tiring your shoulder because it is completely a portable projector that weighs only 5.3lbs with a compact form factor.

Things We Like
  • It offers sharp and prominent texts
  • The color reproduction is quite good in the data images
  • It gets a widescreen size range with a short throw distance
  • Varied types of connection facilities
  • It is totally value for money
Things We Didn't Like
  • Some people complain that it sometimes showcases fuzzy texts
  • You will be restricted to only a 4:3 aspect ratio

Key Features:

  • 3,200 lumens of equal color and white brightness 
  • SVGA resolution (800 x 600)
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • iProjection app compatible
  • Supports HDMI
  • Fast, Easy Setup with Epson

3. Optoma X341 DLP – A Perfect one from Optoma for Presentations

Features and Benefits Optoma X341 serves as a common choice when it comes to a portable projector for the business presentation, and the demand for this model has never gone down. Every user praises it for its exclusive data image quality along with substantial depth, and the DLP technology serves as pivotal support behind this performance.
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It houses 3300 lumens of brightness so you can expect a vivid view of your presentation with explicit texts and images. However, the 22000:1 contrast ratio along with the advanced optical lens determines the clarity, detailing, and texture in the data image. It even gets an Edge mask that slashes rough and soft edges of the frames thus allowing you to portray a vibrant data image.

The images in the presentation come alive in Optoma X341, and all the praise goes to its Brilliant Color technology along with the sRGB display profile offering high REC709 color accuracy. It allows you to deliver the presentation in any room without requiring a screen as it comes to wall color adjustment which adjusts the gamma out to match the color of the wall. But you won’t be able to utilize its inbuilt 2-watt speaker as it doesn’t have offer good clarity or volume.

Whether you have a small or large crowd, it won’t matter because you can expand the screen size from 28inches to 305inches. Moreover, its 1.95-2.16:1 also relieves you from arranging a large office space for presentation.

Optoma X341 can be your less expensive choice as it requires little maintenance and bags a 10000hours of lamp longevity which boils down to 3 to 4years. Despite being competitively priced, it doesn’t rob you of extensive port facilities, and that is why it offers HDMI, VGA, composite, RS232, audio, and USB Type-A.

Like every business model, it bags the generic image correction option which comprises vertical keystone correction, 1.1x zoom, and manual focus. However, unlike others, you can carry it anywhere you desire as it only weighs 4.8lbs. Optoma has offered one year warranty and ninety days lamp warranty on this device which covers most of the issues.

Things We Like
  • Fantastic detailing with impressive color reproduction
  • Super vivid data images with good lucidity
  • It is incredibly comfortable to carry
  • Availability of edge mask and wall adjustment
  • You can play Full HD 3D without rainbow artifacts
  • Decent Lamp Life
Things We Didn't Like
  • The speaker output is below average

Key Features:

  • VGA, USB, Ethernet, HDMI interface 
  • 3300 Lumen
  • sRGB display profile dazzles
  • Rec709 color accuracy
  • 10,000-hour lamp life
  • Edge Mask

4. Epson EX7240 Pro – Affordable and Quality Business Projector

Features and Benefits Epson EX7240 is an incredible piece of device that can be associated with the title of one of the best projectors for PowerPoint presentations. Epson has geared this model with 3LCD technology and Poly-silicon TFT Active matrix, together they serve as the driving force behind its lucid performance.

Brightness plays a crucial role in deciding the richness and vividness of a data image, and that is why it gets 3200 ANSI Lumens which is an incredible figure. Every participant in the presentation will get a clear view of all the texts, and it is ensured by a 15000:1 contrast ratio which imparts a tremendous amount of clarity.

Unlike cheap projectors for presentations, Epson EX7240 engulfs all the images and figures in the presentation with accurate colors, and its wide color gamut serves as the main reason. It comes with 1280 X 800 as its native resolution so you can always make an HD presentation without worrying about the source.

It has a projection size range of 33inches-320inches thus allowing you to use it anywhere despite the size of the crowd. You can buy this model even if you have a small office space as its 1.3:1 short-throw ratio requires a little amount of space for setup. Another incredible of this device is that it offers you a three aspect ratio option which comprises 4:3, 16:10 native, and 16:9.

Once you buy Epson EX7240, you won’t have to think of lamp replacements for at least three years, and it is due to the 200-watt lamp that has 10000hours of longevity. Rectifying an error in the image would be a piece of cake for you because you will find auto and manual keystone correction, optical zoom, and manual focus.

You can hook various type of devices to this model as it comes with HDMI, MHL, D-Sub 15pin, S-Video, RCA, and USB Type A & B. It even offers QR code pairing where you just have to scan the QR code, and you will be automatically connected to the projector. Portability is a prime highlight of this model, and you will even get a carrying case in the package.

Things We Like
  • The data images carry optimum vividness and clarity
  • Native HD resolution with different resolution support
  • The videos have good color saturation
  • It offers smooth wireless and an MHL connection
  • Excellent readability of text and figures
Things We Didn't Like
  • It lacks a backlit remote
  • The dust filter requires a lot of maintenance

Key Features:

  • 3200 lumens
  • vivid color
  • Pro-quality projector
  • WXGA resolution (1280 x 800)
  • Wireless
  • Supports MHL-enabled devices,

5. Optoma EH500 – Good for Big Size Metting Room

Features and Benefits Optoma EH500 may not be the best portable LCD, LED, or DLP projector for presentation in the market, but surely it is at par with the top business model. This premium device is all about top-of-the-line data image quality and ensures it gets the combination of Full HD native resolution along with DLP technology.

However, its industry-leading 4700 ANSI lumens take all the limelight, and you will never get washed-out images even when all the lights are switched on. It also packs a 10000:1 contrast ratio which assists the projector in maintaining optimum clarity and black depth in all the text in the data image.

Brilliant Color technology serves as one of the backbones behind Optoma EH500’s incredible performance, and it cradles every visual as well as an image with high color accuracy. This model with its full HD 3D capability allows you to immerse your viewers into a mindboggling presentation experience that you will not find even in the best Pico business projectors.

You can place it in any space you want as you can expand its screen size from 29inches and all the way up to 341inches. Not only that, but it also incorporates a 1.59-1.91:1 throw ratio range which allows you to project a 100inch image from just a few feet away.

But Optoma EH500 will dishearten you with its poor 4000hours of lamp life, and it can be a deal-breaker for many users. It even bags a 3-watt speaker which fails to deliver the required volume and clarity. Although it treats with a series of connectivity options and it includes HDMI, Display Port, VGA, S-Video, composite, RCA, RJ45, RS232, and 3D Sync.

Optoma also offers you two aspect ratio options which include 4:3 and 16:9. Surprisingly it gets whopping three years of express service warranty coverage which comprises one year warranty for the lamp. What’s more? It packs the Crestron RoomView technology for over-the-network control and management options that allow you to manage over 250 projectors from one place.

Things We Like
  • Incredible bright and clear text
  • Decent color reproduction in videos and images
  • Excellent quality in Full HD and 3D
  • It supports different types of external devices
  • It comes with three years warranty
Things We Didn't Like
  • Below average lamp longevity

Key Features:

  • 4700 Lumen
  • DisplayPort 
  • Two HDMI
  • Two VGA
  • VGA Out
  • S-Video
  • Composite video
  • 12V trigger
  • RS-232C
  • RJ45
  • 144Hz rapid-refresh rate
  • Flicker-free images


What You Need To Know Before Buying a Projector for Business Presentations

1. How bright should my video projector be?

The basic rule is higher the lumens rating better will be the brightness of the projector. A business projector should carry a minimum of 2500 ANSI lumens of intensity as it needs proper lumens to figure to produce lucid and vivid text.

However, a lumens rating above 3500 is considered ideal as it can create a bright data image that won’t get faded in a large room with a lot of lights. However, if you are planning to place the projector in the hall or auditorium, then it would be smart to get something above 4000 ANSI lumens.

2. How portable should my video projector be?

The portability factor entirely depends upon your usage, and if you plan to make a presentation at different locations, then you should get a portable model with a weight of around 5lbs.

You should also check whether the projector comes with a proper carrying case. However, with low weight, the price of the projector also goes higher so you should choose accordingly.

You can even get Pico models as your presentation device as you can easily carry them anywhere you want due to their small form factor and weight of around 1lbs. So you will have a range of options and depending on your usage, you should decide the portability factor.

For details, you may check our new article to know how to choose a good business projector.

3. Which features make a projector easy to use?

Facilities like Plug n’ Play, backlit remote control, interactive menu, easy setup process, etc. are some features that make a projector easy to use. There are also many other factors that determine the ease of use of a projector, and this includes image correction options, wireless connectivity, carrying facility, mounting facilities, etc.

A projector with a wide projection range and short-throw range can make your life easier as you can easily project a large from just a few feet away. Similarly, projectors with colossal lamp hours also make your life easier as you won’t have to think of lamp replacement.

4. How do I get the best image from your video projector?

Getting the best image from your video projector mainly depends upon the specification you will choose, and it includes the amount of connectivity the projector possesses. Never settle for a projector that doesn’t come with HDMI because this port allows you to view HD resolution.

Along with ports, the resolution also plays a pivotal role but it is always smart to choose a model with minimum HD capability. However various resolutions ooze out multiple results for example if you are offering high graphics presentation, then Full HD serves as the ideal one. XGA and WXGA serve as the generic choice as it often gets the best result to presenters, but it entirely depends upon the video source.


Here are some frequently asked questions regarding portable projectors, along with their answers. Projectors are important business tools as they help you make a more professional presentation; that is why it is vital that you find the best projector for you.  

The following section should clear up any confusion and help you finalize your purchase. Enjoy!

Q: What should I look for when buying a portable projector?

A: There are a few features that make a portable projector high-quality; they are as follows; brightness, weight, and ease of transportation, image quality, longevity. 

Q: Can you connect a mini projector to your phone?

A: Yes, you should be able to connect your portable projector to your mobile phone or tablet. You can either do this by connecting your deceive to the projector via Bluetooth or via an HDMI cable. 

Q: How many lumens should a clear and high-quality projector have?

A: Projectors that show high-quality images have 3000 or more lumens. 

Q: Is 5000 Lux a good projector?

A: Yes! It 5000 Lux is considered to be a brilliant projector with great image quality. 

Q: Can I use my portable projector for work and in my home theater?

A: That all depends on the projector you choose to buy. Some work projectors don’t show an image that is high enough quality for movies. 

Bottom Line

We hope our detailed review and guide will provide you with a concrete idea of what your hard-earned money will buy. All the above models are indeed the finest business models for presentations that would never dishearten at least in performance and functionality.

Our team has tested all the models so you can stay assured that you are getting top-quality products. Before purchasing have a look at our guide which will help you make a proper decision.

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