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Projectors are expensive. Anyone without an appreciation of how HD projectors can enhance a movie or game experience will think of them as luxury toys. The demand for these devices stems from wanting a better and more immersive experience but the prices are a hindrance. A high resolution projector can costs upwards of a thousand dollars. There are refurbished and used option on Amazon and Ebay but there’s always the inherent risk with buying used devices.

The other alternative is to spend hours, even days looking for a good cheap projector for sale. We decided to make this chore a little simpler for you and have chosen the best projectors with massive discounts and maximum value for money. Most of these offers will be sold out within days so get yours while there’s time.

Digital Galaxy DG-737 HDMI 1080P Compatible LCD Projector,US warranty and support

A simple projector targeted at first time users. This device is not recommended for office purposes and will mainly suit home users. The brightness on this device is high enough for most games and movies. One of the problems with this device would be the replacement lamps which are not easily available. The projector would last for a couple of years which is good enough for first time users who can then upgrade to a more powerful device..

Cocar Mini Video Projector, DLP HDMI Screen Share, Android OS, High Brightness

The device comes with a SVGA resolution of 800×600 which admittedly is not the best. But there’s more to this projector than that. It’s that rare 3D device in the sub $300 range that manages to provide a decent 3D experience. The resolution (which is it’s only drawback) will not matter once the user is sitting a few feet away from the screen. Off course, it won’t match up to an HD experience but it’s a small price to pay for the great overall deal. The lamp-life, brightness, refresh rate are all fairly standard in this device and for the mentioned price, it’s a good deal.

DB Power LED-66 Home Theater Projector 1080P Video Projector Support Home Moive, Games, Meeting, Teaching (Black)

DB Power is a relatively new company started in late 2008. They specialize in producing security equipment but are now also dabbling there hands in projector making. Most of the projectors produced by them are highly cost effective along with good specifications. The device has a color brightness of 2000 lumens with a 800:1 contrast ratio. These specs should be considered very competitive for the price. And if you combine these specs with a 20000 hours LED lamp-life, then this projector makes for a sweet deal indeed.

ViewSonic PJD5134 SVGA DLP Projector (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

One of the most popular projectors since it’s release in early 2012, this Viewsonic projector remains popular due its low price and favorable reviews. You can’t go wrong with this device except again for the resolution. The brightness on the device which is at 3000 lumens will try to make up for the lower resolution of 800 x 600. The image clarity and contrast on this device is at par with other more expensive models. The lamp life is good too at 10000 hours and it also supports 3D.

iDGLAX DG-747 LED HDMI Movie Video Projector, 800 x 600 Pixels for Home Theater and Game

Another entry level device but surprisingly powerful at 2500 lumens. The contrast ratio and resolution for this device are just as surprising for the price. The lamp life at 5000 hours would be great for first time users looking to get a taste for projectors. Goes without saying that this projector is best suited for home and office use, we would not suggest using this in large or brightly lit spaces.

Epson VS330, XGA, 2700 Lumens Color Brightness (color light output), 2700 Lumens White Brightness, 3LCD Projector

An XGA projector with a native resolution of 1024 x 768, this projector will suit both home and office purposes. The device uses 3LCD technology as opposed to the DLP technology used by most other projectors. This makes the device extremely bright and lightweight. The EPSON VS330 is also a good looking projector with solid build quality.

Final Say:

There you have it, a collection of the best projector deals available in February. All of these make for a worthy purchase and have been carefully selected after considering the reviews and specifications. Some might be lower on power, others on resolution but you will find at least one device to suit your needs.

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