DVI-I vs DVI-D: What Is The Difference?

Digital Video Interface (DVI) output is a common way of connecting an external video display to a computer or audio-visual system with a standalone graphics card containing a DVI output port. DVI produces an RGB (Red-Green-Blue)-based video signal in either a digital or backward-compatible VGA analog output. There are distinct differences in utility based on

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ANSI Lumens Vs Lumens

ANSI Lumens Vs Lumens: What Is The Difference?

There are many specifications to consider when purchasing a video projection system. Specifications can be confusing to newcomers when selecting a system, particularly when it comes to projection brightness. It can be a bit confusing when attempting to compare system performance between lamp, LED, or laser projection systems. Here, we review the distinctions between ANSI

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best projector for outdoor movies

Best Projectors for Outdoor Movies – A Complete Buying Guide

Have you ever fancied of watching a movie out on the lawn with your friends and family under millions of stars? Yes, right! At some point, we all crave for this kind of setup because we all have seen this type of thing in movies. Related Article: Best Home Theater Projector For The Money in

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Cheapest 4k Projector 2021

10 Cheapest 4K Projectors in 2021 – The Ultimate Budget Guide

4K projectors are ultra-high resolution projectors that produce a very high-resolution image that is even clearer and and more lifelike than a HD image. They have a very smooth display and are very sought after amongst tech enthusiasts.  You might be wondering what 4K actually means. 4K projects have four times more pixels than a

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projectors business presentations

Best Projectors for Smooth Business Presentations

Want to change the vibe of your typical business presentation room? Getting the best projector for business presentations can make your business meetings much more appealing, interactive, and immersive. Modern business projectors have taken over old presentation practices and are now offering exclusive functionalities that are making presentations fun and easy. However, finding the finest

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Best Portable Pico Projector

Top 15 Best Pico Projector Reviews 2021

What is the best Pico projector in 2020? Don’t worry, our experts have spent almost 35 hours to find out the best portable Pico projector that is currently available in the market. As per the research, Anker Nebula Capsule Smart Mini Projector is the recommended Pico Projector by our lab experts. All of our recommended

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Best Classroom Projectors. We have tested in lab

Best Projector for Classroom Presentations 2021

Classroom projector is the primary tool of digital learning. That’s why we have come out with the buying guide. Only a cheap projector is not the best option for education institution because they can hinder the whole learning process. Our lab experts have researched almost 35 hours to figure out the best projector for classroom presentations.

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How To Select The Right Projector For Churches

5 Things to Consider to Select The Right Projector For Churches

Projectors are a vital tool of expression which is aimed at a larger mass of people. That’s why projectors are often used in educational institutions. Nowadays, it is becoming a trend to use projectors in churches. During the worship, people can have a worship background music. You may check this article to understand better. But

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best Short Throw Projector

Best Short Throw Projector 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

We have listed top 10 short throw projectors here with their features, customer reviews, feature details etc. They all worth the penny you pay. Top Short Throw Projectors: Top 10 Short Throw Projectors Reviews 1. Optoma GT1080Darbee Review – Best DLP Short Throw Projector for Gaming What We Liked Most About This Product Our lab

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