Epson Pulsense PS-100 Review – Is It The Right One For You?

Epson Pulsense PS-100 Review


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A Deep Dive Into The Epson Pulsense PS-100

This is the Epson Pulsense PS-100 Fitness tracker – reviewed and tested by Tristan Haskins. An activity tracking bracelet with optical heart rate sensor. Keeping active throughout the day is the key to staying fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The PS-100 is a good way of motivating and monitoring yourself throughout the day and during workouts. Features Epson’s innovative built-in heart rate sensor.

Main Features and Functions

Pulsense is a next generation activity tracker that not only uses an accelerometer but an Epson-developed optical heart rate monitor as well. The addition of heart rate information opens up a whole new world of data to more accurately track your activities. It will keep a record of your sleep, calories burned and even how your state of mind effects your heart rate. You can’t fool your heart rate – if Pulsense is reading it, everything counts.

Key Features

  • In touch with your body
    • 24-hour heart rate and activity monitoring
  • Track your progress
    • Use the free smartphone app or track your progress online
  • Compact and water resistant design
    • Water resistant up to 3atm and comfortable to wear
  • LED indicator lights and vibrate alarm
    • Check your heart rate zone at a glance
  • Sleep phase wake-up alarm
    • Start your day the right way

Top Alternatives

Next Model UP

The next model above this one is the Epson PS-500 with LED display. The PS-500 is a regular time of day watch with wrist based heart rate and 24/7 activity tracking functions.

Alternative Watches

The Epson PS100 does what it should however, in all honesty, there are better fitness bands. If you are interested in 1) Off the wrist heart rate 2) Activity Tracker 3) iPhone / Android app support 4) Daily steps target 5) Regular time of day, date and daily alarm functions there are a few alternatives. My personal favourite is the Polar A360 available from our online store. 

Andrew Wyatt

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