Epson Pulsense PS-500 Review – Is It A Cut Above The Rest?

epson pulsense ps-500 review


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A Deep Dive Into The Epson Pusense PS-500

Epson Pulsense PS-500 Fitness Monitor with activity tracker and in-built heart rate sensor reviewed by Tristan Haskins of HeartRateMonitor UK.

NOTE > this review has been edited [July 2016]. At the time of writing the original review [Jan 2015] this was an innovative and ground breaking product with it’s built in heart rate sensors. However, technology waits for no-one and the Epson PS500 has been surpassed in features and functionality by the Polar A360, Garmin Vivosmart HR and Fitbit Charge 2

  • Who Is It For?

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The Epson PS-100 is a competently featured activity bracelet with Epson’s own integrated optical HR sensor removing the need for a chest strap. If you want motivating throughout the day to help keep active, sleep quality monitoring, connection to a clean Smartphone APP plus heart rate guidance while you train, then the PS-100 could be for you

Key Features

  • In touch with your body
    • 24-hour heart rate and activity monitoring
  • Track your progress
    • Use the free smartphone app or track your progress online
  • Flexible connectivity
    • Connect to smartphone or PC
    • Supported smart devices: iOS 6 or later (iPhone 4S, 5, 5S and 5C) and Android 4.3 or later
  • LCD screen
    • View your activity in real time
  • Sleep phase wake-up alarm
    • Start your day the right way

This next generation heart rate and activity monitor tracks your pulse and activity 24 hours a day. It’s easy to set achievable goals that fit around your lifestyle so you can get fitter with every beat. You can also use the sleep phase alarm to get you out of bed at the optimal time, so you can start your day the right way. See your heart rate and other stats in real time on the LCD screen.

Alternative products

The Epson PS500 does what it should however, in all honesty, there are better fitness bands / sports watches with wrist based heart rate. If you are interested in 1) Off the wrist heart rate 2) Activity Tracker 3) iPhone / Android app support 4) Daily steps target 5) Regular time of day, date and daily alarm functions there are a few alternatives. My personal favourite is the Polar A360 available from our online store. From the other leading brands the three standout alternatives are the Fitbit Charge 2 and the Garmin Vivismart HR.

Start making moves that make a difference

The PS-500B measures heart rate and activity 24 hours a day, tracking your steps, distance, calories, sleep quality and heart rate across five zones. It will automatically set targets based on the goals you want to achieve, helping you exercise more and making everyday activities count over its 36-hour battery life.

Heart rate sensing technology

While there are a number of products available that measure heart rate and numerous devices that display a user’s activity, Epson has successfully created a device that accurately monitors both. Pulsense combines data from a unique optical sensor and accelerometer to fill the void, utilising Epson’s heart-sensing technology for a high level of accuracy.

Connect and track your progress

Bluetooth Smart connectivity and the free smartphone app1 make it easy to input calories and track your weight. It’s simple to track your progress over a day, week or month via smart devices or the Pulsense View Portal on your PC.

A weekly summary report email helps keep you motivated and focused. View your heart rate and other information in real time on the LCD screen.

LED indicator lights make it simple to see which heart rate zone you are in and a vibrate function will also notifiy you of incoming call, email and calendar notifications. Water resistant to 3bars, it has an impressive 480 hours of internal storage

Top Alternatives

Next Model UP

The PS-500 is the top of the range in the Pulsense product line.

The top of the range in the Runsense range has extended sports functionality but it does NOT feature an ACTIVITY TRACKER. 

Next Model DOWN

Epson Pulsense PS-100 Review

The next model down is an Epson, the PS-100. This model uses an LED display to give activity feedback throughout the day rather than a traditional LCD watch display.

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