Review Of AomeTech Mini TFT LCD HD Multimedia 100″ Projector

 AomeTech Mini TFT LCD HD Review The AomeTech Mini TFT LCD HD Multimedia 100″ Projector can best be described as the perfect starter projector for anyone who might be looking into getting their very own home entertainment system on a budget. Sleek, portable and with a range of features to help get you started on your own home theater experience, you won’t find any other projector that packs as much of a wallop as you’ll come to find in this projector.


• Comes with SD Card and USB ports so you can plug your memory units directly into the projector without the need for a computer

• Adjustable image outputs allow you to shrink or expand your projector’s screen size from 100″ all the way down to 34″ for those of us who might be lacking a wall capable of displaying a 100″ screen

• Has a 480p native output with the ability to support up to a 1080p image

• HDMI, VGA and AV hookups allow you to connect to most devices capable of playing disc based media such as DVD players, Bluray devices, your PC and even game systems

• Low and affordable price makes this projector perfect for someone who just wants to dabble in the world of projectors, but still packs a punch

• Small and sleek design that means you can take it with you pretty much anywhere. Its just a bit larger than your average book


• For the best picture quality, you have to be in a very dark room. This is the same for most projectors on the market though

• Comes with a built in speaker which should really be considered a pro, but you would be much better off attaching it to a real sound system


Overall Impression:

5stars-300x53Size and Design: With a unit size of 188mmx146.5mmx54mm, the AomeTech Mini TFT LCD HD Multimedia 100″ Projector comes in just a bit larger than your average novel with about the same weight of one. Perfect for packing in a bookbag, suitcase or any other sort of carry on you might have, or just for putting it on a shelf in your entertainment center. With it’s sleek and compact black design, the projector will go well with any other electronic devices you may have. With all of it’s manual controls placed at the back of the device, there will never be any instances of someone needing to sit in front of the projector’s powerful LED beam to change any of it’s settings. and for those of us who are less inclined to fiddle with buttons on the projector itself, the machine comes with a handy remote control so you can sit down and relax as you set up your projector for your first movie or game night.

4starsPerformance: Of course the projector is capable of more than just playing movies and games in the comfort of your home. Take it with you on work meetings to share important projects to an entire room filled with your peers or go portable and bring it along on your next camping trip to make your night under the stars into your very own personal drive in theater. The projector is capable of displaying all sorts of different media like movies and games, but it can also play music files with its built in speaker or whatever sound system you’ve hooked up, load up slideshows and even display text documents at your next meeting.

Final Verdict:

As I’ve stated before, you really are getting the best bang for your buck with the AomeTech Mini TFT LCD HD Multimedia 100″ Projector. While it is true that there are cheaper projectors on the market, they simply do not compare with the features that Aometech is offering. Sure, you might save a few dollars, but you’d only be hurting yourself by buying a product that likely won’t let you hook up to your HD capable devices or have a usb port that lets you load files onto the projector without the need for a computer. You’re already getting a great deal with the Aometech and all of it’s included bells and whistles, so to try and get something even cheaper and lacking would only be doing yourself a disservice.

AomeTech Mini TFT

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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