Saphire Review

Concord Sapphire Pulse Oximeter Review

At a Glance: Quick Ratings

  • A relatively inexpensive oximeter that’s perfect for travel.
  • Some features such as changing display direction may be confusing at first, but it’s generally very user-friendly.
  • The lack of continuous recording capabilities may be a deal-breaker for many customers.
  • With 30-hours of continuous battery life, this unit can last a while on a single set of batteries.

A Deep Dive Into The Concord Sapphire Pulse Oximeter

If you need a budget oximeter, this one may be a good option. It measures oxygen saturation and pulse rate and strength. And it works for both adults and children.
It does have some pitfalls, however, as you may expect from a budget-friendly device. You can’t store information. And it doesn’t have smartphone connectivity. But for spot checks, this little device may be all you need.

You may be wondering who the Concord Sapphire is best for. This is a budget oximeter, so anyone who’s on a tight budget may find this appealing. Being able to use it with children as well as adults may also make this model appealing.
Additionally, anyone who travels may find this little unit convenient. Concord makes it easy to keep track of this little device with travel accessories so that you always have it on hand when you need it.


  • Pediatric and adult use
  • 2-year warranty
  • 2-way reverse display
  • Includes both device cover and carrying case


  • Can’t store information
  • No smartphone connectivity
  • Bulky design

What Is It?

The Sapphire oximeter is made by Concord Health Supply. This family-owned business is a worldwide distributor of health supplies and the best pulse oximeters.

What’s Included?

When you open the box, you may realize that you receive a little more than other oximeters on the market. Sure, the oximeter is included. And you also get 2 AAA-batteries to get started right away.
Aside from that standard gear, you also get a lanyard that can be used around the wrist or neck.
The device also comes with one shock-resistant silicon protection cover and a carrying case.When you order the device, you can choose from a variety of fun, bright colors. And for added convenience, the case has a belt loop attachment.
Also included is a user manual to operate the unit as well as a 2-year warranty. You may even want to utilize the reusable foam-padded box for long-term storage.

Overview of Features

The unit itself is packed with features. Sure, it’s not the fanciest one on the market. But, sometimes simplicity is best. This device monitors blood oxygen and pulse rate like you would expect it to. And with accuracy +/- 2% it’s a little powerhouse.
Some users reported bad readings, but that may be due to user error rather than poor quality control. For the most part, however, most people who use the Sapphire report relatively accurate readings.
In addition, the one-button operation makes it very user-friendly. And the large LED display with red numerals is easy to see in light and dark lighting conditions.
The little oximeter displays all the standard information that you’d expect like SpO2, pulse rate, pulse bar, and low battery. You can also change the directional display with a couple of taps of a button.
Furthermore, some may think that the design is a little bulky. But that may not be a deal-breaker since the company provides many convenient ways to carry it.
In addition, the battery compartment is easy to access. And battery life is relatively good at approximately 30-hours of continuous use. To combat accidental battery drain, the device also has an automatic shut-off feature after 8 seconds.


Finally, this simple model may not have all the flashy features that other units on the market have. But it’s budget-friendly. And it has a money-back guarantee so trying it out is virtually risk-free.
This oximeter may be a good option for you if you want a simple device to deliver fast on-the-spot readings. Unfortunately, the device can’t record continuously or interact with a smartphone.
However, for most people that may not be a deal breaker. And the price break you receive when buying a Concord Sapphire oximeter may be worth the compromise.

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