5 Things to Consider to Select The Right Projector For Churches

How To Select The Right Projector For Churches

Projectors are a vital tool of expression which is aimed at a larger mass of people.

That’s why projectors are often used in educational institutions. Nowadays, it is becoming a trend to use projectors in churches. During the worship, people can have a worship background music. You may check this article to understand better. But before choosing a projector for churches, you should be careful.

Because not all projectors are similar, there comes the question of choice. In front of an audience of whose quantity depends on the size of the church, any or every projector might prove to be unfit to deliver the desired teaching.

If inside a large church a comparatively smaller screen is presented then it shall not be big enough for the back sitters to view what Bing showed comfortably. A different fact needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to choosing projectors for churches. The picture delivery ability will depend on lumens and lenses, resolution.

Below are the steps to get the appropriate projector for a church. Take them into consideration before purchasing the right projector for churches.

  • The first and foremost step would be to get an idea of the requirements of the church. Get a measuring tape along with few hands and get into the task of measuring the church. Measuring will give you an appropriate idea of the size of the display you will need. Sketching roughly a 2200 square fit church can at most hold 100 people comfortably, now you can decide how large the screen should be so that every participant can view what’s on screen comfortably. Once you are done with all the measurements and have the idea, you will now end up with a more appropriate and productive decision of the right projector for churches.
  • Next is choosing the projector for churches. There is no number of projectors available in the market. But which is the right projector for churches? Various brands hail with multiple different products with different features. There are projectors in 200 bucks as well as $500. They all vary in shapes sizes and features. Understand LCD, LED and DLP projectors for reference. However, despite much innovation in these items, the essential functions of these remain unchanged. Thus, no matter whichever brand of projector you opt for, the primary purpose of quality image projection must be ensured, and then there come additional features. Various names have various price range cover for different models. Cheapest Projectors of premium quality are also available.

Apart from choosing the best brand, there are few technical matters too that must be taken care to get the right projector for churches. They are explained below.

You should consider these 5 Things before selecting a projector for Churches


You should go for a portable projector of course as it can be carried anywhere. This is important that you take this feature into serious consideration. You can take the projector from Sunday school to Hall room if the projector is portable.


Lumens decide the brightness the projector lamp will emit. It is perhaps one of the most important factors when it comes to picture delivery capacity. A projector with appropriate lumen matched as per as the room size will emit crystal clear images.


The ratio is the number of pixels per inch. It is by far the most influential factor that leads to sharp and crisp images. The higher the resolution, the better clarity of the illustration, on the other hand, the lower the resolution, the dimmer and shabbier the image will be. Thus it depends on the size of the screen as well as the pixels upon how the quality of the image will be. The prescribed resolution for the right projector for churches is XGA (1280 x 768). This feature is especially crucial for churches because in a church the verses of the holy bible are often shown. The higher the resolution, the crisper the texts would be.

Adjustable lens

this is a must-have feature of projectors. Without adjustable lenses, it will be challenging to provide optimum viewing comfort to the participant. With an adjustable lens, it becomes easier and flexible to shift the screen to any walls, as per as need.


Another often neglected part of choosing a projector for churches is the service that the company or the brand will offer at times of fault in the product. While purchasing the projector, the service coverage of the company must be considered to avoid any emergency rush to service stations which can be far off.

From the cheapest possible projector to the costliest, there is a lot of projectors available today for churches.  A projector in the church must have three things like good resolution and more significant aspect ratio to provide better viewing experience to the audience. Quick research in the market and comparison of different brands will enlighten you with the merits and demerit of the one over the other. The better ones are always costlier.

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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