Step by Step Projector Mounts Buying Guide

Step by Step Projector Mounts Buying Guide

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Do you want to mount a projector in your office, house, conference room or class but have no clue of where to begin? There are many things to be considered before purchasing or installing a mount. In this Projector Mounts Buying Guide, I will give you all the tips needed in order to guide you in buying the best projector mounts from the many that have flooded the market.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Projector Mount

Step-1: Type of Mount: While coming up with a decision about the type of mount to buy, consider how much space you have for your projector and where your audience will be seated. If you do not want to take up the wall space, you can securely mount your projector to the ceiling. Ceiling mounts make viewing easy from any angle. On the other hand, a wall mount keeps your projector safely out of the way. Be sure to anchor your wall mount to the wall studs to ensure your projector stays safe. Lastly, a desk/kiosk mount affixes your projector to your work surface. Kiosk mounts are ideal for conference rooms or offices with limited space.

Step-2: Motion Options: When determining the type of mount to buy, think what you want your projector to be able to do. Will it be viewed from one position only or does it need to swing out? Do you want it to hang flat or to tilt? The fixed/flat mount will keep your projector snug against the wall, eliminating the worry of anyone accidentally bumping in to it. It also helps to hide the wires for a neat look. On the other hand, the swing-out arm mount lets you determine the ideal viewing position in large halls. In addition, it allows you to rotate the projector side by side. Lastly, the tilt/flat mount keeps the screen close to the wall but allows you to tilt it in varying degrees. This is convenient for accommodating audiences where seating may change constantly. It also helps in reducing glare in bright rooms.

Step by Step Projector Mounts Buying Guide

Step-3: Mounting Surface: What type of surface are you going to mount on? You need to figure out the material the anchor is made out of in order to choose the type of mount. Ensure that the mounting surface is made out of a strong material that will safely handle the load. Furthermore, ensure that the mount you select works well with your anchor.

Step-4: Spacing and Clearance: Carefully inspect the clearance below, above and on each side of your device to ensure that the projector fits into the space when placed on the mount.

Step-5: Hardware: The mounting hardware is usually purchased separately from the mount. The hardware could be as complex as sleeve anchors or toggle bolts or as simple as wood screws. Consider your owner’s manual for proper guidelines on the choice of hardware for different types of mounts.

Step-6: Power and Cord Positioning: Figure out how the AV cables and the power cords will be directed and positioned. Will they be running inside the wall, down the wall or through the ceiling? In addition, ensure you use surge protector for safety when connecting power cables.

STep-7: Qualified Mounts: Be sure to buy mounts that have been tested and qualified. Use UL-listed, ISO 9001 certified or VESA compliant mounts to ensure reliability and durability.

Final Purport

A mount can make or break your viewing experience. A successful installation is easy to view, safe and appealing to the eye. Following all the tips contained in this step by step Projector Mounts Buying Guide will not only help you to buy the best projector mount but will also ensure you install it successfully. You can check out amazon below for a curated list of popular projector mounts.


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