The Best Supplements for Men Over 50

The food that we eat on a daily basis is supposed to provide all the nutrients and minerals that are needed by the body.

However, a majority of men that are beyond the age of 50 hardly indulge in a balanced diet, nor do they take vitamins or supplements. When you don’t eat well as a man, your body will become weak due to the resulting deficit of nutrients. 

In fact, most men argue that they compromise on their diet due to a lack of appetite. Others blame it on their limited budget. Some are just lazy. There are also those that have the time and money but they experience difficulty in accessing healthy food based on where they live.

Taking supplements is therefore the best solution for filling the gap that is created by poor eating habits. And although there are a million supplements available on the market, there are just a few that are tailored to meet the needs of every man.

This is because the nutrients that are needed by men are not similar to those of their female counterparts. Here is a list of the best supplements for men over 50.

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  1. Fish Oil
  2. Calcium
  3. Fiber

Fish Oil

Since you may not be able to include fish in your everyday meals, it’s important you consider taking fish oil supplements.

Fish oil is usually rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that help in keeping your blood pressure in check. Besides that, fish oil plays a major role in promoting the health of your heart. According to one report, men who take fish oil supplements regularly are less likely to suffer from heart disease and stroke. In addition to that, the oil helps in fighting inflammation.

That’s why the supplement is highly recommended for people that are suffering from chronic pain and arthritis. And that’s not all. Omega 3 is known for boosting your vision. At 50 years, most men tend to be very forgetful unless they have a reminder in their phone. 

Such a problem can be remedied by taking fish oil supplements as they help in boosting memory.


Calcium is naturally found in dairy milk. In fact, low fat milk is the best because it has very low levels of cholesterol. However, most men whose biological clock has already hit 50 don’t seem to have an appetite for milk or dairy products.

Supplements that are rich in calcium can therefore be of great help to such guys. This is because taking one capsule two or three times per day is enough to provide the calcium that’s found in milk.

Here are some calcium-rich foods for your knowledge; 

Calcium is known to help in strengthening bones and teeth. You see as you age, the density of your bones and teeth tends to decline, which in return reduces their tolerance.

Besides that, calcium enhances the transmission of signals between your nerves and the neurons in the brain.


Fiber is one of the most essential nutrients that are needed by men. The foods that are rich in fiber include nuts, vegetables, fruits, whole grain and beans.

Taking fiber supplements are actually a fat burner. This is due to the fact that they burn fats to generate the energy that’s needed to break them down during the process of digestion.

As a matter of fact, they help in preventing accumulation of fats in arteries. They also make you feel fuller most of the time. This is known to help in preventing instances of overeating.

Besides that, they are a natural remedy for a bloated stomach.

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