The Top 3 Heart Health Myths

A healthy heart is important to have a good quality of life. Heart disease is one of the top causes of death all over the world, and for some, they get diagnosed too late or they never care about their heart at all.
Aside from that, there is so many information being spread about heart health. While some of the information is right, there are still some false information that is being spread and this makes it dangerous if many people fall prey to these myths.
Here are some myths that are not true:

1. You should not worry about the health of your heart if you are still young

Many people think that barring those born with congenital heart disease, only old people are at risk for getting heart disease. But the truth is that heart disease can affect anyone, regardless of age.
That’s why it is important to look at your lifestyle choices even when you are just young.
Here are some good choices of foods that you can eat to reduce the risk of heart attack:

Your diet and lifestyle choices make a big impact on the health of your heart. Especially nowadays, when more young people stay inside their homes and play video games or use the internet instead of playing outside, more of them become obese, which is a risk factor for heart disease.

2. You don’t need to take your medicine if you are already feeling good

If you suddenly stop your heart medication because you feel that you are having a good day and you don’t need it, you will be affected. It may become bad enough that you might need to go to the hospital.
Never stop your medication unless you consult it with your doctor. This goes for those who are taking medicine to control their blood pressure.
Some think that if they start exercising or eating healthy, they can just stop their medication already. That can be very dangerous and lead to further complications.
You are given the medicine for a reason, ask your doctor for specifics if you are not convinced that you need to take it regularly.

3. You should drink red wine every day in order for your heart to be healthy


There is so much that still needs to be discovered when it comes to the effects of alcohol, particularly wine on the heart. That’s because there are many variables attached to it.
While there are those who say that consuming alcohol can lower the risk of heart attack, some fail to point out that it can also raise one’s blood pressure.
There’s also the risk brought about by binge drinkings such as atrial fibrillation and arrhythmia.
Also, some have pointed out that those who regularly drink wine come from a household with more income and therefore, more access to nutritious food and also tend to have active lifestyles.
That’s why some health enthusiasts say that it’s better to quit drinking wine regularly as the information being disseminated cannot be fully trusted as of yet due to the different factors and variables involved.
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Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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