Touchjet Pond Projector with Touchscreen Review

Touchjet Pond Projector Wifi Android

There’s an interesting story behind the Touchjet Pond; they received crowdfunding, and some of the details appeared in the media, so we knew a little bit of what it would contain, before it ever came out. We knew it would have some kind of touch screen, advanced connectivity, and we deduced that since it was not being made by one of the established projector manufacturers, it would be different than other products on the market. This Touchjet Pond Projector review will let you know the details about what it does well, and what potential problems may exist.


  • Great touch screen
  • Lightweight
  • Android OS
  • Includes two interactive pens
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • You can download apps easily
  • 18gb of memory



  • This isn’t an HD projector
  • 80 lumens


Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

Super-compact; the Touchjet Pond can fit into your hand, so is very easy to transport. It has measurements of 3.9 inches in length, by 4.5 inches of width and has a depth of 1.1 inches. Despite being thin, it looks to be one of the more sturdy and durable projectors of this shape and size. The design is simple, with small vents, which don’t seem to increase noise, and it’s also one of the most aesthetically pleasing super-portables currently on the market. It will certainly complement the interior of any room, and at only 5.9 pounds, it can be carried around easily.



The interesting thing about the Touchjet Pond, is that it is, and isn’t, a projector. The main use for conventional projectors is to display images like movies, games, and presentations, on a surface that is larger than TV screens. The Touchjet however, has a non-HD resolution of 854X480, and while it’s pictures a pretty good, it certainly doesn’t excel in this area. You can enjoy movies, on the up to 80 inch screen, and the fast response time makes games enjoyable, so it will do the things conventional projectors do, but it’s main use will be as an interactive device, rather than a projector.

In short, if you want to watch movies in cinematic clarity then the Touchjet isn’t for you, but it does offer the best interactivity and connectivity you’ll ever find on a projector. The Interactivity, is perhaps years ahead of its time, and when you’re using this projector, you’ll feel like you just zoomed into the future. Its the first ever projector that can turn any surface into a touchscreen, and as it’s an Android device, the uses here are endless.

Everybody has a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, and by hooking these up to the Touchjet, you can play popular Facebook games like Candy Crush Saga on your wall, making your moves with the pens supplied with the product. You can download any app, connect to any streaming site, and the remote control doubles as a mouse; just point it at the screen, and you can flip from one page on the internet to the next. Ever tried designing a card for someone, or digitally altering a picture on photoshop, on an 80 inch screen, without a mouse or keyboard? Me neither, but you can do it using the Touchjet interactive screen. For work presentations it’s the best projector out there; imagine your making the presentation you prepared last night, and you just wish one part was larger, or more attention was drawn to a specific point. You can use the pens to zoom in on a bar chart, or highlight text. Touch the screen to pause, or slide your pen across the screen to rewind or fastforward. Up to four people can interact with any website or presentation at any one time, so others in the room can take part as well.

Its only 80 lumens so draw the curtains before use. This isn’t necessarily a problem because you’ve now got a phone or tablet with an 80 inch touchscreen, and I think this is going to be the future of projection equipment. Has it come along too early? You decide, but apps and games require interactivity more than ever before, and the demand for products like this can only increase. It also has 18gb of memory for storage, Bluetooth, is wireless, is compatible with Google Play, and the speakers are of excellent quality for a super-portable.


Final Verdict:

For movies its just ok, and the lumens are pretty low, so don’t view without drawing the curtains, but if you’re tapping away on your smartphone all day, or love you’re tablet, or need to give a work presentation, then look out, because this is incredible. Lie back in you’re bed, flipping though the internet on your ceiling, alter photo’s on the 80 inch touchscreen, and give presentations in a way they’ve never been given before. Apps and interactive games are greatly improved with the Touchjet, so if you like your phone, you’ll love this. If you’re going to use this for more than movies, then I’d strongly recommend a purchase.


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