Best Fitness Tracker For Kids (Complete Reviews with Comparisons)

best fitness tracker for kids

Are you worried about the health of your kids? If so, you know how important it is to get them off the couch and moving around.

To help inspire them to move and to get them into a healthy lifestyle, something like a fitness tracker could help. Right now, we want to help you find the best fitness tracker for kids, so you can inspire your children to be happy and healthy.

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EDITOR’S CHOICE1. LeapFrog LeapBand

  • Fun for kids
  • ​Inspires kids to be active
  • ​Cool design with rewards
  • ​Fairly durable
Check Price
RUNNER UP2. Garmin vívofit JR Activity Tracker

  • ​Swim friendly
  • ​Tough and durable
  • ​Activity reminders
  • ​Syncs with app
Check Price
3. Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

  • ​Very durable and high quality
  • ​Adjustable band
  • ​Free app
  • ​Progress sharing, tracking, and competing
Check Price
4. UNICEF Kid Power Band

  • UNICEF app
  • ​Inspires kids to move
  • ​Teaches kids about their impact on the world
  • ​Durable armband
Check Price
5. Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids

  • Fun rewards
  • ​Durable and waterproof
  • ​Easy app connection
  • ​Adjustable band
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Best Fitness Trackers For Kids: Reviews

1. LeapFrog LeapBand

​If you want to get your kids into fitness and into living a healthy lifestyle, the affordable and durable LeapFrog LeapBand is a great way to get them started.


The LeapFrog LeapBand is designed for kids between 4 and 7 years old, and it does come with a pretty cool design made to inspire your kids. It’s colorful, it comes with lots of images and graphics, and it should really be quite fun for kids.

The cool part about this LeapFrog LeapBand is that it comes preloaded with over 50 different fitness challenges. However, these fitness challenges are designed to get your kids active and to allow them to have fun in the process.

It’s not like this tracker is meant to get your kids to turn into bodybuilders, but it should inspire them to have fun and be active at the same time.

What helps inspire kids is that when they complete challenges, the LeapFrog LeapBand provides them with reward points that allows them to unlock new pets and toys to play with, plus kids can even choose from various pets and personalize them too.


  • check​Fun for kids
  • check​Inspires kids to be active
  • check​Cool design with rewards
  • check​Fairly durable


  • ​Age range is limited
  • ​Battery life is not great

2. Garmin vívofit JR Activity Tracker

​Here we have a slightly more expensive fitness tracker for kids, one that looks fun, is super durable, inspires kids to move, and has great battery life.


The Garmin vívofit JR Activity Tracker comes with a full 1-year battery life before the battery needs replacing, which is quite impressive for this kind of thing.

What your kids might love about this tracker is that it comes with a Captain America design, and we all know how much most kids love superheroes.

Moreover, the Garmin vívofit JR Activity Tracker is designed with durability in mind, because kids can be with their belongings. This activity tracker is even waterproof and swim-friendly, which is quite a bonus.

It comes with a bunch of preloaded Marvel-inspired missions and goals to be met, plus it can sync to smartphones for daily tracking and progress updates. It can track sleep, steps, and more.


  • check​Swim friendly
  • check​Tough and durable
  • check​Activity reminders
  • check​Syncs with app
  • check​Looks very fun


  • ​Not the most accurate

3. Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

​This is by far the most expensive option on our list so far, and no, it’s not technically designed specifically for kids, but kids can still wear it nonetheless, and it works very well, to say the least.


The Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker is a very high-quality and fully functional fitness tracker.

For one, it can track steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. What’s neat about the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker is that it allows you to set goals, track progress, and you can gain reward badges too.

Although this tracker is not designed specifically for kids,  it does provide some level of reward for a job well done.

The Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker also comes with a free Android or iPhone application for progress tracking, and syncing this item to a device is about as easy as it gets. The app allows kids to share their progress and compete with each other throughout the day.


  • check​Very durable and high quality
  • check​Adjustable band
  • check​Free app
  • check​Progress sharing, tracking, and competing
  • check​Great battery life
  • check​Water resistant


  • ​Not technically made for kids
  • ​Not very fun
  • ​Not totally waterproof

4. UNICEF Kid Power Band

​Here we have a very simple, colorful, affordable, and lightweight fitness tracker that is perfect for kids.


The UNICEF Kid Power Band is a really cool option because it’s something that allows kids to relate their daily activities to the world around them, and it informs kids of just how their activities affect the world.

It comes complete with a UNICEF Kids Power app designed to allow for pro
gress tracking and more.

Now, it doesn’t have a super fun design in the sense that it’s not a Captain America or Disney fitness tracker, but it does have a colorful band, which should count for something.

The arm band itself is quite durable, fully adjustable, and water resistant. It also features a large and easy to read touchscreen, and of course can keep track of steps, distance, and other such fitness factors as well.


  • check​UNICEF app
  • check​Inspires kids to move
  • check​Teaches kids about their impact on the world
  • check​Durable armband
  • check​Large touchscreen


  • ​Face is not the most durable
  • ​Battery life is not amazing
  • ​Not super fun looking

5. Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids

​This is a slightly expensive fitness tracker for kids, one that is fairly durable and has a number of useful features that will get your kids moving.


The Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids is designed to track both steps and distance traveled, and it’s waterproof too.

It can track activity from running, walking, playing, swimming, and everything in between. It comes with a cool app that is used for fitness tracking purposes.

Even better is that the Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids keeps track of progress, and when kids meet certain preset goals, they receive badges and cool onscreen celebrations to inspire them to move more. Keep in mind that this product can also track sleep.


  • check​Fun rewards
  • check​Durable and waterproof
  • check​Easy app connection
  • check​Adjustable band


  • ​Battery life is not great
  • ​Could be a little more accurate


When all is said and done, for your kids, it doesn’t matter all that much which one you choose, just as long as your final choice is durable, adjustable, and most important of all, fun. Kids need to have fun if they are expected to be active.

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