Ultra Short Throw Projector – Exciting Concept and Technology

07_componentThe flagship device in the ultra short throw projector niche is Sony’s 4K ultra short throw projector, although there are new entrants from other makers like Casio, Epson and Hitachi. Short throw projectors or other micro projectors have become popular among consumers because of their portabilty and ability to function in tight spaces. The ultra/ultimate short throw projector takes this technology even further and can work in extremely tight spaces.

Sony’s 4K is a stunning luxury device that provides a resolution of 4096 x 2160 (hence 4k), uses laser technology and is 3D capable. The projector is so powerful that it can project large images (upto 147 inches) without necessarily needing a projector screen; which means that it can use any given wall to project images! Converting you’re living room into a home theater.

Ultra Short Throw Projectors – Concept

Apart from being able to fucntion better than normal projectors in tight spaces, short throw projectors also prevent disruption due to shodows or light blinding the presenter’s eyes. While short throw projectors need to be kept atleast 3 feet away from the screen, ultra short throw projectors can function with a distance of 1.5 feet. For example, an ultra short throw projector can create a 75inch image from just 52cm away from the screen. These devices usually don’t require a ceiling mount (can be wall-mounted). One of the drawbacks of these projectors is that they come with a fixed lens, which means that the installation has to be very precise.

ultra-short throw projector

Most ultra short throw projectors are state of the art devices and mainly use a laser lens or LED as opposed to the xenon arc lamp used by most dlp projectors. It gives them a longer life and creates brighter/higher resolution images. Sony’s 4k uses a SXRD 4-micron pitch panel to create the high resolution images, but as these devices are relatively new in the market, not much is known about their user-experience.

One of the cheapest ultra short throw projector in the market today is Philips HDP1590/F7 Screeneo, which is still atleast 2x more expensive than normal projectors. We assume that these devices need to get more affordable, if they are to dominate the market. Having said that, the concept and technology behind these projectors is novel and we expect them to overtake the popularity of normal projectors in the coming years.

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