Find your MaxHR and Training Zones

Find your MaxHR and Training Zones

  At HeartRateMonitor.co.uk we’ve been testing and reviewing heart rate monitors since 1999. In this time we have seen many exercise fads and gimmicks come and go. We know what works, and we know what doesn’t. Two of the most frequently asked questions we get asked are “How hard should I train?” and “How to

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Best Fit Watches For Swimmers With Lap Counter In 2020 (Our Reviews)

Insert Image Technology has made exercising easier, more effective, and more fun than ever. Heartbeat monitors, GPS trackers, and especially fit watches that combine the best of both are a great addition to any workout.Whether you’re training for competition or just enjoying the immense cardiovascular benefits swimming provides, it always helps to have something to

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Portable ECG

Best Portable ECG Monitors In 2020 (Our Reviews)

A portable ECG (electrocardiogram, also abbreviated as EKG) monitor can be a life-saver as it measures if your heart is functioning properly or not. However, you might still wonder how to choose the best portable ECG monitor. To help you narrow down the choice and make a wise decision, this write-up features some of the

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ems tens machines

Best EMS and Tens Machines For 2020 [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

An EMS machine is a great tool and can be used in both a rehabilitation tool and a parallel training device. TENS and EMS are under-utilised resources in treatment and rehabilitation of common injuries. Those who suffer from chronic muscle or nerve pain can benefit greatly from EMS and TENS machines. These machines are powerful

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Heart Rate Zone Calculator

Heart Rate Zone Calculator 2020– All 5 Training Zones Explained

Want to know what’s your ideal heart rate in different training zones? Use our Heart Rate Zone Calculator!  Once you have determined your Maximum Heart Rate the next step to heart rate monitor training is to calculate your HR zones. Heart Rate Training zones allow you to better understand what you are doing and why. There are

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powertap meters

Power Tap Meters

Powertap P1 Pedals ReviewRead More  Powertap C1 Chainring ReviewRead More  Powertap G3 Hub ReviewRead More  ​PowerTap have been involved with monitoring cyclists power for several decades. Over the years their products have come under the Saris and CycleOps names as well as PowerTap. Their range of products is limited to 3 main power metering systems

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Kardia Mobile ECG Review

Alivecor Kardia Mobile ECG Review – Medical Grade Accuracy!

AT A GLANCE: QUICK RATINGSECG Acquisition (30 secs) 100% Ease of Use​ 100% Battery Life​ 100% Where To Get It Amazon Price Check A Deep Dive Into Alivecor Kardia Mobile ECGAn amazing piece of technology – smaller than a credit card the Kardia Mobile by AliveCor acquires single-lead ECG in just 30 seconds. Being a medically approved device

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