Vector 2 Review

Garmin Vector 2 Review

A Deep Dive Into ​Garmin Vector 2

The Garmin Vector 2 power metering pedals have been reviewed by Tristan Haskins for Available in either SINGLE sided metering – the Garmin Vector 2S or with DUAL sided power metering – the Garmin Vector 2. Of all the power metering solutions these pedal based systems are some of the easiest to install with no compromise to accuracy or reliability. The objective of this product presentation is to provide an overview of – what the product does, who’s it for, how easy it is to fit and how much it costs …

Note > the Vector 2 system is also available as the Vector 2S – same design but cheaper as power is measured from the LEFT side only.

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​The Garmin Vector pedals are for anyone who wants to ensure they are getting the VERY MOST out of themselves and their bike. They are ideally suited for the cyclist wanting to fit the product themselves without the need for specialist tools or bike mechanic skills. The cyclist who buys the DUAL sided version (Garmin Vector 2) is probably a competitive / club cyclist looking for a technical advantage over their rivals. The SINGLE sided version (Garmin Vector 2S) is ideal for the competitive/recreational cyclist looking to improve efficiency and output.


  • Available in SINGLE or DUAL sided metering versions
  • Dual-sensing pedal-based power meter
  • Measures total power, left/right balance, and cadence
  • Displays cycling dynamics showing how and where power is produced
  • Installs in minutes and quickly transfers between bikes
  • Pedal pods include an LED light to display important setup and maintenance information


  • Does NOT support Bluetooth devices

Method of Installation

Fitting these power meters is what makes them so popular. From receiving them in the mail to going for a ride should only take about 30 minutes. It’s simply a matter of removing your existing pedals with an Allen key, clean and grease the crank arm and fit your new pedals. Pair them up with your Garmin head unit, perform a quick calibration and you are ready to ride.

Tools Required to fit this Power Meter

  • Garmin supply a specialist installation tool
  • Allen key set

Alternative Power Meters

​If the dual or single sided power metering options and ease of installation attracted you to these Garmin Vector 2 power pedals then the obvious alternative would be the Powertap P1. Just like these Vector pedals, the Powertap P1 power pedal is available in either DUAL sided or SINGLE sided power metering options.

Technical Specification

Vector System

  • Battery life: 175 hours
  • Weight (approximate, per pedal):Pedal: 156 g
  • Pedal pod: 23 g
  • Cleats and hardware: 38 g
  • Total per pedal: 179 g (not including cleat and hardware)

Pedal Body and Assembly

  • Lightweight composite body
  • Stainless steel wearplate
  • CNC machined, hardened stainless steel spindle
  • LSL bushing and sealed cartridge bearings
  • Adjustable tension binding
  • LOOK Kéo-compatible¹

Pedal Pods

  • ANT+® transmitters
  • User-replaceable battery (2032 coin cell)
  • Minimum of 175 hours of active cycling operation


  • High durability thermoplastic with anti-slip rubber surface pads
  • Rubber button to reduce free float action between shoe and cleat
  • 6 degrees of float (0 degree also available)
  • LOOK Kéo-compatible¹

External Videos

Calibrating the Garmin Vector Pedals

This video shows how easy it is to Zero Calibrate the Garmin Vector pedals. A similar process is available with other, non-Garmin, GPS head units.

Installing Garmin Vector 2 pedals

This video from Garmin shows just how easy it is to fit the Vector 2 pedals. With just limited skill and limited skills the pedals can be fitted in under 45 minutes. Don’t forget the LEFT crank is reverse threaded so don’t strain it the wrong way trying to remove your old pedal !

Marketing Video from Garmin

This short promotional video from Garmin gives an overview summary of the main features and functions of the Vector 2 power metering pedals.

External Resources

The purpose of product presentations is to give the visitor a summary overview of each power meter. They are NOT intended as an in-depth technical review, more a summary providing essential top level features, functions, pros and cons. Further information can be found at these links to other external reference sites.

Product Summary

​Garmin have made power metering available in a package that is quick & easy to install, lightweight and almost maintenance free. Using uniquely designed Keo compatible carbon pedals that only adds 30 grams compared to composite Look Keo 2 Max’s.  The Garmin Vector 2 pedals are very easy to swap from bike to bike. No need to worry about calibration as, once installed, they recalibrate in seconds. Integrated cadence sensor removes need for separate chain stay sensor and the Pedal pods are neatly positioned adjacent to the crank ….

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