ViewSonic PRO7827HD Review

ViewSonic PRO7827HD Review


I was intrigued by the Contrast Ratio on the ViewSonic PRO7827HD Lightstream, because it suggested they’d created more of an all-round projector with Home Theatre experience included rather than the billed Home Entertainment capabilities. Usually when manufacturers make a Home Entertainment Projector which is good for games, music and movies, the specialization seems to drift away, so while it can do everything; it does nothing amazingly. The first thing to go is the Contrast Ratio and movies lose their cinematic look in darkness. I decided in light of these rather interesting specifications, to put the ViewSonic PRO7827HD through a few tests to see if it really was a great all-round projector that not only does everything, but does everything superbly. Read on and you’ll find out if this Projector is a gem, or one of the many good attempts that fell short of greatness


  • Full HD 1080p
  • Full 3D
  • 6 Segment Color Wheel
  • Easy Set-up
  • 2200 Lumens
  • Pretty good Throw Distance



  • Some artifacts in 3D mode


Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

If you’re looking for the most beautiful design in the world you’re probably not going to find it in any ViewSonic Projector. Since the company started manufacturing Projectors in 1987 they’ve tended to concentrate more on designing smart functional projectors with a high degree of portability rather than aiming for aesthetically pleasing models. Everything they do in the design phase is focused on quality of use, and beauty takes a back seat. So what you get here is a typical ViewSonic design in that it looks like a cable box, but it very easy to operate. They’ve kept the weight down to 5.7KG making transportation easy and the measurements are: 9 inches of length by 12.4 inches of width by 4.1 inches of depth. It’s thicker than most as you might have noticed, but that usually means more durability, so it’s a device that doesn’t look so great but its portable. durable, and functional and ViewSonic buyers like these things.



Keystone Correction is provided here but the problem with Keystone is that when used heavily it will import distortions to the screen and you’ll continue to experience these until you do the set-up again. So, get it right first time and use the manual Zoom along with the Vertical Lens Shift and if you can’t getting the picture exactly how you want it with these, then deploy Keystone sparingly. This is advice buyers can use for doing the set-up on any Projector, because regardless of what Projector you have the problems with Keystone remain the same.

I want to start with the 3D mode so that you’re clear on what kind of 3D you’ll be getting and what it will look like. The 7827 is Full 3D meaning that once you hook it up a device that can broadcast 3D, you’ll be seeing 3D images immediately. For your reference the ‘3D Ready’ phrase you see on some other Projectors means they’re missing something they need to show 3D images. This can be a 3D transmitter, or it can be something huge like native resolution. Some Projectors quoted as 3D Ready are 720p resolution, whereas 3D is 1080p in each eye, so where you see this term on a 720p resolution or less Projector it actually means you’ll never have 3D no matter what you do .Terms can be tricky, but the 7827 is Full 3D so you won’t have any of these problems apart from buying glasses, as glasses aren’t included here or on the vast majority of 3D Projectors. The standard of images in 3D mode was really nice too, with a few rainbow distortions on the larger screen sizes, and a little Cross-Talk but nothing massively affecting quality so it was impressive


The 1080p 2D images where also extremely good and the 7827 was the first Projector in ViewSonics Lightstream line to provide buyers with a 6 segment color wheel. This enables buyer to see some sharp pictures of excellent clarity and the wheel is certified as giving buyers a good range of colors as well strong visually pleasing colors. They’re are five color preset modes also included, and these offer buyers some interesting opportunity’s to manually alter the images shown to they’re liking, or to suit the light they’re viewing in. It’ll work great straight out of the box in 2D or 3D and presents some of the best and most artifact free images you’ll see on a projector, and the 7827 can be enhanced further, by accessing the ISF Certifed Day and Night Modes. The problem is you can’t get to these until you employ an ISF Certified Technician to access them for you and this can cost $250 Dollars. My advice is to stick with the color preset options you have because they’re already pretty good and up there with any Projector on the market.


I tested the screen size in a number of lights and you’ll easily get 80 inches in ambient light with a perfect picture. Anything more than this and you’ll be seeing some distortions. The max size is 300 inches and you’ll get this in pitch-black darkness, but with the throw distance being less than average, it’s best for viewing 300 inch screen sizes outside at night so you can sit further back than you would be able to in a room. From 7ft back in darkness you should get 146 inches, so make this your screen-size for movies indoors. I liked the 22000-1 Contrast Ratio and how the Color Wheel was able to read darks and lights for movies and games. Typically with a Home Entertainment Projector you’d get the 80 inch screen in ambient light but not a great dark cinematic experience and with games you’d get good play, but none of the arcade style visceral color experiences. The inclusion of the Color Wheel was a great decision and so you get all this stuff. The 10 Watt Speakers add the enjoyment of both games and movies, although if you’re viewing outside sitting back from the screen, you might want to invest in big Speakers.


Final Verdict:

Try to go over 200 inches and you’ll get noise but if you stay below 200 inches you’ll own a projector that is up there with the best. Great 2D and 3D capabilities, with an excellent Color Wheel, 22000.1 Contrast Ratio and 2200 Lumens enable buyers to view in both darkness and ambient light. The screen size is there for outdoor cinema and the games mode performs well assisted by the Color Wheel’s efficiency and the response rate of the Projector itself. The Verdict: Surprisingly you get Home Theater on a Home Entertainment Projector so this is quite a special device.

ViewSonic PRO7827HD

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