Visual Apex ProjectoScreen120HD Projector Screen Review

visual apex projectoscreen120hd projector screen review

They all look the same!!!!!!! This is a familiar reaction new owners of projectors have when they come to buy a screen. To be fair, visually they do look similar. But I’m going to be explaining a lot more about them than you’ll read on any online retail sites, and I’m going to be showing you some of what you should be expecting. I picked out the Visual Apex ProjectoScreen120HD Portable Movie Theater Projector Screen 16:9 format as an example of a good screen that’s available now. Like all products, it has some flaws, but it also has some great features people will love. It’s not going to be right for everyone, but for some people, it’ll be the best thing since they bought their Projector. So without further delay, let’s dive straight in.

The Good

  • Water-Resistant
  • Heat Resistant
  • Simple Design
  • Good Screen Size
  • High-Quality build
  • Durable
  • Conducive to an excellent picture

The Bad

  • Slightly Heavy
  • Need sunlight to iron out wrinkles before using

Size and Design

The design is pretty simple in that you can just hook it around any surface you like. If you have a Garage, then hook it on the door. It’s also freestanding, so by attaching the legs you can place in the living or the back garden. Wherever you feel like watching a movie or playing games. The weight is 32.2 pounds, so it’s not overly heavy but you might need two people to carry it depending on who you are. The full measurements are 112.5 inches by 36.5 inches by 93 inches and you might have expected this given the screen sizes boosted by the manufacturer. So it’s a big unit. To say it’s attractive looking would be an over-statement but people don’t buy Projector screens because they look good, they buy them because movies and games look good on them.

Main Features of the Visual Apex ProjectoScreen120HD

I’ll take you through a number of the features here so that you’ll know what you’re getting.

The manufacturer has claimed that this is a no set-up product. This gives the impression that you can just whip it out of the box and start watching a movie. It’s partially correct in that all you need to do is fold it out and the set-up is complete, but they left something out. It’s packed in an incredibly tight way so when you unfold it there is a crease down the middle going horizontally. There’s an easy fix for this and that is to place it out in the open air for about 6 hours, by which time the crease will have completely gone. So that means there is some waiting time before you first use it, but from this point on you can take it anywhere without any set-up time.

The material used for the screen is of extremely high quality. The screen is made of PVC with a high-resolution White Matte finish so there’s great clarity here. You also get a 4-inch border. It’s UV-resistant and water-resistant which is important for people who have pools and children. It’s also important to people who like to go camping or sit in the backyard watching movies. Rest assured that this is a highly durable product that will sustain no damage from sunlight or water. The tubes are made of equally strong Aluminum which accounts for the weight of the product.

The screen goes out to a maximum of 120 inches which is a good size for the price. If you’re looking for bigger then this isn’t the product for you. You can attach the screen to the frame by hooking up on the side and then rolling it out across to the other side of the frame. It’s all very simple and it does produce an amazing picture.

The manufacture of this product has reached and surpassed the RoHS Standard. What is this? Is it Important? It stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive and it is incredibly important. Why? Because the European Union created this standard to ensure that any products sold there, had been tested and were found not to include any of the hazardous material on their banned list. All materials on the banned list have been proven to harm people so compliance with this standard gives extra peace of mind for buyers living in the European Union and that outside of its borders. So American buyers can rest assured that this product has been sent off, tested, evaluated, and has been given great grades for its safety.

The whole thing is cleanable with a cloth, so the process takes about 5 minutes and it’s also flame resistant. I wouldn’t recommend burning it to find out but should a fire happen, you won’t be shopping for another Projector screen.

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Bottom line

It’s a pretty good product for the price. It produces a good picture and is very easy to set up with the only problem coming the first time you use it with the crease down the middle that needs sunlight to iron out. It’s pretty much resistant to anything from heat, to water to fire so it is durable too. Some buyers might need a larger screen but at 120 inches the size will be perfect for many people. Great to see that it wasn’t made with any substances that can harm, especially when children might be around it. The portability is there, despite the weight at 32.2 pounds, so it’s an all-around nice product I’d recommend.

Visual Apex Projector Screen 120"

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