Vive Precision Finger Pulse Oximeter Review

Vive Precision Finger Pulse Oximeter Review

Vive Precision Finger Pulse Oximeter Review

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  • Relatively inexpensive for a dependable device and the 2-year warranty makes it risk-free.
  • Very easy to use right out of the box and it comes with an illustrated guide for further instructions.
  • It may be relatively basic in comparison to similar ones on the market.
  • Most users report that the device drains the battery relatively quickly.

Where To Get It

A Deep Dive Into The Vive Precision Finger Pulse Oximeter 

The Vive Precision Finger Pulse Oximeter comes out of the box ready and able to take your measurements in a few short seconds. It has a multi-directional display for convenient viewing. And it has alarms that sound for upper and lower limits of pulse and SpO2 readings.

  • Who Is It For?

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This device works well for anyone who wants a portable device to monitor pulse and oxygen levels in the blood. Some people like to use it as a supplemental device to monitor health conditions at home. While others use it for sports and relaxation monitoring.

It may also be used for children, provided they can fit their finger in the device. However, the accuracy of the readings may not be as reliable. Despite the slight variance compared to professional medical equipment, many users found that this is a nice way to get readings from home.

What Is It?

Vive Health is the company responsible for bringing this little oximeter to the market. They are committed to bringing simple, quality medical supplies and products to the consumer market. Vive Health understands that being a customer in the medical industry can be frustrating. That’s why customers come first when it comes to their equipment.

What’s Included?

The oximeter comes with everything you need to get started. Along with the device, you also get 2 AAA-sized batteries, a carrying case, and a lanyard for easy transport. While the included batteries may get you started right away, it may be a good idea to stock up as soon as possible.

Depending on how often you plan on using the device, you may run through batteries fairly quickly. And some users have found that fresh batteries yield faster results than older ones.

Overview of Features

What are you looking for in an oximeter? The Vive Precision device only measures blood oxygen and pulse rate. However, in comparison to some other devices on the market, it’s relatively simple.

The multi-directional display is a nice touch. And there’s a convenient On and Off switch that some people may prefer.

If for some reason you accidentally leave it on, you don’t have to worry about battery drain. The device shuts off automaticallyafter 8 seconds if your finger isn’t in the clip.

Battery life varies from user to user. You may be able to get approximately 30 hours from a new set. However, some people say that it drains much quicker than that. It may depend on how often and how long your sessions are.

It is also equipped with a self-adjusting spring system. So, the clip fits snuggly enough to get readings but not enough to pinch you. You may be able to use the unit on children’s fingers as well. But it really depends on the child’s hand size.

Unfortunately, there’s no AC adaptor option to power this device. So, unless you want to keep throwing money away on batteries, it may be a good idea to buy rechargeable ones.

In addition, there are a couple of alarms built into the device. They go off when your SpO2 or pulse rate hits certain parameters. And they can be adjusted or turned off as needed.

Vive also takes your satisfaction seriously. With an industry-leading 2-year warranty, this FDA-approved device may look simple but it manages all your basic needs without extra features you don’t need.

Review Summary

Finally, the unit is light and portable. So, you can take it where you need to go. But much like other oximeters (see here: on the market, you won’t receive results instantaneously. You may need to wait a few seconds for your data to appear on the screen.

Furthermore, this doesn’t have wireless or Bluetooth capabilities to interface with your smartphone. So, you can’t save data or use it with a fitness app. However, it may be priced just right that you may be willing to forgive some of those shortcomings.

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