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A Deep Dive Into The Garmin Vivomove

The Garmin Vivomove is quite unique, especially in the Garmin product line up. It’s a TRADITIONAL watch with real hands … yes, they still make watches like this, fortunately.

It’s got a clever MOVE BAR and ACTIVITY BAR running vertical up either side of the watch face to promote activity and movement through the day. The Garmin Vivomove fitness tracking watch has been reviewed by Tristan Haskins aka CardioCritic

Note>> Please also consider the Garmin Vivomove HR released in early 2021. Hybrid display brings excellent activity tracking functionality – plus smartphone notifications

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The Garmin Vivomove is aimed at the customer who prefers a TRADITIONAL looking watch with regular analogue hands. It is available in many different colours with various strap styles from plastic/silicon to leather.

The Vivomove features a daily ACTIVITY TARGET indicator on the left and a MOVE BAR on the right. The activity bar fills as you get closer to completing your daily target.

The move bar fills 50% when you are active for ONE hour, then fills in increments of every further 15 minutes of inactivity until FULL after 2 hours.

All the data is sent to the Garmin Connect APP on iPhone/Android phone via Bluetooth. As well as tracking daily activity it also gives feedback, via the APP, on calorie burn and sleep quality / duration.

Alternative products

I found the Vivomove to be a stylish and useful activity tracker in the style of a traditional watch.

However, there are better similar products. Withings have some excellent activity trackers in stylish classic watch style cases.

The new Withings Steel HR features an analogue activity tracking dial and wrist based heart rate. It also provides smartphone notification alerts on the small LED display.

A wise word from a user …

I was lucky enough to have this innovative activity tracking watch for a few weeks. I really did like it, however, I had the all black version, black case, black strap and BLACK hands… I found it very hard to see the time in anything but bright light. Suggestion … get any model but the ALL BLACK one. Which reminds me of my only real criticism of this watch – no BACKLIGHT !!

Step Goal

There must be a lot of people out there who want to help stay fit and keep more active but don’t want to wear a modern fitness band like a Fitbit Alta or Garmin Vivosmart HR (Read more here). That’s where the Vivomove comes in.

It’s a traditional watch that can be worn all day, however, unlike any other traditional analogue watch, this one comes with a STEP GOAL. The step goal is calculated by Garmin’s software and automatically adjusts with your daily activity trends.

If you want to override the automatic goal you can simply set your own via the Garmin Connect App. You progress towards your daily step goal is indicated by the STEP BAR on the left hand side of the watch face.

Move Bar

It’s not all about TOTAL steps. It’s also about continuous movement and activity throughout the day. The Vivomove has a MOVE BAR on the right had side that fills in as you period of inactivity grows. After TWO hours of inactivity the move bar goes completely RED as shown in the photo above. The move bar is rest by getting up and walking for 5 minutes or so.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The Vivomove is very easily paired with your Smartphone (iOs or Android). Once paired it will automatically synchronise your daily activity data to the Garmin Connect app.

Review Summary

I really like the idea of a traditional watch with integrated step counter/activity tracker. It’s a nice combination of classic styling and wearable technology. If the Vivomove had a backlight of some kind or even luminous hands I would have given it 4/5 stars.

However, with no night time viewing option it has been demoted to just 3/5. If I was in the market for a watch like this one I would seriously consider the Withings watches, especially the Metal HR with wrist based heart rate and an LED window for smartphone alerts and heart rate review.

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