VonHaus Universal Projector Ceiling Mount Review

VonHaus Universal Projector Ceiling Mount, Adjustable Height up to 25.5 inches, Swivels 30 Degrees & Tilts 15 Degrees

Even with a large television screen, it is not possible to compare the unique cinema experience which a projector provides to any type of television. This is because projectors produce large, clearer and more realistic images than televisions. However, positioning a projector so as to get the best viewing experience can sometimes be a logistical nightmare. This is because most living spaces are small and some form of obstruction is bound to occur when the projector is set in place. The VonHaus Universal Projector Ceiling Mount can solve this problem as it makes use of the ceiling space, which is available in every ceiling.

Main Features of the VonHaus Universal Projector Ceiling Mount :

  1. The unit has a unique height adjustment mechanism, where one can adjust its height by 9 inches between 16.5 inches and 25.5 inches.
  2. It can swivel 30 degrees and tilt ± 15 degrees for precision placement.
  3. The mount also features a cable management system, which helps to hide the unsightly wires.
  4. The unit can fit most of the ceiling mountable projectors, which makes it ideal for office as well as home use.


The Good:

Some of the main advantages of VonHaus Universal Projector Ceiling Mount product include:

  • The mount is easy to install and adjust. For instance it has an adjustable height of up to 25.5 inches to suit your need
  • It is an elegant product that can match different spaces.
  • It can work perfectly well on different projectors
  • Its cable management system helps to reduce the hassle with the unsightly wires.
  • The product comes at a budget friendly price.

The Bad:

On the downside:

  • You may have to purchase extra bolts to successfully install this VonHaus Universal Projector Ceiling Mount.
  • The mount only swivels thirty degrees in the horizontal plane. This might not provide optimum flexibility for everyone.

Bottom line:

If you have a projector and want to have the best cinema experience, you need a top-quality mount which is easy to set up and use. It should be a flexible unit that can adjust to different heights and tilt to different angles based on your preferences. If you need a mount with all these qualities and even more, this Universal Projector Ceiling Mount from VonHaus will no doubt be the best for you.

VonHaus Universal Projector Ceiling MountNote: As of the moment, the said product is not available. You can try this alternative: [Epson, Mount Ceiling Projector



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