Xinda Multi-media Mini 800 Review

Xinda Multi-media Mini 800 ReviewIt’s kind of weird to think about the fact that projectors have become more specialized in our world than they used to be. You really only see them in public buildings, the workplace, or the theater – and even then, they rarely seem to get much use. It doesn’t make too much sense. With projectors, there seems to be a lot less of an investment economically to make than with a television. Especially with the rise of laptops and portable computing in technology, it seems like projectors, or at least portable projectors, would be the next logical trend to catch on to overthrow the television. But they’re not. At least not in my area of the world. I think, however, that we might have a product on our hands that can do something positive for the world of projectors.

Introducing the Xinda Multi-media Mini 800 Lumens Portable Video Projector Video Home Theater Outdoor Camping Projector. I think from the elaborate name, you might be able to figure out what this product sets out to do. Xinda is a Chinese enterprise and the brainchild of the esteemed Chinese inventor, Kong Xiangming – one of the people at the forefront of China’s grassroots movement to try and make indigenous products that aren’t cheap knockoffs of other items around the world already. This movement has proven to be a capable home for many products suited for developing world markets and low-income consumers. For someone like me who’s quite broke, Xinda’s products make sense. What makes them make even more sense, however, is how exceptional the quality is.


The price tag is one of the factors that makes this a must-recommend. Most projectors on the market range from $210-$900. Portable projectors, which is where this Xinda finds itself, range between $120-$1000, and luckily, the 800 comes out near the bottom end of that range, which is great for people who might not be totally committed to the idea of a projector and just want to try one out to see what it’s like. What’s even more amazing is how accessible and easy it is to use. First of all, the 800 will take input from almost anything – HDMI input, USB drives, SD card, etc. – and it will present it with no hassle. Formats are not a huge issue either, as the Xinda Multi-media Mini 800 supports all of the major video, image, audio, and e-book formats that the average tech user has. Plug your device output into the back where all of the inputs are conveniently labelled and not jammed together and viola, it works. No extra configuring at all after the initial menus (which can be a tad bit tedious, but are nothing that reading the instructions can’t overcome rather easily), which makes this device user-friendly. It’s great for the kids and for the elderly – two demographics we seem to forget about developing for in the technology world. Not only that, but when this product offers itself as portable, it means it – only about two pounds in weight on this device, which is fantastic.

The size and weight of it makes it ideal for small get-togethers. Friends of mine have used it at sleepovers when there was no TV and just flashed it on the wall to have an image that looked pretty stellar at around forty inches away. I could also see some potential for this product to be used for backyard movie nights as well; really any kind of intimate get-together between you and a few others. I wouldn’t say the Xinda Multi-media Mini 800 is made for large crowds, but if you really planned on projecting for that type of audience, you’d probably not be searching for something along the lines of this product anyway.Xinda Multi-media Mini 800 Review


That’s the appeal of the Multi-media 800, I think. It focuses more on the general consumer by providing user-friendly instructions and an intuitive design in the back for handling inputs without hassle. Its large range of acceptance when it comes to file formats and inputs is quite impressive as well. It suits intimate settings optimally, and for a low price, it goes above and beyond to produce a product that continues to garner positive reviews from many, myself included.

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