yamaha p45 vs yamaha p115

Yamaha P45 vs Yamaha P-115 – Side by Side Comparison

yamaha p45 vs yamaha p115

Both Yamaha P-45 and P115 belong to the legendary digital piano maker Yamaha that has brought a storm in the market with its sound output, high-quality key, and many other features. Both these models serve as a successor of P-35 and P-105, and they are few steps when it comes to technology and mechanism. However, it would be a tricky task to find out which one is more ideal for your requirement without comparing them side by side. So, in this article, we would go through the difference between P45 and P-115 which will assist you to find out the select the right one.

Let’s see the Side by Side Comparison


The sound of P115 is sampled from Yamaha CF3s grand concert piano which ultimately oozes out mind soothing tones than can even leave a trained ear amazed. This sampled sound from CF3s not only allows you to experiment with the music and also explore new dynamics and articulateness. So, this sampling gives P115 an upper hand when it comes to tallying between P115 and P45.

However, P45 utilizes the Advanced Wave Memory stereo sampling that brings out the natural acoustic sound of pianos in the digital ones. The engineers have meticulously sampled the sound, and this has helped the keyboard to produce a dramatic effect during the action.

Winner: P115

Dimension and Weight

Dimension and design-wise both P45 and P115 are almost similar to each other, and the only difference you will find is in the number of keys. The P45 carries a measurement of 18.78 X 59.88 X 10.55inch whereas the P115 has a measurement of 16.1 X 58.2 X 11.8inch. There is a marginal difference in the measurement number, but you won’t find it when you look at it from the outside. They even come with the same cross-platform and wooden frame component from the placement option.

Likewise, the weight of P45 and P115 is precisely similar to each other, and the weight is 37.7pounds. Due to this fact, both of these models can be easily packed and carried anywhere you like without worrying about extreme weight.

Winner: Both


The price of P115 and P45 is continuously changing in the market, but on average the price more or less stays less then $500 for P45 and less than $1000 for P115 on Amazon. In other marketplaces, the price range fluctuates, but both models maintain a price gap between $100 and $150.

Mechanism of the Keys

The key mechanism of Yamaha P45 and P115 is top of the line, and they both feature the Graded Hammer Standard mechanism which is close to the real pianos. Both of them come with 88 weighted keys which are standard for keyboards. These keys are most suitable for beginners, and enthusiast players, and the overall feel is almost similar. Although the whole action of the weighted key boasts heavier touch lower section and feather touch on the upper end but the keys of P115 are much lighter in contact when compared with P45.

A minor difference between the key finishing of these models is that P115 has a black matte finish on its black keys, but P15 carries the same glossy touch as other models. P45 offers touch sensitivity options, and it comprises fixed, soft, medium, and hard. Despite all these little dissimilarities both the models are excellent for building your finger technique and it prepares you for playing on an acoustic piano.


When you tally P45 and P115 in the polyphony segment, P115 comes victorious in this comparison. P115 is loaded with 192 polyphony notes whereas the P45 only gets 64notes. However, if you are a beginner, 64 polyphony notes would be enough for you and you won’t need the sustain pedal very often so little fading won’t cause any issue.

Moreover, it would be quite difficult to play any intricate classical piece. But if you are an intermediate player who wants to play complicated pieces then 192 will come in a handy and a significant number of notes will assist you to play more notes at once.

Voices and Songs

P115 and P45 take the stage when it comes to voices and songs as they are loaded with a significant amount. P115 again gets the limelight in this section as the manufacturer has given 14voices and 50songs. While the P45 only gets ten voices and ten songs for its users but it is more than enough if you are just starting up. The sound of P115 consists of 3 Grand Pianos from CFIII 9′ concert, three electric pianos, three organs ( Rock, Pipe, Jazz), strings, wood bass, vibraphone, and Harpsichord. Whereas the P45 only carries 2 Grand pianos ( Bright & Concert), strings, vibraphone, two pipe organs, two electric pianos, and two harpsichords.

Not only that, they even get four types of reverb capability but what set them apart is the styles. P115 reverb type offers Recital Hall, Concert Hall, Club, and Chamber while the P45 reverb comes with standard Hall 1, Hall 2, Stage, and Room. In P115 you can fiddle with the depth of the reverb from 0 and go all the way to 20, but you can do the same thing in P45 as you would only maximum chance to go till 10. The P115 also gets on-board drum rhythms that are not present in P45, and it offers numerous varieties to choose from like swing, rock, pop, shuffle, etc.


The dissimilarity between P45 and P115 widens up when the speakers come into play as P115 house a sizeable 7-watt speaker with two 12cm speaker cones. In addition, it also extra two 4cm speaker cones. P45 only gets a 6-watt speaker with two 12cm speaker cones located on both sides.

All four speakers work perfectly and deliver a crisp sound quality with the right amount of bass. The tweeters have been placed in such a way that it churns out clear melody lines and trebles which allows it to perform better than P45.

The double speakers of P45 deliver a real stereo sound and clear sound quality, but it completely degrades when played in full volume. Moreover, the electronic piano voice is slightly damping, but you can counter it by lowering the volume. Another difference between these two models is that P115 comes with a recorder whereas P45 is devoid of that capability.

Control Panel

Yamaha is one of the best digital piano brands and is known for its highly functional and simplistic control panel, and this is evident in both P115 and P45. To keep the control entirely easy to understand, they didn’t even add any slider in two of them. However, the P45 control panel is the more simplistic one as it only gets a single button operation along with a power button and volume slider. The single button provides the selection for all the modes.

P115 is loaded with numerous attributes, so it gets a convenient interface that boasts a series of buttons. The best thing about this control panel is that the keys are structured in such a way that they are quite easy to understand and simple to use.


In the connectivity section, P115 again comes as a victorious model when compared with P45. For connection P45 only gets a USB Type B port, port for headphone or external amplifier, and sustain pedal. Whereas P115 comes with two headphone jack, USB Type B, Aux Out (R+L / L+R), pedal unit jack and sustain jack. Not only that, but you can also connect your iPhone or iPad to the piano with the help of a lightning to USB camera adapter and use the Digital Piano Controller app.

Extra Features

A primary reason behind the success of P45 and P115 apart from their performance is the extensive list of features. P45 gets a pretty good amount of features, and in modes, it gets Dual Mode, Duo Mode, and Split mode. It also comes with fine-tuning function and transposes function which comes in handy for tuning the pitch. It also packs some unique features like an inbuilt metronome and auto power-off function. But sadly it doesn’t get any inbuilt recorder.

Likewise, P115 also houses some type of feature like P45 which includes three modes like dual, split, and Duo. Then it also gets transpose, fine-tuning, metronome, and auto power-off functionality. However, it also offers many other additional attributes which include an inbuilt audio recorder, preset songs, sound boost, option for turning down speaker during recording, Auto accompaniment ( Pianist Styles), dual voicing, and Intelligent acoustic control that automatically adjust the sound quality.


The in-depth comparison between P45 and P115 has given you a brief idea about their capability and how they differ from each other. Even though both the models carry some similarities but P155 clearly comes as a winner in this comparison. P115 is a superior model of P45, so it is a lot better in many areas, but it doesn’t mean P45 is a poor model. P45 is mostly suitable for a beginner, but P155 is both ideals for novice and intermediate. Moreover, P114 has the extra feature which the P45 fails to grab.

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