2015 Tronfy Full Color 130″ Projector Unboxing and Review

Tronfy Projector ReviewTronfy Projector Review written by: cynthiaxx (This, ladies and gentlemen, is a guest post by another projector buyer)
I love this projector. It’s pretty much the definition of the phrase “dynamite comes in a small package” and it’s really affordable. It does a great job at what it’s designed to do, and that’s to project hi res images onto a screen smoothly. It takes 30 seconds to get set up, and works perfectly with my google chromecast dongle. In a matter of moments I’m watching whatever I chose on the wall of my house- way bigger than an ordinary screen, at 100 inches. 2015 Tronfy Full Color 130 Entertainment Home Cinema Theater Multimedia Portable- image 1

If it’s a little blurry, you just have to adjust the focus and viewing angle, but both of these things have specific and easy to understand directions to do so. The rest of the settings are available in a very easy to use menu, so you can tweak the settings as much as you want to make the pictures look right. 

This has an output of 1000 lumens and is best viewed in a home environment with all your lights off and the shades drawn. There are also multiple input sources that enable you to get your image on the screen. The sound is great, but it can hook up to speakers, too, allowing you to do surround sound. The remote control is great, and is very responsive. It makes setting up the menus so much easier and all in all, the projector is really great for only 100 bucks.

In fact, it’s shockingly good for the price. I have rented and borrowed more expensive projectors in the past, but this one at its mini little price is way better than those. The projector is supposed to be used in the dark, but it works fine for me any time of the day or night, in any kind of light. I do prefer to hook it up to speakers, personally. 

It projects an absolutely massive picture in super bright colour and clarity. If the picture gets really, really big, you might be able to see the pixels, just like if you sat really close to the screen you’re reading this on right now. this should only happen, however, if you have it projecting a screen bigger than it’s meant to. 

It’s great for gamers, I tried playing a bit of Dota2 and it was smooth. If your room is big enough, the farther away from the screen the projector is, the bigger the picture gets. For a 80 inch screen, sit it 7 feet from the wall and 3.5 feet from the floor.tronfy5

I always wanted a real projector for outdoor movie nights, but they were hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I can’t believe I got this one for only a hundred dollars! It’s a total keeper for anyone who plays games, watches movies, sports, or TV, and you can even use it when working as a computer screen or as a projection screen to put your writing timeline on if you’re writing something in Fiction. It may be obvious by now, but I really recommend this one!

Lightinthebox130" Tronfy Full Color 130"

Andrew Wyatt

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