how to get sound from projector to speakers

How to Get Sound from the Projector to Speakers

Are you wondering why you cannot get the audio from your projector to your speaker? That can be quite frustrating, especially when you are trying to watch something on your big screen. The truth is that many projectors come with poor quality speakers that cannot produce sound.  Sound effects are essential and help you understand

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dell s718ql review

Dell S718QL Review: Is It Worth It?

A Deep Dive Into The Dell S718QL Are you a business owner or an educator looking for a projector for commercial use? Dell S718QL has your back because it is designed for commercial use. You are guaranteed excellent presentations because of the superb performance of this projector. You can as well use this projector in

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Epson 2045

Epson 2045 Review: Should You Buy It?

A Deep Dive Into The Epson 2045 You deserve to enjoy watching your screen regardless of the content being displayed. A good projector will help you achieve that. That’s why we thought we should have a look at the Epson 2045 projector and show you what it offers and see if it suits your needs.

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How to Automatically Setup Multiple Projectors at a Time (Up to 6)

How to Automatically Setup Multiple Projectors at a Time

You may need to use multiple projectors together whether you want to watch movies on projector or giving a business presentation. Today we will discuss how you can automatically set up multiple projectors without putting colossal effort? We will take the help of Anyblend, a software created by VIOSO. Even though it is currently limited to

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What Is A Short Throw Projector

What Is A Short Throw Projector and How Does It Work?

Short throw projectors are a new breed of devices that are changing the way you used to place your projector far behind your sitting area. You might have noticed this unique feature when you went to buy a projector for home theater setup, and you might have wondered about it. Nowadays almost every projector is

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Best Star Projector & Home Planetarium

Best Star Projector for Your Home – (Updated)

    Have fascination to fill your room with stars? Want to create a relaxing environment for young children? Looking to intensify the mood of your party? Or Thinking to add a new lighting effect to enhance the aesthetics of your new decor? Well, whatever you seek, getting the best star projector is a logical

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Projector Native Resolution

Projector Native Resolution: A Guide For The Confused Buyer

We all enjoy our home theater experience, sitting with our friends and family, a bowl of popcorn in hand in front of big flat-screen television blasting out our favorite movie. More and more people by the day have chosen to expand this experience by taking a foray into the world of video projection systems. This

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Contrast Ratio Projector

Contrast Ratio Projector: Buyers Guide

Among all the video projector specifications with which consumers must wrestle, the image contrast ratio is the least important. It is not, however, irrelevant since there are minimum ratios that should be considered (around 5000:1 or greater). The image contrast ratio is the ratio between the brightest white and blackest black that the projection system

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How To Make Projector Screens

How To Make Projector Screens

So, you have ditched the old flat screen and taken the plunge into the world of projection systems for your home theater. Congratulations. However, selecting the right projection system for you is only half the equation. Without a proper screen, your investment will seem to provide a lower-quality picture than a television. Your choice in

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