Airborne 39121-32 123 x 77-Inch Inflatable Movie Screen

Airblown 39121-32 123 x 77-Inch Inflatable Movie ScreenWe’ve all heard stories from older family members recalling their experiences at drive-in outdoor movies, and how much fun they were. Well, they never lost popularity, it was just that technology took over. The quality of displays in movie theatre’s improved and TV sets became affordable, so gradually they just stopped showing outdoor movies. Until recently that was the story from start to finish, but technology is now bringing them back. The Airborne 39121-32 123 x 77-Inch Inflatable Movie Screen is one such piece of new technology that promises a high-clarity, easy set-up, and a genuine cinema-going experience from the comfort of the home.

Gemmy 39121-32 Airblown Movie Screen Inflatable with Strage Bag, 149″ Screen

Main Features of the Gemmy 39121-32:

The airborne 39121 Inflatable Movie Screen is very versatile so can be used indoors and outdoors, for movies, games, sporting events and presentations. Diagonal viewing area is 150 inches, there are multiple viewing angles, and the gain is 760. The screen size is 123×77 inches, the entire product width including tie downs is 108.260 inches by 145.660 inches, while the weight is an easily manageable 16.8 pounds. The 160 degree maximum viewing angle is generous and enables the Airborne 39121 to be seen in complete clarity without having to huddle around the screen. Widescreen capabilities, which prove most useful for sporting events and picnics while watching a movie. It’s powered by AC Adapter and comes with a handy carry bag for convenient and practical storage. All in all, pretty good features, and more than what some might expect from a product in this range.

The Good:

  • The clarity of the picture remains awesome and movies and presentations look amazing, even with the very large screen
  • The airblown 39121 comes with everything included: ropes, hooks, storage bag and tie downs, so it’s ready to go
  • Easy to set-up, self inflating, so no time spent on blowing it up to size.
  • Can be used for movies, sporting events, TV, and presentations.
  • The soft outside of the screen is perfect for those with children running about in the garden. If they bump into it, they won’t get hurt and the screen will not be damaged.
  • The sound is equal to that of the cinema, with giant in-built speakers that contain no distortions
  • The workmanship is outstanding and durable. The Airborne 39121 should last many years.
  • One would expect something this size and durability to weigh considerably more than it does, so it’s quite an achievement that they managed to keep the weight down to 16.8 pounds. That makes it easy to carry towards the assembly point.

The Bad:

  • The fan it comes with is audible, even outside, but once the movie starts it won’t be noticeable at all
  • You’ll need some space in the garden for the huge screen and tie downs, but only in very windy parts of the world would anyone need more than two tie downs at most.
  • Due to the screen size it would take two people to set this up.
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Bottom line:

Most TV set’s of this size and grade cost thousands and you can’t take them outside so the whole experience of cinema quality viewing outdoors is not possible. You can’t watch a movie while having a picnic, and you can’t drink beers on the grass while viewing a sporting event. Considering the fact that you can use the Airborne 39121 both indoors and outdoors makes its uses considerably more varied than a normal everyday TV set, and so it becomes very affordable. When one also considers how much movies cost at the cinema these days, and how quickly after release we have access to them from home, the Airborne 39121 becomes a must-have piece of equipment. It’s not the only outdoor home cinema experience on the market, and the fan does make some noise, but overall, in terms of quality design, clarity of picture, set-up and price; its certainly the best option out there for that old time drive through movie experience in the 21st century. There are always nice deals on Amazon for this projector screen.

Gemmy 39121-32 Airblown Movie Screen

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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