Miroir HD Projector MP150W Review

Miroir HD Projector MP150W

Miroir have become famous for creating projectors, that are a little bit different than rival companies. They’ve been taking portability to the next level, with their extremely small units, which often weigh a fraction of the industry standard. When I heard that they’d added power, and some interesting high-end features to the MP150W, I was intrigued to say the least. This Miroir HD Projector MP150W Review, was written with the aim of informing buyers, just what their getting with the MP150W. I’ll take you through the good points, and highlight the bad, so that you can properly decide, if it’s worth a purchase. (Manufacturer’s Site)


  • DLP IntelliBright Technology
  • 720p native resolution
  • Streaming capabilities
  • Long Lamp-life
  • Easy set-up
  • Very Portable


  • Smallish screen size
  • No gaming mode


Overall Impression:

Size and Design:

You won’t find a projector that’s smaller than this, because portability is what Miroir specialize in. The measurements are 3.2 inches of length, by 5.2 inches of width and the depth is 1 inch. So, the MP150W can be carried anywhere, even if you only have a small bag. The weight is ridiculously low, at 10.2 ounces on its own, minus the box. Including the box, your only looking at a weight of 1.6 pounds, so top marks for all-round portability here. The design is no thrills; it looks like a modem, which is not to say it isn’t aesthetically pleasing either; It’s a box, built for performance,and ease of transport.


The set-up, I’m pleased to report, is very easy. You have an instant-on switch, which will take you through to a menu system, and from there, just follow the instructions for a completion time in under 5 minutes. 

You have a native resolution of 720p, with a maximum resolution of 1080p, and as the appearance of two resolutions in the specifications often confuses customers, I’ll take you through what that means. 720p HD, is the most important figure, because it’s what you’ll see movies, games and office presentations in, straight out of the box. 


So how do you view in 1080p? Well, If you have a device like a Blu-ray player, or an HD games console, that can send a 1080p signal, you can turn up the resolution on the Miroir HD Projector MP150W, to max 1080p and watch in full HD. Here’s the catch; Because your native resolution is 720p on the MP150W, in practise pictures will reach a standard, just below 1080p quality. The good news is, unless your an expert in pixel performance, the difference between picture clarity on the MP150W, and full HD 1080p, will not be noticeable. The performance in terms of clarity for office presentations is very high too, so the Miroir Projector MP150W will show text and pictures clearly. 


The image quality here is further enhanced by IntelliBright technology. What this means is that the MP150W will respond to the light in the room, by raising or lowering brightness, to give you the best picture at any given time. With other projectors you can be watching of movie, and the sun comes out, obscuring the picture. With the MP150W, you’ll see an immediate reaction, by the projector, which will adjust itself accordingly. It’s pretty smart, and it works well. Some customers considering this projector might have noticed that it’s only 200 lumens, but the IntelliBright Technology, is there to do the job of lumens, so don’t be put off. 

Battery Life:

Battery life is only two hours, so while, with its small size and weight, you can certainly take the MP150 anywhere, you’d better take it somewhere with a mains supply. This might be a downside for some, but most people plug in there projectors, so it won’t be an issue. Where the MP150W really succeeds is in streaming. You can connect it to almost any streaming device, including your tablet, laptop, or IPhone and immediately stream movies and TV, onto your projector. The streaming capabilities are fast and simple to use. Again, theres a menu system set-up to take you through the process. 

Screen Size:

A potential problem is the screen size, which goes to a maximum of 100 inches, and for many people this would be enough, but if you want more, then this is not the projector for you. 


The speakers are pretty good, and their built-in, although I’d recommend, as I would with most projectors, that you buy some great speakers separately. The MP150W, can be connected to any external speakers and this will really improve sound. Theres no gaming mode, but it is HD, and has a high frame-rate, so gaming performance is excellent, and theres no humming sound when your playing because the MP150W has a great fan. 

Final Verdict:

In terms of size and weight, this is the best projector for transportation on the market currently. When you add that it has 720P HD, which can be improved to just under 1080p, by connection to an HD device, what you’re getting is a great unit. The speakers are pretty good, but for amazing sound i’d buy some new ones. IntelliBright, allows the Miroir MP150W, to display smooth, crisp, and clear pictures, no matter how the light changes in the room. Overall, I’d recommend a purchase of this Miroir HD Projector MP150W.

Miroir HD Projector MP150W


Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt from Texas has been the best-selling author in 2014. He was the most appreciated writer in 2015. Different organizations have honored him with different awards and memberships as well. He is a tech shop owner and completed graduation in Electrical Engineering.

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