Optoma X312 Review – Is it any good?

Optoma X312 ReviewIn recent times, Optoma has been developing a range of projectors meant to compete with major industry players. The firm’s 312 series of projectors are reasonably priced and most of them boast great features that are normally available in pricier models from other firms. The X312 guarantees users of an immersive user experience owing to the range of features it offers.

I must admit that I wasn’t a big fan of Optoma projectors. However, after the Optoma X312 review, the firm has been warming its way into my heart owing to the high quality of the device. I used the projector to make a presentation that involved images and texts. The pictures were evenly toned and bright enough, which allayed the concerns that I previously had about the projector. Other than the fan noise that seemed to distract my presentation while using the full power mode, the experience was trouble-free and very rewarding. Let’s take a peek at some of the qualities of the projector.

Optoma X312 Main Features:

HDMI, VGA, and USB ready- one of the true measures of a projector’s capability is its ability to connect with multiple devices. The X312 allows you to do this through its multiple ports. Thus, its versatility is a stand out feature.

3D enabled- this complementary quality allows users to enjoy more engaging videos and images and to make better, wowing presentations. This is possible through the high definition 3D feature that the X312 boasts.

Green design- the projector is designed to enhance power savings, and provide an enduring service. It also features lead-free components that are not hazardous to the environment.



  • 3D enabled
  • HDMI, VGA, and USB compatible
  • Low operating cost owing to long lamp life



  • 2w audio is a bit of a let down
  • The device tends to exhibits rainbow artifacts
  • The projector tends to heat up after prolonged use


Overall Impression:

4starsSize and Design: The Optoma X312 measures 8.8 x 12.4 x 4 inches while its weight is 5.2 pounds or 2.4 kgs. This makes the projector quite portable, although competing similar-sized brands are lighter than the X312. Consequently, some users may prefer a lighter projector. However, that does not nullify the ease with which one can carry the projector.

The HDMI, VGA, S-video, Audio and other ports are located at the back of the projector. They are also clearly marked for ease of installation. Additionally, the projector features a control panel, which complements the remote.

5stars-300x53Performance: The Optoma X312 was very easy to set up since the ports are located at the back. The location of the ports also eased cable management. As far as brightness is concerned, the X312 delivers as expected. Its 3200 lumen lamp is extremely bright. I was not quite sure how the projector would behave when used during the day in a lit room. Well, the projector’s performance surpassed my expectations. Normally, you would expect that the external environment, especially daylight, would undermine the brightness of images and picture quality. This was not the case: I enjoyed watching a movie during the day and the experience was still immersive. The images still held their own against the daylight.

Likewise, a projector’s contrast ratio is a good determinant of the picture quality you can expect. Consequently, the X312’s 20,000:1 contrast ratio provided deeper and crispier coloration, thereby enhancing the picture quality. Teachers will find this feature to be a godsend as it contributes to very engaging presentations, which would be very fulfilling for learners. In my Optoma X312 review, the darker scenes in a movie came to life while the lighter ones were reasonably illuminated. As such, you can expect that the projector will enhance the quality of images and even out the darker scenes with little effort.

What’s more, if your fancy 3D movies, then the X312 has you covered. By offering full high definition HD, Optoma assures their projector users of captivating images, true-to-life videos, and outstanding presentations. Therefore, if you’ve ever wondered how your business presentation could wow your audiences, then the X312 provides an ideal solution. A feature that I also liked was the control panel atop the X312. Many a times I have heard of consumers who complain about the lack of an alternative to a remote. Some projectors are known to feature only an on/off button, making the loss of a remote a total nightmare for consumers.

However, while running the projector at full power, rainbow artifacts tend to be more pronounced. While this does not undermine the viewing experience, as it’s only momentary, pickier buyers would find this annoying.

Final Verdict:

The Optoma X312 retails at around $339, which is very reasonable. Buyers can expect the device to deliver the quality it promises. If you need a projector that will enhance your class presentations, then you should weigh the great benefits that the product offers. If you also need a projector for business-related applications, then the X312 should feature on your list of suitable devices.

Optoma X312

Andrew Wyatt

Andrew Wyatt

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