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A Deep Dive Into Misfit Phase

The Misfit Phase is Misfits first watch that looks like a traditional timepiece and claims to rival Fitbit Charge 3 and Apple Watch 2. It looks like an analog watch so no one knows you are working out. It has a brushed metal body with a real leather strap. The Misfit Phase is compatible with Android OS 4.4 or higher. Misfit Phase has a built-in activity tracking gives you immediate feedback on your daily fitness goals.

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This smartwatch is for someone who wants a timepiece that looks good on the go as well as in the office, but no one can suspect you are sweating or on a fitness kick. It is unisex and will appeal to both men and women with lots of interchangeable 20mm options. You have the convenience of a step tracker while looking like a really nice watch on your wrist instead of a sporty fitness tracker. 

It does not monitor your heart rate. So is its price worth the look? That is a personal choice, but it’s longer six months battery will save you from charging your smartwatch every day or two and the cell type battery is easy to replace just like any other watch battery.  The Misfit Phase was released in the fall of 2021.

Why Count your steps?

If you are a beginning walker, an avid walker or runner, counting your steps and setting improvement goals is a great way to keep in shape at any age. Several randomized trials show that it's the combination of wearing a step-counting device and having a goal that's most effective.

 A common goal is 10,000 steps a day, which is equivalent to about five miles, depending on the length of your stride.  The immense popularity of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, the company Yamasa designed the world's first wearable step-counter, a device called a manpo-kei, which translates as a “10,000-step meter”.

 If you're already walking 10,000 steps a day, or if you're fairly active but trying to lose weight, you may need to up your daily step goal.

Most people respond well to putting a number value to one's physical activity effort. 

WebMD studies have shown that sitting for extended periods of time on a daily basis can increase the risk of various health issues like heart disease and diabetes. Walking and moving for two minutes every hour has great benefits.  The Misfit Phase will remind you to move every hour to increase circulation. The Misfit Phase will vibrate and wave the watch’s hands around to signal you to move after you have been idle for too long.

What's in the box?

Watch, strap,  Easy replaceable cell battery and instruction booklet

Main Features and Functions

  • No LCD display or touch screen panel
  • Pressing the top button switches the clock hands to indicate your daily steps. The watch becomes a 0-100% dial where 6 o’clock marking would mean you have completed 50% of your daily step goal.
  • Analog clock design: This watch does not have the capability to display seconds or to change the face to display digital time
  • Design Versatility- The watch comes in 6 different colors and strap designs to choose from with three leather strap options and three silicone strap options. You can interchange with other stylish 20mm straps with an easy, simple button like closure both colorful silicon and woven nylon. You can buy extra straps and Misfit has lots of them to choose from. 
  • The clock case is 41mm  and 13mm thick, so it does not look clunky on a smaller wrist. Measures 6x0.75x 0.4 inches and weighs 6.88 grams.
  • Clock face color: White, Gold, and  Black, The Black face can be hard to read in dark places, especially since it does not have an LCD display. 
  • Battery- Last six months and then needs to be replaced. It is a simple  CR2430  coin cell battery. No plugging in your smartwatch to charge it.  
  • Watch face glass has been known to shatter so it pays to buy a protective cover over the glass 
  • BlueTooth 4.1 for wireless data transfer
  • Date and time are synced automatically when you set up your misfit App on your smartphone

Fitness Tracking-  Pretty Basic, Tracks steps, distance, number of calories burned and sleep. You need to access the data by installing the Misfit App on your phone and in that way works much like a Fitbit. 

  • Syncs with your  Android phone and sends color-coded alerts and vibration when the phone rings, you get an email or notification. These options can be customized You can call your phone, control your music and take a selfie photograph from your watch.

The Misfit Phase Smartwatch has the feature through the Misfit App of turning off notifications and alerts when you need them to be off.

  • Sleep monitor: A 3-axis accelerometer automatically tracks your activity and sleep quality and how long you sleep.


If you are interested in step and sleep tracker that looks like a stylish analog watch instead of a fitness tracker, then the Misfit Phase might be worth the price for you. With a watch case at 41mm (1.6 inches), it may be too big for small-boned women. 

In terms of the inside, “what it does”, the Fitbit Charge 3 may be a  compatible rival. It really boils down to look , fashion and personal taste. 

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