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A Deep Dive Into The Epson Runsense SF-310

Epson Runsense SF-310 reviewed and tested by Tristan Haskins. Please note, at the time of writing this we have only tested the TOP of the range SF-810.

This SF-310 is the introductory model in the Epson Runsense GPS sports watch range, similar in functionality to the the Garmin Forerunner 10 with the added benefit of customisable screens.

If you want heart rate monitoring you will also need the optional HRM chest strap (or any Bluetooth 4.0 HR sensor).

Runsense SF-310 Features

The SF-310 features highly accurate GPS tracking and an amazing 30-hour battery life so you can dare to go another mile. You can view real-time data at a glance on its four customisable screens.

An advantage of the SF-310 over some other competitors products at a similar price is that you can view ALTITUDE data on the display. Most GPS sports watches will give access to altitude post session in the supported APP, but this one gives it LIVE on the display.

Top Alternatives

Next Model UP

The next model up is the Epson SF-510 with added STRIDE SENSOR to provide speed and distance data when running indoors (or on treadmill)

Next Model DOWN

epson pulsense ps-500 review

This is the entry level product in Epson’s Runsense range of GPS watches for runners.

If you are looking for their activity tracking watches please pop over to the PS-500

Alternative products

UPDATE > Dec 2016. The Epson SF-310 is not a bad watch however there are better running watches on the market. If you’re exercise is predominantly running based and you want GPS speed & distance plus a built-in activity tracker then please consider one of the following alternatives. The Polar M400 (heart rate belt), Garmin Forerunnr 25 (heart rate belt), Garmin Forerunner 35 (wrist based HR)

Key Features

  • Accurately measure your performance
    • Epson GPS sensor
  • Run for longer
    • 30 hours of GPS battery life
  • Analyse and evaluate
    • With the Runsense View portal and free app1
  • Customisable screens
    • 4 screens with up to 3 measurements on each
  • Dare yourself
    • Set long term targets

Accurately keep track

Always know your progress with this accurate and intelligent GPS sports monitor, featuring smart device compatibility. Easily connect to your smart device using Bluetooth Smart connectivity. Sync the SF-310 with your phone to enable fast GPS positioning with the AGPS function to get you on your run faster.

Helping you to train smarter

Runsense lets you track your progress against long-term targets, designed to improve your performance. It even lets you view your estimated finishing time or distance based on a set target, and you can improve your performance using the interval training mode. The free Runsense View portal and Run Connect app1 help you customise your settings, and monitor, analyse, compare and even share your stats to maximise your potential. With four customisable screens, select up to three measurements on each, chosen from a huge range of options.

Train your way, for longer

Its active GPS battery life of 30 hours – up to three times longer than comparable competitor products2 – means you can keep on running for longer before having to recharge. Water resistant up to 5ATM, and with a compact, lightweight design, the SF-310 is designed to fit into your lifestyle. Use it with an optional heart rate chest strap to add another dimension to your training.

The SF-310 allows the user to display a combination of the following functions/parameters

  • Distance
  • Lap Distance
  • Guide Distance
  • Pace
  • Lap Pace
  • Average pace
  • Speed
  • Split Time
  • Lap Time
  • Time
  • Guide Time
  • Calories burned
  • Altitude
  • Heart Rate *
  • Average HR *

* optional heart rate sensor required


LapManual Lap, Automatic Lap Distance, Automatic Lap Time
IntervalTime, Distance, Heartrate Zone
Goal FunctionDistance, Time
LightAuto Light, Manual Light
AlarmDistance Alarm, Pace Alarm, Heartrate Alarm
Time zone adjustmentAuto, Manual
Auto PauseYes


Number of measurement screensUp to 4 screens
Number of measurement items per screenUp to 3 measurements
Selectable measurementsDistance, Lap Distance, Guide Distance, Pace, Lap Pace, Average pace, Speed, Split Time, Lap Time, Time, Guide Time, Calories burned, Altitude


WidthMax. 44.3 mm
ThicknessMax. 12.8 mm
Weight50.3 g
Battery life GPS off20 days
Battery Life GPS on30 Hours
Water resistant5atm
User interface4 buttons
History capacity400 laps
GPS SensorYes
Connection to ComputerUSB
Connection to Smart phoneBluetooth 4.0
Heart Rate MonitorOptional chest strap
Wireless connection Heart Rate MonitorBluetooth 4.0
LCD sizeDiameter 28.2 mm Length 21.6 mm
LCD pixels128×96
LCD Reverse display modeYes
Runsense View web appYes
Supported web browserSafari, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9 or later
Runsense View smart phone appYes
Supported smart devicesFor the latest compatibility please go to
Computer UploaderYes
Supported OSWindows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Measurement modesRun, Walk, Bike
What’s in the boxCradle, Information sheet, Main unit, Quick Start Guide
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