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Best Star Projector for Your Home – (Updated)

Have a fascination to fill your room with stars? Want to create a relaxing environment for young children? Looking to intensify the mood of your party? Or Thinking to add a new lighting effect to enhance the aesthetics of your new decor? Well, whatever you seek, getting the best star projector is a logical answer. After thorough research, our team has found out some potent star projectors that we think will be worth every penny you spend on them.

Before we move into the review section of all the stunning star projectors, let’s look at some basic facts which will give you an overview of the star projector. If you are in a hurry, you can directly go to the review section.

If you are in a hurry, check out the best star projectors here:

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What is a star projector?

In simple terms, a star projector is basically a projector that only oozes out visuals of stars and other celestial objects into the ceiling and wall. The outer dome shape structure of the star projector is filled with different celestial designs, so when light passes through them, they create the desired shape on the ceiling. Check how planetariums work from here. It is traditionally used by astronomy lovers or parents whose children have trouble sleeping at night. But nowadays many people use it to beautify their room and also to set the mood of their home party.

The first modern star projector also known as planetarium projector was built by the manufacturer Carl Zeiss Jena in 1923. From that time, night light projectors started their journey, and now it has grown into a piece of modern equipment whose demand never goes down. Previously only a handful of manufacturers used to manufacture home planetarium projectors. But nowadays there are numerous manufacturers like Sega, Homestar Classic, Parrot, Uncle Milton, etc. who are producing hundreds of different star models in the market. Unfortunately, not all models will live up to expectations.

Use and Purpose of Star Projector and Home Planetarium

The usage of star projectors (home planetarium) may be limited, but they are highly effective. Let’s take a look at them;

  • They are widely used by astronomy enthusiast who fills their room with stars, planets, nebular, Milky way, etc. They love to get the feeling that they are sleeping under an open sky that is full of stars and various celestial objects. They even utilize those projectors to design their study room as it helps them to concentrate on their study.
  • Home planetarium star projectors are used for the purpose to comfort the mind of young children who face trouble sleeping at night. The projected images coupled with beautiful music and slow movements help them to relax which ultimately offers sound sleep. It leaves a positive effect on the minds of young children by showing that the universe is full of beautiful things.
  • Many parents use it for educational purposes so that they can teach their children about the cosmos, stars, planets, nebulas, and various celestial objects. It gives children a concise view of how space looks like and how everything works. Many education mediums also utilize it to teach students who are not much aware of the universe.
  • They are even used as a showpiece in the house as it helps to intensify the decor of the rooms. You will find many urban apartments because it quickly transforms any uninteresting room into a starry constellation.
  • It also comes in handy as lighting equipment at parties or night occasions because it can change the aura of the space. Moreover, many restaurants use it to create a beautiful environment for couples who come for dinner dates. To add dynamicity to the celestial atmosphere, they also utilize the shooting star feature.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Star Projector

  • Modes – Different luminary projectors offer varied types of lighting modes as well as the color mode and the requirement for mode entirely depends upon your purpose. Some star projectors provide dramatic lights with a diverse color combination which is ideal for elders, parties, romantic dinners, etc. However, some light modes offer calm and soft projection which is essential for kids.
  • Projection Style – There is varied type of projection style, and they are changed using modes or covers. Some device even offers a shooting star function which is a treat to watch. So it is essential that you should sort out your requirement because you won’t get all types of styles on one device.
  • Material – Always opt for a device that offers durability and won’t break down easily after it accidentally falls on the ground. Along with build quality, it should also boost proper design so that it can be useful. Most importantly the material should be free from lead, latex, BPA, etc. which are harmful to kids.
  • Audio – Many projectors nowadays offer audio functions, where you just had to play music from an external device through the speaker of the projector.
  • Power – Almost all the star projectors come with an option for battery power backup, but you should make sure that it should also have another power source. Many models are now geared with a USB or DC charging facilities, so you should consider this factor.
  • Price – Price is the single most influential factor in the purchase process, and it is advisable never to go unnecessary devices that are either cheap or over expensive. Always look for products which price point justifies its feature.

We guess we have been able to provide you a brief idea about star projector so now we will move to the review section.

Top 10 Best Star Projectors Review

1. Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic Nightlight Star Projector

What We Liked
  • Simple starry output.
  • Blue, amber and green color option.
  • 45-minute auto shutdown timer.
  • Soft toy with zero health side effect.
  • 12ounces overall weight.
  • Heavy duty LED light.
  • AAA battery power source.


Cloud B turtle is a highly rated star projector that has made its way into numerous baby’s bedrooms and nurseries in the USA. It might look like a soft turtle toy, but it has an embedded projector under its trunk that helps in the projection. The trunk section is studded with many starry holes, and when the projector lights up, it turns the room into a heavenly sanctuary.

This portable star projector bags three soothing colors and they cycle automatically to create a sense of the ever-changing universe. It offers comprehensive coverage that covers not only the whole ceiling but also the wall. However, you won’t be able to set the starry output at a particular angle as it lacks any adjustment facilities.

Cloud B turtle is a prescribed pediatric top-of-the-line star projector that utilizes modern LED lights that offers not only soft glow but also stays cool. This long-lasting led can be charged using three AAA batteries so you won’t have to think about any electrical wires.

To aid in the children’s deep sleep, it gets a 45minute timer that automatically shuts down the starry night sky. Even if the toy comes in contact with kids, it won’t cause any damage to their health as it is based on materials that are free latex, BPA, phthalate, and lead. Lastly, the operation is quite simple, and it just works with a single switch.

Planning to invest in a high-quality star projector that will help you solve your child’s sleep issue? Well, look no further and purchase Cloud B twilight turtle star projector.

2. SOAIY Aurora LED Night Light Projector

What We Liked
  • Realistic aurora output with beautiful colors.
  • Class III safe and FDA approved laser.
  • Inbuilt timer with four-time interval option.
  • Two-way usage.
  • Brightness level adjustment.
  • Eight light projection mode.
  • Inbuilt speaker.


An incredible piece of projection device is an excellent way to define a SOAIY soothing aurora LED star projector that has earned a lot of applause from its users. It is a dual-purpose projector that can lit up the room with a soft color pattern but only when it has the dome cover.

However, when you uncover the dome, it takes night light to a whole new level by filling the room with nebular and aurora borealis light. Besides it also offer eight lighting modes to aurora borealis light that converts the room into a color sanctuary thus making it an excellent star projector for astronomy fans. All the operation is done through its remote control which is easy to operate.

Another reason to consider it as a great star projector is that it also offers you three brightness level adjustments. Most importantly, it even treats you with a 45-degree tilt adjustment and rotation facility so that you can set it according to your mood. Unlike others, it comes with four auto-off timer options (1hr, 2hr, 4hr, and whole night) thus providing a lot of options.

Well, you can enjoy soft music along with the light show, and it will be facilitated by its inbuilt speaker that can be utilized using an AUX cable. You won’t get an eye issue from its laser light, and its FDA approval with Class III designation serve as the proof. The manufacturer has also offered 1-year exchange warranty with this model so you can use it freely.

SOAIY soothing aurora LED star projector is a steal deal for users who wants to have a virtual experience of aurora borealis light in their bedroom.

3. Hontry Multiple Colors Star Light Rotating Projector


Hontry multiple color starlight projector might look small and low-cost product, but when it comes to starry light production, you need to brace your seat. It uses four lights of white blue, red, green, and white to create a dreamy luminous environment in your room which will be perfect for babies as well as romantic couples.

The tranquility created by this portable star projector won’t get disturbed because Hontry has introduced a noiseless motor in this device. It uses a bright LED white light which creates sharp stars on the ceiling and wall, and you won’t complete the darkroom for proper vividness.

The intriguing part of Hontry multiple light projectors is that it comes with three lighting modes that comprise four-color blend light, rotation, and color change pattern. The cover of this projector serves two functions, so when you remove the top cover, it oozes stars while after the inner cover removal it acts as a night light.

It comes with an auto timer, and you can keep starlight one for a maximum of 995 minutes. Its operation is quite simple, and the whole process works on simple buttons. You can also utilize its mesmerizing starlight for decoration purposes, and it will fit well on any furniture.

If you are planning to offer your kids a room full of stars coupled with different lighting, then opt for the Hontry multiple color starlight projector. This is probably the best star projector for the ceiling at an inexpensive rate.

4. Sega Homestar Planetarium Star Projector

What We Liked
  • 60000 stars output with the constellation
  • Shooting star function
  • Two-disc of northern and southern hemisphere along with the four-disc option
  • 3-watt white LED lights
  • The overall size range between 59inches and 90inches
  • Timer function
  • Adjustability facility for angle and focus


Sega is a well-known toy maker in today’s work, and legendary Takayuki Ohira has designed the Homestar planetarium star projector that solves the half mystery behind our selection. When we thoroughly scrutinized the projector, we were baffled to see its output,

and it is primarily due to its 60000 start production, shooting star facility, light intensity, and option for the disc.

Sega Homestar Planetarium start projector is an outcome of sheer craftsmanship which never ceases to amaze its users with its starry performance. The prowess of this projector is commendable, and it can light up your darkroom with 60000 shiny and bright stars which are enough to make you fall in love with it.

When you will gaze at the stars from your bed, it won’t affect your eye because the brightness level is soft but sharp. An interesting part is that you can expand the size from 59inches to 90inches and also change the angle or focus depending on your convenience.

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The starry constellation Sega home starts creates would give you a feel as if you are viewing a real space and that too with shooting stars. The LED white lights are entirely accurate, and it doesn’t get blurred when you utilize its rotation option.

The highlighting part of this projector is that it is mated with two realistic discs that contain visualization of the northern and southern hemispheres. This star night light projector also provides an auto timer which is useful for saving energy when you fall asleep. Lastly, you won’t have to worry about its quality as ICES and FCC approve it.

Sega Homestar Planetarium start projector is ideal for buyers who are more into cosmos, deep space, and stargazing and don’t want to spend a chunk of money. It is quite a reliable device which would stay with you for a long time.

5. ANTEQI Romantic Room Rotating Cosmos Star Projector

What We Liked
  • It beautifully projects cosmos stars in the ceiling with warm light
  • Works as both star projector and night light
  • Four pieces LED light with green, red and blue
  • Option for three lighting mode
  • Plastic material
  • Four AAA battery power backup
  • USB cable option


Anteqi star sky night LED projector is an incredible device that has impressed us with its beautiful outlook and commendable price tag. Not only this, its extended timer function, starry constellation production, color change option, and easy functionality compelled us to add this product to the list.

Anteqi star sky night LED projector is a tiny little that holds the prowess to engulf the whole ceiling and wall with bright stars making the room a miniature universe. However, you can also bring color to the dark space as it comes with 4 LED beads that comprise blue, red and green light.

It even comes with three lighting modes and rotation options which would be ideal for creating a jaw-dropping cosmos experience. This best home planetarium device can also use as a night light after you have used it for building cosmos.

Anteqi star sky night LED projector is equipped with a powerful motor, and it hardly makes a sound during operation. It serves as an excellent decorative item but it uses plastic material so might not look ravishing as you might think. You can easily carry this device anywhere you want because it is powered by four AAA batteries and a USB charging point.

Like other home planetarium projectors, it offers an efficient timer that provides a maximum time limit of 95 minutes and a minimum of 5 minutes. Lastly, it is quite easy to operate so you won’t find any problematic situation in lighting up the room with stars.

Anteqi star sky night LED projector is one of the best projectors that offer a lot of features at an unbelievable price point. It is an incredible starlight projector that sweeps away a dull ceiling with bright and shiny cosmos.

6. Galaxy Beetlester Twilight Galaxy StarBee Projector

What We Liked
  • Multi-color LED projection with soft alternating color mode.
  • Multiple color option.
  • Touch-activated on/off.
  • 45minute auto-off timer.
  • High impact plastic construction.
  • AA battery backup with 60+ nights lasting capacity.


Galaxy beetle star twilight is one of the best-rated home planetariums that treats you with an impressive starry projection and that too at an unbelievable price point. It comes as a small bee toy whose top section has a lot of openings, and by using multi-color LEDs, it projects a starry night sky on your ceiling and wall.

To intensify the astronomical constellation, it provides you with the option of soft alternating color mode and multiple color selection. However, you can change the direction of the twinkling stars as it doesn’t offer any angle adjustment. The stars are neither too bright nor too soft thus making it ideal for calming and comforting children.

This great little star projector pampers you with a straightforward operation, and its touch-activated on/off along with selection switch serves as the proof. You don’t think about switching off the projector after your kid falls asleep because it gets an inbuilt 45minute auto-off timer facility. It receives a backup from three AA batteries, and it will comfortably run for 60+ nights without dimming the light intensity.

Even if your kid accidentally throws it in the ground, it won’t break as it is based on high-impact plastic construction. Moreover, the plastic material is ROHS compliant thus assuring you that it won’t cause any harm to your health. Here we have reviewed a yellow/black projector, but you will have the option to choose colors like red/black, blue/white, and pink/white.

If you are thinking of gifting your child a new star projector on his/her birthday, then we will suggest you opt for cute looking Galaxy beetle star twilight projector.

7. Easony Romantic Star Sky Night Light Projector

What We Liked
  • IC dimming LED chip.
  • 15ft projection distance.
  • 250sq ft area coverage.
  • Two fantasy scenes and three romantic lighting modes.
  • Eight color option.
  • Brightness adjustment option.
  • USB power mode.


Easy night sky might not serve as the best home planetarium, but it gets the job done without making a hole in your pocket. Want to fill your room with cosmos? Well, it offers you two fantasy scenes where one mode projects a star moon scene while the other oozes underwater landscape.

Besides, you will also get three romantic lighting modes that can set the mood for dinner dates or home parties. The best part of this projector is that it utilizes high-quality IC dimming LED chips that won’t die down at least within a year. Moreover, this LED chip can reach up to 15ft and can spread across 250sq ft of your room thus turning your bedroom into a planetarium.

The manufacturer has loaded it with features and its eight-color choice, different lighting effect,s and brightness control serve as the primary proof. All these options can be operated through three buttons located in the base. However to change the color you will have to rotate its base.

Sadly, it doesn’t get any auto-offer timer or direction adjustment option which might be an issue for some users or parents. Besides the traditional four AAA battery power mode, you can use a USB port to charge it. It is safe around kids because it is built with sturdy material that is free from any harmful elements.

Thinking to add a new star projector in your house that transforms your night environment? Well, you should then check out the Easony night sky projector that is worth every penny you spend.


So now you have all the reviews and facts of star projectors that will pave the path for you to get the best star projector. We hope that our review will be helpful to you in picking up your desired projector. We have tried to star projector from different price range while keeping in mind that none of them are overpriced. The reason for offering limited choice in our list is that you won’t get confused with a large number of options and keep your head clear while purchasing.

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