Best In-ear Headphones Under $50

Best In-Ear Headphones Under $50

Best In-ear Headphones Under $50

Why Should You Have Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones?

The biggest advantage of the wireless headphone is that you are no longer dealing with a wire dangling from your ears to your pocket. If you are a runner, how many times did that wire get in the way of your stride. What about if you are someone who does manual labor – I’m sure that wire has been stuck in something and the headphones are yanked out of your ears. Frankly, if we are living in a society where you can have wireless headphones, best to take advantage.

Noise cancelling is another great feature. Let’s not waste time getting all scientific, but instead get straight to the point. There are two types of noise cancelling – active and passive. Passive noise cancelling is for headphones that go over the ear and cover the entire ear. There is foam padding that is meant to absorb sound waves.

Active noise cancelling involved having a small microphone in the headset that emits sound to cancel out the other sound, this way all you can hear is what you want to hear. The active noise cancelling headphones are much smaller – they actually can be as simple as ear buds! Thanks to noise cancelling technology, listening to your music is easier than ever.

Top 5 Ear Headphones Under $50 Comparison Chart

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Best Ear Headphones Under $50 Reviews

1. Maxtronic RQ8

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When reviewing headphones there are a number of considerations but ultimately a key component of a good set of headphones is versatility and durability. Bluetooth headphone manufacturers such as Maxtronic understand how this technology enables many advantages not offered by traditional wired headphones and furthermore expands what is available for the Bluetooth headphone user.

The average Bluetooth headphone user sees utility just as important as sound quality. This is why the RQ8 – like every other Bluetooth ear bud headphone set has several options to ensure a comfortable fit, convenient storage, and easy connectivity.

As for the design, this is where the RQ8’s utility is found. The strap that goes behind the neck is light and unobtrusive, unlike the neckband or DJ-style headphones you will forget you’re even wearing the headphones because there’s no flapping of a cord or over the head device to keep adjusting. The ear buds themselves are small and the different silicone covers allow you to get the best fit for your ear canal while the rotatable ear hooks ensure these ear buds will not fall out, instead comfortably remaining in your ear.

The sound quality is excellent. The bass is much more emphatic than one would expect out of such a small device! Furthermore, when you adjust the sound on your device, these ear buds will effectively convey the subtle tonal changes making your listening experience more authentic as you switch from one genre of music to another.

Where the sound really excels is the volume adjustment panel on the ear buds themselves. The noise cancelling effect allows you to be immersed in your device and it’s scary how the outside world disappears as you get engrossed in your music and/or podcast options. These headphones are perfect for commuters who ride city buses or light rail – no more having to jack up the volume just so you drown out the loud conversation of the couple next to you.

If you are not the discerning type when it comes to sound quality, there are a few key features you should note about the RQ8. The first is the myriad of options with the ear hooks and the silicone ear bud covers. Finding the right fit for your ear has never been easier and the best part is you never have to worry about the ear buds slipping out and having to re-insert them.

Connecting via Bluetooth is easy enough, and the RQ8 has a 6-hour battery life but 5 hours for calls. There is a volume adjustment on one of the ear buds and it’s very easy to set the right volume in conjunction with your device.

If I’m going to be picky, the one drawback is the button on the side. It seems like it should work much better than it actually does. You’ll end up just using your phone’s controls instead. Alas, I’m being picky though.

[amazon box=”B071J7QSXC”]


  • Perfect design for any type of intense physical activity or leisure
  • Easy Bluetooth connection allows you to enjoy your device anytime, any place
  • Great noise-cancelling fit guaranteed with variety of ear bud attachments


  • The controls on the side of the headphone just don’t work as well as they seemingly should
  • 6 hour battery life is advertised, but may not hold up over time

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[amazon fields=”B00YXRCA04″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Every industry has products that can be best described as “follow the leader” type of products. In the case of technology, Apple is the notable company that everyone seeks to follow. Because their designs merge function and form, Apple products are often imitated but never duplicated.

In the case of EGRD’s Bluetooth headphones, this is precisely the case. In fact, despite being Amazon’s #1 Best Seller in the Portable Headset Radios category, these headphones are best described as the cheap version of Apple’s Airpods.

The difference? The EGRD has a strap connecting both ear buds while the Airpods are famously strapless. There are benefits and drawbacks to each design, but the bottom line is EGRD is wisely marketing to people who want to have Apple style but do not wish to spend roughly $265 on headphones when they could have pretty much the exact same product (minus a couple quirks) for just 10% of Apple’s price.

This guide makes no presumption of people’s tastes, but in the case of the EGRD it’s important to note the functionality of these headphones. The sound quality is enhanced through the noise cancelling features and the clarity of these headphones is what you’d expect for their price. They are not too bassy, but if your phone isn’t an iPhone, you may have some leveling issues. Ultimately, they don’t have the same sound quality as the Airpods.

The other big feature is the Siri compatibility. Again, these headphones are nakedly Apple headphones without the price tag. The control panel allows you to skip to the next song, raise and lower volume, and also take phone calls. Here’s where imitating Apple is extremely helpful – most Apple users are not fans of how the Airpods lack this feature!

There are many benefits and drawbacks of imitating Apple products, but the most apparent is the design of these headphones. Designed to look like the Airpods, they have the exact shape for your ear. Because it’s a solid design, your ear may have them fit perfectly, or they could constantly fall out. For some people, this doesn’t matter. For me, this is an OCD nightmare.

As for the strap connecting the headphones, this is an improvement on the Airpods because it reduces the chance you could lose an ear bud. The control panel is very helpful as described above and EGRD boasts of being water resistant. The charging port is easily accessible and USB friendly (another improvement upon the Apple design).

[amazon box=”B00YXRCA04″]


  • Headphones are Apple products without the Apple name and price tag
  • The control feature is quite useful and allows you to easily control your device without having to pull it out
  • USB charging port is easily accessible; strap keeps your ear buds together


  • Solid ear bud design means they could fall out of your ears often
  • Looks like Apple, functions like Apple, doesn’t sound like Apple

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3. Syllable Wireless Ear Buds

[amazon fields=”B073TRF71M” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Similar to the EGRD, Syllable has come out with an Apple-style design except unlike EGRD they didn’t blatantly rip off Apple with a few twists to prevent a lawsuit (Are you taking notes Samsung?). These ear buds are small and designed to fit snugly in your ear while you engage in a variety of activities including intense exercises such as weight training and distance running.

There are many interesting features, and when you look at the Amazon page it’s clear that while Apple inspired these ear buds that’s the extent of their influence. The portable charging case is a fantastic take off on the Airpods system – except this case is more stable and depending on your tastes, better looking. The two-hour battery life though does leave something to be desired.

Syllable is really excited about their noise cancelling technology and this is achieved in a couple ways. The first is the actual engineering of the ear buds. The system itself does a great job cancelling out noise but Syllable also has ear buds that are designed to fit in your ear and not fall out. This is an unequivocal improvement upon the Airpods – Apple apparently believes all ear canals are the same size on all people.

The noise cancelling technology also gives way to a sharp sound. Whether you’re running or simply idling time away by the pool, these headphones provide the perfect environment to get lost in your music and/or podcasts. They have a good range and though Syllable is quick to advertise how they work with all Apple products, if you have Bluetooth you’ll be satisfied regardless.

As mentioned, the charging box is a critical component. The box itself is mobile and supports up to 6 charges before it needs to be connected to power. It’s important to charge the box prior to going about your day because the ear buds only support two hours of charge. This means if you’re running a marathon these ear buds aren’t for you.

Also, these ear buds have no functionality with your phone. While the EGRD’s work well with your iPhone, you’ll just have to settle with removing an ear bud to take a call. That brings up another point – these things are SMALL. If you lose one, good luck. This is a case where Syllable may have imitated the wrong part of the Apple design.

[amazon box=”B073TRF71M”]


  • Ear buds are designed to fit your ear and not fall out
  • Sound quality and noise cancellation is unbelievable from such a small product
  • Case allows you to be completely mobile throughout your day


  • Ear buds are quite small and present a real risk of getting lost
  • Two-hour battery life won’t cut it for people who don’t want to start and stop what they’re doing to charge headphones

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4. iClever Bluetooth Headphones

[amazon fields=”B06Y5GH1GN” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

There is never such as thing as having too much control, and the reality is the iClever headphones provide incredible control. The ear bud is exceptional at staying put within the ear but this pair of headphones comes with something more – an ear hook! That’s right, now you can have your headphones doubly secure. This is especially great for people who are active such as runners.

The iClever is not just a fantastic buy because of the dual ways to keep your headphones under control, but also because the sound is absolutely impeccable. These headphones deliver awesome sound and you won’t have to deal with constantly having to adjust levels or equalizers. They get it right, plain and simple.

With 7 hours of talk/listening time and nearly 160 hours of standby time, the battery life on this pair of headphones is unbelievable. You can have your whole day planned, and if you are on a long road trip the micro-USB charger allows you to use your car’s power to keep your headphones going.

There are some drawbacks though, and they are that the control on the headphones seems a bit counterintuitive, so it’s best just to use your Bluetooth device. The other issue is there are some Bluetooth connectivity issues. That is a major drawback.

Overall, you get a great pair of headphones for a great price with iClever!

[amazon box=”B06Y5GH1GN”]


  • The double-hook system means that your headphones will always stay on
  • These headphones claim to be waterproof
  • Battery life is unbelievable


  • The control on the side of the headphones does not seem to work well
  • Bluetooth connectivity issues makes them useless at times

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5. MPOW Jaws V4.1

[amazon fields=”B01MDK0PIP” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

One of the worst parts about owning headphones is the constant tangling of wires or in the case of Bluetooth headphones, how they can get lost because they’re small and the strap isn’t that big – and if you have the Airpods style, when those get lost, YIKES! Fortunately, the MPOW Jaws not only has a solid device that fits around your neck, but has a magnet as well so unless the ear buds are in use, they literally can’t go anywhere.

Unfortunately, for all the problems the solid storage solves, it creates just as many. For lots of people, this just isn’t as comfortable on your neck the way the strap or lack of a strap is. Furthermore, part of the reason you have Bluetooth headphones is to lose the nonsense that is cords and other things that feel like they restrict your movement.

In that case let’s talk sound. MPOW does a fantastic job delivering exceptional sound in such a small speaker. They have a number of Bluetooth devices and if you’re looking for Bluetooth headphones you can do much worse than MPOW. These headphones have good clarity, and do well to transmit the sound regardless of whether you’re paired with an iPhone or Android.

Adding to the experience is the clarity on phone calls. The built-in microphone means that people talking to you will always be able to hear you because the microphone in the perfect location. There’s a lot to like about these headphones if you’re into the around the neck design.

MPOW does a great job integrating the phone features to the headphones. On the storage device worn around your neck, taking calls and using your phone in a hands-free setting is exceptionally easy and intuitive. It takes seconds to learn and the speaker function means you can use it as a hands-free device for driving.

The magnet is great for keeping the ear buds in one place. As for the storage device, you won’t lose it because of its construction. The battery life is nearly 13 hours, so charging it overnight means that you’ll have the whole day to use it extensively.

[amazon box=”B01MDK0PIP”]


  • MPOW is excellent at producing headphones that provide unmatched sound quality, these are no different
  • Integration with your iPhone or Android is relatively unmatched compared to other systems
  • The battery life on this unit is unreal, you’ll be able to listen to music whenever you want as long as its charges


  • You either love the design or you hate it – there’s no in-between
  • Must be careful when taking out ear buds because the magnet is so strong that if you pull by the cord you can damage the unit

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Final Verdict

Getting a good pair of headphones is not as costly as it used to be. When you look at the headphones listed above, the key thing to do is think about your lifestyle and your preferences. The bottom line is any of the headphones listed above are great for whatever you endeavor to do – and now you get to bring along your favorite songs!

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