Best Point and Shoot Camera Under $200

Best Point and Shoot Camera Under $200

Best Point and Shoot Camera Under $200

When you think about capturing amazing memories the reality is your mind is an excellent recorder. But there is something better. The better way is with a point and shoot camera. These cameras are small, sleek, and make capturing the moment ridiculously easy, and that’s why we have put together these reviews for the best point and shoot cameras under 200.

Why under 200? It’s really simple – if you are willing to spend more than 200 then what you are looking for are those high performance DSLR or SLR cameras.

These are the cameras that professional photographers use. But, you are looking just to capture memories, so in that case it makes complete sense to stick with a point and shoot camera.

They are compact and perform many of the functions that the expensive cameras already do. Maybe you won’t get as precise of an action shot, but you will get incredible pictures and a great recording of your memories.

Getting point and shoot cameras isn’t too difficult. Check out the table below for our top picks.

What is a Point and Shoot Camera?

The point and shoot camera is the nice way of saying a compact, digital camera that can be fit anywhere. The answer that is more complex involves all sorts of technical specifications, but what you need to know about point and shoot cameras is that their purpose is exactly what they are – to point, and shoot.

These cameras are for more automatic in nature. The goal with the point and shoot camera is not to spend a lot of time adjusting the different lenses, exposures, and setting up the right shot. The goal is capturing the moment as it happens. This is why the automatic features are so critical. No waiting to focus or hoping to get the shot right with a point and shoot camera. A great example of how these features are helpful is to think of cars. Today, it’s better to drive an automatic because the computer can shift gears more efficiently than a stick. Same thing for point and shoot cameras.

Ultimately, the point and shoot camera provides unmatched convenience for the amateur photographer. They are more specialized than your phone and allow you to take great photos without having to worry about all the vagaries that come with getting the best photos like professionals.

Top 5 Point and Shoot Cameras Under $200 Comparison Chart

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Best Point and Shoot Camera Under $200 Reviews


[amazon fields=”B01N53TF0C” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Perhaps when you do something and keep it simple, you have managed to create lasting excellence. One of the great things about the original iPhone and iPod is that Steve Jobs focused on keeping the items simple. Never mind these items did amazing functions and today are still considered revolutionary, the bottom line is Jobs proved that simplicity works.

KINGEAR is the same way. They keep the focus on their product simple, from design all the way to function, there are no stray bells and whistles with this particular model. In fact, when it comes to taking a picture, it is as simple as a point and shoot. Just push the button and you have a memory forever. KINGEAR does exactly what it says it does.

There are many other reasons to enjoy the KINGEAR. The 5.0 megapixel means that your photos will have impressive layers of detail. This is the key with megapixels, they allow all the different colors to come through, and that matters greatly with pictures. The other great feature is the anti-shake stabilization. Instead of having your camera bounce up and down, the camera itself stays stable so you can be sure to get that amazing shot.

However, nothing is perfect. The biggest issue people have is that the battery is not incredibly reliable. This, of course, causes problems when you are far from a power source. Another issue people report is the camera itself lacks any internal memory. This means a trip to the store to get a MicroSD card along with the adaptor. No one wants to add money to a purchase.

Ultimately, the KINGEAR has a great price and for the point and shoot people, there are many options that don’t give you nearly as much in all the ways KINGEAR does.

[amazon box=”B01N53TF0C”]


  • This particular camera is available for a great price
  • Simple design and functions makes taking great pictures easier than you ever thought
  • The stabilization controls means that you will no longer take pictures where it is blurry because you are moving as you press the photo button


  • The battery does a terrible job of staying charged and can leave you stranded
  • No internal memory means that you have to promptly pay for memory before ever using the camera

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2. Canon Power Shot ELPH 180 Digital Camera

[amazon fields=”B019UDHOMO” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Sure, Canon has incredible commercials for their cameras, and Maria Sharapova exhorting viewers to, “make every shot a power shot” is a great way to sell cameras, but it means absolutely nothing if the product doesn’t do the job. Canon has incredible, slick advertising and that they produce scanners and other types of devices that work with images only reinforces their gravitas as a brand. But, at the end of the day you have to answer the one fundamental question about this purchase – does this camera take great pictures?

The answer is a resounding yes. With 20.0 megapixels and 720p HD video, you get a formidable camera that captures images even better than they look in person. This camera makes it seem like you have a powerful DSLR or SLR camera, but the reality is Canon does a fantastic job of capturing images and they are constantly pushing the boundaries in this area.

There are other great features that people love, including the compact design. This camera is perfect to carry in a purse or your pocket. It is heavy enough that you remember it but light enough so that you’re not fumbling around trying to get it. The slim profile is perfect for that on the go person. Another beloved feature is the support, you get tons of guides along with people who are ready and willing to help you become a great photographer.

There are some important drawbacks to note though. The first is that after some use, the focus does not do a good job anymore and in fact keeps your visuals from focusing. That is the exact opposite of a reason to get a camera. Another issue is that it doesn’t focus well in indoor settings. That is definitely a problem around Christmas time.

Overall, you get a lot of value in the Canon, and if you are ready to get a powerful camera, this is the one for you.

[amazon box=”B019UDHOMO”]


  • Very clear pictures with 20.0 megapixel and 720p HD video capability
  • Lots of support including guides to really help you take great photos
  • Compact design is perfect for carrying the camera in any setting to take the most amazing photos


  • The auto-focus tends to wear out after a while
  • Indoor focus is a problem whether the camera has been in use for a while or is completely brand new

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3. Sony W800

[amazon fields=”B00I8BIC9E” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

What good is a camera – or any appliance, really – if using the device causes you incredible amounts of difficulty. If you are at the point with your camera where you actually pass on taking a photo because the process is too arduous, then that means you have done something terribly wrong. The people at Sony, they would agree. When you ask them to elaborate, they would simply answer that the reason you are so exacerbated with your current camera is because you have not tried thiers.

The reason Sony can brag is because their camera is beyond easy to use. When you have a chance to use an amazing machine and get the most out of it, you take it. That’s the goal here, this particular camera’s Easy Mode allows you to point and shoot without half the worries of other point and shoot cameras, let alone the big ones like DSLRs.

There are other strong points as well. The picture is incredibly clear and lifelike thanks to the 720p HD movie feature. The other great feature for this particular camera is its movie functionality. You can do a lot with recording video on this device, and that beyond a net gain.

The drawbacks? There are a notable few that are sure to arouse some expression. The first problem is the video tends to blur every few seconds, so all that work Sony did to make a camera that does a great job with movies gets compromised. The other problem the Sony has is that it is not very good at recording audio. The sound isn’t great and it makes you want to put everything on mute.

The Sony is a fantastic camera with a couple decent-sized quirks, for those seeking an easy investment, this is the right camera.

[amazon box=”B00I8BIC9E”]


  • The Easy Mode makes using the Sony a breeze
  • Movie functionality is very much emphasized here, so you can record what happens as it happens
  • Picture quality is unbelievable and makes you think you may have a DSLR


  • Movie recording tends to have some blurring going on every few seconds
  • Recording sound on this particular camera is not a good idea, poor mic

[amazon link=”B00I8BIC9E” link_class=”checkprcbttn” title=”CHECK LATEST PRICE ON AMAZON.COM”]

4. Kodak PixPro

[amazon fields=”B01CG62CCE” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Legacy is one of the most important things that any brand can have, and when you trade on your legacy, what happens when all of a sudden the thing you did best is no longer what the marketplace desires? Kodak faced that exact question. After weathering the challenge from Polaroid the digital camera came through and completely decimated the film industry. Kodak produced amazing film, and now it wasn’t needed anymore. This is a body blow to any company.

Not Kodak – they went to work on building a great digital camera. For the most part, they got it right. The first thing you’ll notice about this camera is the lens is 27 millimeters. This is a very wide lens and allows you to really take in the photo that you’re snapping. This wide lens means that you can cover more area and really use that zoom with greater efficiency.

That’s not the only great feature offered on the Kodak. You get a lot of functionality for the price – in fact, there are many point and shoot cameras that cost double what the Kodak does and don’t do nearly as much. However, the feature that many love is the sport function. For parents who want to take pictures of their kids doing active stuff, this mode eliminates the streaks that come with the sports shot and instead make the action shots look clean and crisp.

There are some problems with the camera, however. The first is you need to buy AA batteries for it to work. You could splurge on rechargeable batteries, but what camera doesn’t use internal power these days? Another issue is after you buy the AA batteries, don’t expect the camera to last long. It sucks down the power pretty fast.

Kodak has done a great job reinventing themselves, and while this camera does have some issues, it’s a steal at the current price point.

[amazon box=”B01CG62CCE”]


  • Wide angle lens means that you can take truly amazing shots from all over
  • This price point for this camera is utterly amazing
  • Sport mode keeps your active shoots looking less streaky


  • Need to buy AA batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • Drains the batteries very quick, so have more on standby.

[amazon link=”B01CG62CCE” link_class=”checkprcbttn” title=”CHECK LATEST PRICE ON AMAZON.COM”]

5. PowPro PP-V600

[amazon fields=”B0727KRS59″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

Upon finding a machine that works very well, what is critical to understanding the machine’s greatness is how the machine works. In the past, machines have had gears and are visually easy to comprehend. In today’s world, machines work on a binary code and often make no sense to the person who is trying to decode them for the first time. That’s why when you have a machine that helps you use the machine effectively, well, it’s a welcome respite from the crazy changing world.

PowPro has done exactly that with their digital camera. The software program that is attached allows you to do everything with your photos including printing, saving, sending by e-mail and enhancing. This software, unlike many others, is very easy to use and tailors itself to the strengths and weaknesses of the individual using it. This is a major win for PowPro.

This camera has a great price, and thought it may seem somewhat light on the settings the performance you get from the camera and the software more than makes up for it. Another great feature is how it picks up sound really well. That’s perfect for shooting video.

There are some serious issues, however. The first issue is this particular camera is smaller than most, which means that it can get lost or get broken. That’ the last thing anyone needs. The other is that the picture quality on this camera is somewhat lacking, and, ultimately, that’s why anyone buys a camera.

PowPro really succeeds in the software but fails at the basics, hopefully they will get it right sooner than later.

[amazon box=”B0727KRS59″]


  • The software is incredibly easy to use and great for photographers of all levels
  • The price point for this camera is excellent
  • Picks up sound very well when shooting videos


  • Very small size means that this camera is prone to getting lost and stolen a bit too easily
  • The photo quality on this camera is somewhat lacking

[amazon link=”B0727KRS59″ link_class=”checkprcbttn” title=”CHECK LATEST PRICE ON AMAZON.COM”]

Features to Look for in a Point and Shoot Camera

Perhaps the biggest issue for people who are looking at purchasing point and shoot cameras is that they don’t quite know what to look for.

The first thing to look for is megapixels. This determines the size of your photos. The larger the megapixel, the more depth in your photos. The more depth, the greater the colors and more lifelike the photo becomes.

The next thing to care about is the lens size. A wider lens helps with getting better photos but also means that you can use the camera’s features more effectively,

Finally, it is important to take note of the software. This is critical because if you have software that’s too difficult to use then what happens is you have taken all those pictures but retrieving them is more trouble than its worth. That’s not how you want to spend money.

Final Verdict

Capturing those special moments in life is easier than you think. With the best point and shoot cameras under 200, you can get the memories you cherish while paying a low price for such convenience.

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